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Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Science Loving Loved Ones

by Matt Cates 6 years ago in diy / pop culture / product review / tech / apparel
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Get your partner the sciency gift thing they really want...and do it on a budget!

Most science lovers have an affinity for trivia and cheesy gifts. There is also a very special place inside the heart of every budding scientist for wordplay and double entendre...anything that requires a little usage of that big brain of theirs. And if you didn't already know, they're generally avid tinkerers...

So with all that in mind, here's a few simple gifts you can't go wrong with!

Clearly this is a stocking stuffer sort of gift, or perhaps one suited for a co-worker instead of a serious relationship partner. But really, it works for just about anybody into science. It takes a lot of caffeine to build a rocket ship!!

If your gift receiver happens to also be a Star Wars fan (and I'm willing to bet they are), you might want to upgrade to a full-on thermos. I don't recommend a generic one that only says "Star Wars." Something a bit more unique will be much more appreciated! This tech-looking version features an Imperial TIE fighter comin' straight at ya!

I mentioned they love trivia, right? Nothing beats a book choked full of well-researched facts or, better yet, well-thought out hypotheticals! What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions should please anyone with a curious mind... I recommend the paperbook edition over an e-copy, so they can, ya know, read it on the bus ride home without getting eye strain.

Believe it or not, your science lover loves retro! Ask 'em. Or look around their clutter. But your average sci-fan won't bring themselves to purchase the object of their long-standing desire--a plasma ball! I can assure you, they want one, though. They've always wanted one. And here is your chance to fulfill that closeted dream at last...

Do most of your photos of your science fan feature them in a silly t-shirt? Are you tired of looking at the same ol' ones? Well, you may not be able to get them to wear something decent but you can at least provide something new, so you don't have to keep seeing the same Millennium Falcon schematics shirt.

If you have noticed a small baby sitting or roaming around your home a lot, chances are it's yours! So start paying attention to the little tyke...or better yet, get your science-loving partner to put down the Nintendo controller and do their fair share! One thing to keep them both busy? Experiments!

Experimenting with Babies: 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid editorial review:

"Experimenting with Babies is a wonderful book, giving parents a hands-on way to understand their baby's emerging mind. The experiments are easy, fun, and nicely annotated with the real science behind them. What a fabulous way for parents to get to know their new child!"

I've seen no playing cards as both educational and downright nerdy as this one. But clearly there is a subset of human beings out there who are into such things, and perhaps you are dating or married to one. So be it. Accept your fate... and snag them this deck of cards so that they can impress (or disgust) their Thursday night poker buddies. Or, play Solitaire perhaps...

Per the box, it's for ages 8 to 108! More likely, it's suitable for up to 15 year olds, but if you have one of those (or younger) AND a bored, hands-on science fan adult lounging around, why not push the two of them in the garage and let them kill an hour or two learning about electronic circuits? We got this one ourselves last year, and it was entertaining for me and my little ones to sit around with... Just make sure to keep track of all the pieces!

There is also a Snap Circuits LIGHT edition, for those TRON fans out there!

Are you in a serious relationship with a rock lover? Not rock music...just ...rocks? If so, I don't know what to tell you. Your options may be limited to, well, rocks or books about rocks.

Here is a book about rocks. Your significant other will drool over it.

If you've watched YouTube this week, you probably saw an ad for this thing. The Minecraft build-it-yourself computer. My kids are killing me for one, but we live overseas and shipping is a beast, so I am stalling.

Don't be like me. This gadget gets great reviews and it does seem like a good kit which adults can help their kids with. So if you need an activity which will give them more than a couple hours of busy work, AND if everyone around you happens to love Minecraft, AND if you don't mind blowing through $300, then this just may be the perfect gift this year!

But if you get it and it sucks, don't blame me! I'm only going off the Amazon reviews!!

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Matt Cates

Freelance writer and owner of Cates Content and Copywriting; retired Air Force Veteran; former administrative assistant at Oregon State University; author of Haveck: The First Transhuman, the greatest sci-fi novel in the multiverse.

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