Humans Ability to Turn Lucid Dreaming into Reality

by Rae Hizzle 2 years ago in humanity

Humans' Impact on Imagination vs Reality

Humans Ability to Turn Lucid Dreaming into Reality

We're all in this world, this sphere or maybe flat surface. It's filled with life and beautiful little-articulated objects naturally growing around us. These complex yet simple looking constructs provide the means of life to us on a silver platter. The very sad truth is we destroy that beauty provided to us to progress and better ourselves, so we think. Across the street, there's this wonderland of colors and textures blooming every year on repeat, living a crazy circle of life. Amidst this circus of adrenaline in the wonderland, there's constant glistening brought upon by the beams of light fathomed from the sky. Flourishing on repeat, demonstrating the real value of growth with no remorse for the repercussions awaiting in a different life in the future. Sun kissed in the warmth, and mellowed in the freezing cold; it never self destructs.

That's where we, humans, march in with guns blazing pounding the delicateness around us. The result is that of shattered glass from a fragile mirror. Why is it so ironic that we obliterate the one aspect that gives us a solid foundation for breathing, living, and striving? I guess that's just what were programmed to do. We hurt the people around us who love and care for us the most. It's not always intentional but for some reason our subconscious mind paints a different picture telling us it was on purpose. We have a more intricate mind inside an already complex one, almost like those Russian stacking dolls. It's the control center for the puppet masters power on the actions we make, yet we truly believe it's our doing.

If you think about the 7 billion people in the world currently; each with an agenda of our own. All of us were placed on this huge surface to fend for ourselves when we reached a certain age. Thousands of different careers and specialties based on our needs for simple survival. Although it's said everyone is unique, we are grouped by different factors of our life almost as if we take a survey while were constantly growing up. It's a reoccurring survey that is popping up after we make a decision for ourselves, reminding us it was set in stone. I wonder if it ever ends when we get older. If it recognizes a certain amount of wisdom and growth we may achieve. Maybe it has the capability to view our lives through our eyes and points of view. Who is the survey to you? Who is the "it" of your unique story?

I once heard that when someone dies their brain is still active for seven minutes, and during that time our lives flash before our eyes, but what if we were never truly living. What if those seven minutes is what were enduring right now. Everything we've experienced is just a lucid dream continuing on as we keep dying on the inside to gain more seven-minute bursts of life. That's why people live til they're a hundred years old, but truly they only had a few seven-minute bursts. Our surroundings are just a figure of our imagination on how we perceive what the world should be like, with all the good and evil mixed together. The world around me is only my way of seeing it and to someone else it is dramatically different. Our lucid dreams are controlled by the puppet master we call our subconscious.

If something so low key and hidden has so much power, is anything we do actually our doing? Are we maybe just tricked into thinking that we made those decisions, when in reality we lost control from our first breath? When we destroy those pretty objects in the wonderland across the street, is it our fault? When we are trying to progress and better ourselves, are we actually just idling instead? How are we supposed to decipher the difference between reality and imagination when there's no fine line in the middle to bring ease to our aching minds? There's no reality out there to correctly base everything off of.

My only concern is how did we get to the point we are at now, and when does it end? Do people's lucid dreams end when they've reached the full potential they can, or is there another form of destruction out there? Is that destruction really just ourselves? I know so many people who have more wisdom and guidance than someone double their age, but does that mean their lifespan will be shortened? Maybe it will just begin to flourish from there, and I'm still stuck with my current state. Real or just my imagination, I won't know until my last breath. No one will know until they are no longer being controlled by the puppet master.

Rae Hizzle
Rae Hizzle
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