Humans Are Parasites

by Wesley M 4 months ago in humanity

Denying it is pointless.

Humans Are Parasites

Humanity is an idea humans fabricated to make themselves feel special. It derives from an ability so ingrained inside the human genetic code that an animal could not be considered human without the trait. Of course, scientifically speaking, they would still be homo sapiens, but this trait is what drives homo sapiens to behave like humans.

All humans have the ability to lie to themselves, and believe it as truth, even when they know it is a lie.

Confronting this reality creates a disturbance in the human psyche, which will either drive them insane, or cause them to push themselves further into ignorance. Confronting harsh reality is against the human survival agenda, because accepting every truth means accepting truths that lead to detrimental conclusions for humans.

One of the truths humans cannot accept is the reality of their own parasitic nature. Humans understand that humanity constantly destroys, and consumes everything in its path towards growth, but they lie to themselves about why they do it.

They tell themselves that humans also create when the truth is humans have created nothing. They tell themselves that humans are superior to other animals when the truth is humans are exactly the same as every lifeform on the planet.

The most harmful truth humans cannot accept is that each human is not equal to other humans. Humans avoid this truth with all their might, because allowing that reality to take hold means the possibility that they are inferior.

This is contrary to the instinct of healthy lifeforms, because one of the core traits for every living thing is to remain alive. Humans already consume everything, and separating oneself from the group by admitting inferiority is cause for immediate extermination by the humans who refuse to admit the truth.

People won't admit some are inherently better than others, because of their innate survival instinct.

The human life cycle does include a period of time, sometimes multiple periods, where the individual looks inside of themselves, and sees nothing. Humans are nothing of value. This knowledge instigates the human’s natural defense mechanism. They ignore the truth, and lie to themselves. They wake up and continue to live the same parasitic life they’ve always lived, and they remain empty.

To be clear, humans are parasites, because their behavior matches the exact behavior of other identified parasitic organisms. Humans are organisms that benefit from depriving nutrients from their host. In this case, our host is the organism known as Earth. Humans thrive by killing the planet they live on.

Technically speaking, this behavior is of no fault to humanity. As stated previously, humans are only acting in the same manner that all living beings do; they try to survive.

Humans have no choice.

As with all species, there are mutations that arise in homo sapiens. There are random errors in the genetic code that create a creature that is a homo sapien, but is not truly a human. These irregularities are examples of what humanity could be in some distant future, but will, most likely, never become.

For these irregularities to become the norm the current normal human must be eradicated. The Parasitic Human will never allow the Irregular Human to destroy it, so humanity destroys all of the irregularities long before they have a chance to grow. It is a vicious, and seemingly cruel way of life, but it is how life on our planet works.

In a typical piece on the spirit, or essence of humanity, this is when the natural human instinct to lie to themselves comes into play. The writer would bring up some sort of philosophy about how humans can change for the better, and create a better world. It is all a lie. Humans, as the parasitic organism they are today, cannot create a better world; they can only destroy it until there is nothing left. With their new technologies humans are looking for ways to leave the planet, and find new worlds to destroy in their never-ending instinctive quest to consume and grow.

It is the human thing to do.

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