Intelligent Consciousness

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The Oxymoronic State of the Beginning

Intelligent Consciousness
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How the hell did everything in existence, come into existence? I mean some thing had to be there right? Some thing, or some one, had to be in place in order to set this all in motion. Right? Just think about it. From everything we can experience in 3D Time with our five senses of taste, touch, hearing, smelling, and vision; to all the intangibles that exist in the dimension of Space itself such as Dark Energy, or particles collapsing into waves far into the distant multiverse. It would be ubsurb to think that there wasn’t some primordial source, incumbently ordained with the force and will to want do something, or even have the ability to do that action. Maybe the only reason everything exists the way it does is because something far far away got bored, and decided to set some various things in motion. What would we call such a phenomenon? How could we precisely describe the situation and it’s occurrence?

Modern science has indeed done its due dilligence; constantly evolving past peer reviewed studies, with up-to-date technology, techniques, and evidence. From the fields of Astrology to quantum physics, scientists have eloquently quantified, and beautifully illustrated what is concluded to be “The Beginning”. Almost 15b years ago, cosmic microwave background radiations emitted from photons that last scattered off of electrons when our universe was 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Before that there was a period of opaqueness, exponential drops in temperature, and rapid expansion. The unified governing forces split, gravity first, the strong force, and then the electro-weak split into the electromagnetic and weak forces. And all this is happening within one trillionth of a second, and within 100 billion-trillion-trillionth of a meter. Preceeding even this, Planck Scale best describes the universe at the point right after the inception of the universe from one ten-million-trillion-trilliontrillionth of a second, and 100 billion-trillion-trillionth of a meter across. However modern science still can’t even precisely articulate the behavior of the universe during this era. Yet alone, what was going on before that, which is commonly known as the “Big Bang”. We have the Ekpyrotic Model that describes our universe resulting from the collision of other universes. A lot of people will consider a “simulation” style universe where everything is running off of algorithms. But we don’t have the software that tells us what was at the very beginning, before gravity or the weak force. There was everything, but because we don’t know what that is we can’t classify it. Therefore we cannot claim it. We know that it had to be the essence of what we know and don’t know today. It had to be chaos. If we could disseminate on it in story form, it would have to be considered for best-seller, Nobel Prizes, and literary scientific accolades. It would go against conventional ideology, and orthodox religious paradigms.

In the very beginning, there was no time. Yet there was an indefinite continued progress of existence. There was no space. However there was a continuous area or expanse which was free, unavailable, or unoccupied. Some mighit call this a vacuum. Others might say “primordial waters”. It is within this infinite primordial soup, that lays the essence of the foundations of reality, the source. This “Source” is evident. Being in a continued state of progress and expansion, occupying what is an unoccupied space, it is intelligence. It is intelligent true to the dictionary definition of having the ability to do. The source had only potential. Yet at the same time it was conscious, responding to its surroundings by way of expansion. Here we see the omnippotent characteristic of the beginning. It has always been there. And according to the Law of Conservation of Energy, it was, and will always be. We have potential and kinetic energy going back and forth at an indefinite rate of transformation. This is the chaos. And with it being conscious and intelligent, the source can only perpetuate itself. Alike every other intelligent-conscious entity, over a period of time it builds upon itself. It learns itself. This is the innate organization of the chaos, while allowing it to go on. This is no computer program though. A program still needs an encoder. A program is running the same algorithm with pre-set intent. The source continued building upon itself. Until it reached optimal levels of potential essence, and was then able to transform that energy into another form. Continuously doing so, it layed the solid foundation of our reality. It structured existence in such a way that all things natural could ignorantly co-exist mutually in agreement with natural law.

The source being the essence of everything, was truly black. It wasn’t black in colloquial sense of an empty vacuum of nothingnes. It was black true to it’s definition of being the color when all light is absorbed. The complete absorption of light. Black is totality. Black is power. The source was without form, an indefinite expression that this writing cannot fully grasp to expound upon, this is it.

Jabari Ma’at
Jabari Ma’at
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