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Identifying with Scorpion

by Morgan Christy Rickards 5 months ago in astronomy

Bring It, Stars!

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The Beginning

Born 24th October, apparently while Babybird’s You’re Gorgeous played on the radio, the stars welcomed me into the world with a scorpion. The Scorpius constellation hung in the sky, chasing the hunter Orion. Growing up with the name of an evil witch and under the sky of a murdering insect, sometimes makes you wonder. It’s only recently that I learned that the Scorpion was actually the good guy in the Orion mythology, and really did the world a service killing that awful man. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Orion was a truly horrible human being and Gaia/Mother Earth sent the Scorpion to kill the Hunter to protect the world.

I’ve decided, I may as well be a superhero. The Scorpion saved the world and lets face it, even if Morganna was evil, which we don’t actually know because the story is about a powerful man and therefore there is no way the woman could ever defeat him or have good intentions because she was more than capable of massive feats and wasn’t taking anyone's crap, she’s awesome. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I have a ready made symbol for my supersuit. The Scorpio symbol is basically just my initial! ♏

Image by osaka.maki, shutterstock.com


What does it mean to be a Scorpio? Do I identify with this mythical beast? I think I’d like to, merely because the Scorpion is the good guy, and like most people, I want to be the good guy. According to Wiki, I’m fixed, negative. Whatever that means. My detriment is Venus. Associated with three animals. The Scorpion, obviously, the Snake and the Eagle/Phoenix. My element is water and Fall is the Moon. My rulers are traditionally Mars or more modernly Pluto and my colours are deep Red, Maroon, Black and Brown.


Let’s break that down because it took a little for me to wrap my head around what it’s supposed to mean. Fixed is actually a pretty simple one to understand. Basically it means stubborn. There are many different words with both positive and negative connotations which could be used, but it all boils down to stubborn. I’m sure many people who know me would be surprised by this personality trait I am apparently supposed to have. That was sarcasm. Nobody would be surprised by that assessment of my character, it just depends on who you spoke with whether they would consider it a positive or negative attribute. Analogous motto: "Don't teach a heavy bull how to fly with wings. It doesn't work, and it annoys the bull."


A negative polarity refers to the even-numbered signs of the zodiac symbols. Scorpio is number eight. The earth and water elements. Apparently it’s passive rather than active, which I find a little odd as Scorpio’s are supposed to be passionate. How does a passionate person come across as passive? Also since when is red a passive colour?


From what I understand, Venus being a Scorpio’s detriment means that Venus is weakest when it comes to Scorpio’s. I’ve got to be honest, I’d have thought that the Goddess of love would be backing us up. But no. The astrological sign known for its passion and seduction seems to be a bit much for her. Thanks a lot Venus. Just leave us out to dry, why don’t you?


With it’s hard shell/exterior and it’s always ready stinger, I can identify with the Scorpion . I’ve been made aware that I put up a hard front, until I get to know people. I guess it’s a survival instinct. I’m up for being a phoenix however. Rising up from the ashes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that jazz. I’m not quite sure about the snake however. What is the snake supposed to contribute/represent? Is it the Sin of Seduction? Wait, that’s the wrong religion, isn’t it?


Water. I one hundred percent agree with water being my element. Heck, I’ve practically lived in the water for most of my life, kayaking and rafting. I love swimming and take baths that last an eternity and come out feeling revitalised, not like a prune.


The sign that appears opposite the exaltation, which is an area of awareness, is the fall. A position of weakness. Scorpio does not traditionally have an exaltation but modernly it’s Uranus. That’s right, Uranus. But the Moon is my fall? Or is it the other way around? Is the Scorpio the Moons weakness? I’m not quite sure on that.


So. God of War or God of the Underworld, is it? Yeah, I guess I can see that. I always thought they were the coolest anyway.

Being Awesome

It cannot be said, by me at least, that the whole mythos, the superstitions and intrigue of astrology and the apparent rulings the stars have; show and predict over people's lives is not an interesting concept. There are many contradictions. Enough, I believe, for people to see parts of themselves in at least some of the information. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert and there is much I don’t understand, especially with only a little bit of internet research, but I feel that there is enough vagueness and yet also enough specifics in the information, that offers compelling arguments that the Stars know their stuff. There is no question that my interest has been piqued and I will be doing a lot more research into astrology, but for now, at least, I for one, can see myself in my stars. I can identify with the Scorpion. I’m awesome.

Image by Ennona Gavrilova_Ellina, shutterstock.com

Morgan Christy Rickards
Morgan Christy Rickards
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