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Population Control at the click of a finger!


ometime on the 30th April 2019, "STAT" uploaded a video which asked "Bill Gates" 'What could cause, in a single year, an excess of 10 million deaths?

Bill Gates responded that a War could achieve this but also the threat of Bio-Terror. Although stuff like Anthrax are not Human Permissible, but a "Natural Pandemic" would work against us because of the speed of travel, which we have not experienced for around 100 years. He also went on to somehow predict that it will affect other parts of the world before it comes to the United States.

These points mentioned are chilling ironic as the world now faces a health pandemic with the Corona-virus or otherwise called Covid-19.

Below is a link to the video I am referencing to:

For the younger generation and anyone who do not know who Bill Gates is then let me give you some insight. He is an American Business Magnate who achieved success in Software Developing, Investments and Philanthropy. To um it up he is best known for being the Co-Founder of "Microsoft", need I say more!.

I am not a fan of large blocks of text and I do not want to come across as a conspiracy theorist so I will mix this up with short videos to get my point across. The next video I would like to address is the one on Population Control where Bill Gates suggested that the U.S need to go into poorer countries and offer them Birth Control or in other words Population Control so these controls do not become burdened with the crises of Overpopulation and limited natural resources. As I started to watch more videos of Bill Gates the striking resemblance started to show with the character from the hit movie "Avengers Endgames". I will discuss this closer towards the end.

The next video I watched is where Bill Gates suggested feeding everybody is going to be impossible. With the use of graphs he goes onto explain the curve of the world population growth. He also suggested would providing more medicines to keep more young children alive would increase population growth ?

When I heard this I thought what is the answer then. Not letting those children live by not providing medicine lesson in order to keep the world population down. That was the humanitarian in me. That would not be my thinking. Human life is not replaceable because of the loss and impacts it has to the families and friends.

Now I am not hear to say Bill Gates is the "Puppet Master" behind the population control. I am just a creative writer who found a link between "Thanos" from the Avengers Movie and Bill Gates.

Who is Thanos ? Well, Thanos in modern terms is a fictional supervillain published in Marvel Comics and Movies. Thanos is the most powerful villain in the Marvel Universe clashing with a high number of Super Hero's. Other stories link it to the Titan, father of Zeus (Greek Mythology) who was killed by Zeus for the savior of Mankind. This is because Thanos wanted to keep mankind as slaves and in the dark. or that is the story I have read and watched.

So why is Thanos being linked to Bill Gates. Well, when watching the Avengers films, Thanos goes on record for saying that he sees the best possible way for the Universe as well as Earth to survive is to wipe out 50% of all population. The film depicts the genocide he commits by visiting planets and then wiping out half of its population, however this takes massive efforts and resources. So he decides to go after the "Infinity Stones". According to Marvel it will give him God-like powers and the ability to wipe out 50% of the population by just the click of the fingers. Is things starting to relate now.

The similarities to the many talks and seminars Bill Gates gave on Population Control is very chillingly similar to the Thanos idea. This is the need to reduce the population in order to save the human race.

The biggest question one needs to ask is who gives Thanos the right to "Play God" ? Who gives the likes of Bill Gates to play God with idea of pushing the idea of population control in order for the human race to survive ?

Could there not be more simple solutions like Caring for each other, Sharing what we do not need etc.

Just food for thought.

Emmanuel Atunsiri
Emmanuel Atunsiri
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