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Is AI Hiring Taking Over The HR World?

uKnowva makes you future-ready as an HR.

By Nilakshi GargPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 5 min read

I currently work at uKnowva, a global-grade HRMS software that streamlines your HR Ops from pre-hire to post-retire seamlessly, irrespective of your company sizes and complexity.

Most of the time, during my working hours, I am researching to grasp the latest knowledge and scoop on Gen AI, automation, low-code HR systems and many more trends in the HR ecosystem from talent acquisition to employee engagement.

At times, as an HR tech writer, what scares me the most is that AI taking over the HR world. However, I am equally excited to see how the future of work will shape.

Many industrialists are also talking about AI Adoption, Shadow AI Use, and whatnot.

However, AI Suggest like tools, which uKnowva offers, make using the new-age and future-ready tools easier to use, without worrying about data security or breaches.

uKnowva is a SOC-2 certified platform for Indian HR professionals to make the most of it.

I have talked to the HRs in my firm. They save up to 15 hours of their productivity now with AI Suggest. This was far from a dream earlier, in 2022-23 and before.

With the advent of ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools, it has become easily possible to generate job descriptions, skill sets, roles and responsibilities, probation confirmation questions, and interview assessment questions for a particular designation within seconds.

The HR professionals I talked to said they didn't believe it to happen so soon and they were least prepared for it when the ChatGPT entered the world of HR.

However, now, HRs can't think of conquering their workday and making the most of it without using AI models, technologies, and tools like AI Suggest, CV Parser, and an intelligent and interactive HR Chatbot.

All such tools are provided by my firm to make the life of an HR easier, automated, and effective enough to draw more business results in less time.

So how is AI going to take over the HR mundane world?

I can say that AI not taking over the HR world. Rather, it is here to make our jobs easier. We want to be in touch with our human side more. It is going to make the human resources more humane, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent. Read below how, and you will notice the changes for the good that should be happening in the HR around the world, including India.

1. Accomplish more in less time.

With the advent of the newer technologies in the workplace like AI tools, I feel humans can do more in less time.

The welcoming of the AI tech in HR, helps HR leaders focus on actual communication, reputation, and rapport building with their team members and colleagues.

Meanwhile, the mundane work like automated reports and sending out follow-up emails is executed by the intelligent and future-ready HRMS software systems like uKnowva.

Honestly, I don't see what is wrong in that. Surely, this is a new wave of work which we all have to adopt or be adept at. We have been used to doing all the work by ourselves, our brain power, and our intelligence.

Considering that a robot technology will be assisting us in our daily work, and not a human, seems very odd in the beginning for sure.

However, it is the age of human + AI and the sooner we accept it, the easier the road ahead is for us to complete more complex tasks in the hiring and recruitment processes in less time.

2. Hire without bias.

The next time you hire, be clearer, more purposeful, and more goal-oriented. The tools like AI Suggest which my firm offers, allow you to hire people based on both skills and their jobs. The tool provides you with interview questions, preferred skill sets, and job roles within seconds of your time.

If you're new to the role of hiring or have limited knowledge on a complex hiring, these AI tools come to your rescue first to hire someone with the right calibre and never be in doubt while hiring objectively.

Moreover, advanced tools like CV Parser in the ATS or applicant tracking systems also help. These tools allow you to sift through heaps of CVs in seconds based on the job roles, keywords, skill sets, and more phrases.

If you're hiring for a knowledge-based job and a firm, this tool can be more important to you on a day-to-day basis.

3. Hire based on the skill set and experience.

AI tools, as I discussed above, empower you, as a recruiter, to hire people based on skills and expertise. I know job roles and duties are somehow still relevant. However, globally, we are moving toward a skills-based economy.

Each country or region prefer hiring the business athletes whose skills can be transferable and transactional. Employers must be able to gauge where to place the person for a specific project for how much time, money, and other efforts.

A business athlete is always an asset to the firm.

So, the AI tools make sure that you hire a supreme talent based on new-age and future-ready skills like being globally connected, digitally literate, being always curious, being open to learning, and having amazing communication and project management skills.

4. Hire talent from anywhere as long as they fit the role.

When you have the most advanced AI tools in the world to hire the right talent, then you have no boundary on hiring the right person for your organisation.

It means you can hire anyone from anywhere, as long as you have the right tool, job role, budget, intention, and the organisation that can fuel and ignite productivity even from the remote team.

AI speeds up the process for you when it helps you create a talent pool, make automated status updates, and allow you to sift through the candidate data within one or unified interface.


I feel the overall world of HR is changing exponentially. The world we are now living in is called a BANI world, which is a more advanced version of the VUCA world. BANI stands for Brittle, Anxious, Non-liner, and Incomprehensible.

So, this world is humanely impossible to deal with without the advent of the AI and future-ready technologies. AI, in this world, helps HRs to lead a simpler, smoother, and systematic life without overcomplicating their workflows and producing better results in less time.

What are your thoughts on it?

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I am a 2 times published author. I have been writing content for the last 7 years and have been published as a celebrated blogger on 20+ sites, like uKnowva.com, HR.com, GlobalLinker.com, Popularity.world. I have written 13+ short films.

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