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Jobs That Will Be Created, Or Going Back In Style, 25 Years from Today...

By Justin RunyonPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

Let's look at jobs that may be created 25 years from now:

1. Euthanasia Specialist:

Before I continue, may I remind people that I neither condone or condemn euthanasia. In fact, I lean more towards the condemnation side. Understand that I'm just the messenger. I'm merely forecasting the jobs I see coming to humanity, whether they be good or evil. As explained in my Hub Death Culture, mainly due to the demographics of an aging population across North America and Europe, I unfortunately have to seriously consider that euthanasia businesses may be the biggest entrepreneurial prospect in the near future. The only thing stopping this train from coming is laws. Laws that I don't expect to hold or last. Where there’s entrepreneurial opportunity, you can bet the jobs will certainly follow.

The reason for this is simple: Baby boomers will still be the largest market. The generation has too much pride to deteriorate away and die in a nursing home. I'm telling you this won't happen. Many boomers have seen their parents deteriorate away and suffering from cruel conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Many boomers within my very own family have "sworn on their last breath" that they will never allow themselves to die in this fashion.

Of course, putting the needle under the skin and doing the final deed is only a small portion of the actual job. Your primary responsibility will be in making people's wishes come true while they're still somewhat healthy enough to enjoy it. Perhaps it's a sailing trip around the world. Or visiting that country your client always wanted to visit before they die, but never got around to it. Maybe it's filling the last few life goals on a bucket list. Regardless, your duty will be to make what is inevitable and most feared by us all as enjoyable and tolerable as possible.

2. Virtual World And Holographic Programmer/Designer:

If the first job was too dark for your flavour, this job is quite literally light at the end of the tunnel! Virtual worlds, holograms, people living a Hollywood-esque experience with a pinch of Star Trek on top, oh my! Consider this the ultimate unholy coalition of the artists and nerds! Yes, in the future you'll be able to make a living being an artist. Yes in the future people may appreciate the nerds with their talk of tech and photonic lights. And finally, the artists and nerds may even be able to understand each other.

Virtual worlds and holograms will be developed. This will allow people to actively play the movies/stories they so desire. The worlds will be interactive and completely physical. Around this same time period, the television will finally kick the bucket. An added benefit of the virtual world endeavor is that we'll all hopefully be less fat.

3. Military Strategist:

Think of the movie War Games. Well, that may soon end up being the number one job in the military. Say good bye to the fighter pilot and hello to aircraft drones. In fact, most of the militaries around the world will most likely become drone operated. We'll need people to monitor, deploy, and coordinate the drone units. This is where the Military Strategist comes in. You'll literally be the chess player and the military drones will be your chess pieces.

4. Nanite Exterminator:

It's no secret that nanotechnology is here to stay. Regardless of all the political posturing, I expect the science to move forward. In lawman's terms, nanites are microscopic robots the size of a cell. Theoretically they could be programmed and used for various functions in both machines and even the human body. For example, nanites could be used to cure various diseases because unlike their biological counterparts, they're not affected by a biological virus or bacteria. On the other hand, we've all watched a few science fiction movies portraying the probable and mischievous ways nanites could be used for evil.

In the future, I expect nanites to go wrong and have their malfunctions like any other piece of technology before them. Unfortunately, I also foresee corrupt governments of various nations using nanites as a means to suppress their populations. For the following reasons, a nanite exterminator will be needed. Your job will be to wield your EMP gun-ray and deactivate all the pesky nanites that are misbehaving. Thanks to people like you, people can go to bed at night, knowing that the nanites won't bite.

5. Virtual Mediator/Diplomat:

With attorneys already out of reach for anyone but the wheel heeled, and most having to work for corporations to pay off their 100K student loans, not to mention the lengthy and bureaucratic process of the courts, I expect the mediator to return back in the style with an added twist.

The mediator is actually of an older profession from the time before we had lawyers. The first examples of mediators can be traced back to ancient Rome. Back then, disputes were not determined by the court of law, but mediated between the two parties until a settlement was reached. The mediator acted as a liaison between the two parties. In the future I expect this to return, but rather than the dispute being conducted in a forum made of marble, instead it will be done in a virtual environment where the possibilities are limitless. Scenarios of the dispute could be downloaded onto the virtual environment for everyone to see and hear. Testimony from witnesses could be used to visually extrapolate the images. The dispute could be conducted onto any conceivable environment. Because the environment would be virtual, the physical presence of people in a given establishment will not be required, speeding up the process significantly.

The same concept and technology will be applied to our diplomat. Due to the world becoming ever smaller and nations having the ability to unleash thousands of drones at a moment's notice, a means of quickly establishing a diplomatic forum between disputing nations is badly needed. Anything from trade policy to the threat of war, the virtual diplomat will have a lot of work to do. . .

6. Revolutionary Leader:

We're entering uncertain and tumultuous times where the people we looked up to and once saw as competent and intelligent are turning out to be hacks. They're usually defined as people in the fields of economics, politics, and science with a collection PhD’s and Nobel prizes. There hasn't been a meaningful civil rights movement in almost thirty years. The Arab world is actively rebelling. Our world is living through the tyranny of financial despotism without a vote. There's a nation who believes their "God's chosen people" that's actively committing marauding crusades, only be hailed by blinded fools who want to bring about the rapture...

Individual freedom and liberties are being squashed as we're being spied upon, picked a part, poisoned, and constantly brain washed... And if my intuition serves me well, a lot of evil professions will be created in the near future... Enough is enough! A revolutionary leader of the Gandhi like variety is long overdue and will inevitability arrive... Revolution is a long lost art that people currently only think should be reserved for the history books. Humans have forgotten how to rebel, but in time that will soon change. And if you think this upcoming leader will be a pacifist and a push over, I have news for you, Gandhi was anything but a pacifist (historical revisionism) and I expect this leader to have a passion to be reckoned with...

Justin Runyon is a is a professional blogger that now works as a writer in a assignment writing help https://prowritingservice.com/assignment-writing/. He's main focus and passion is science fiction and he had already over 5 years of experience in science fiction writing.

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