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How Watching 'The Clone Wars' Helped Shape This Characters Return?

We Meet Again At Last

By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The Chosen One will return.

Well, Hayden Christensen will return to Star Wars as he will reprise the role of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series scheduled to begin on May 27th of this year. It will be exciting to once again have this classic actor return to this iconic role after so long. He has not played the role since Revenge of the Sith. With such a long time passed, it will be exciting to once again see him return to the role that he made iconic in the prequel trilogy.

It’s going to be amazing to see him return to the role of Anakin Skywalker; however, the character has appeared since the prequels. Mostly voiced by Matt Lantern in The Clone Wars series. So with this in mind, Hayden has done his Star Wars diligence and watched all seven seasons of The Clone Wars and Rebels, according to the New York Post. An impressive feat, but good homework to get into character, especially for how the character’s perception has changed due to being more fleshed out in The Clone Wars.

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One must wonder if Hayden will tweak his performance as he comes back for Kenobi. It’s been many years, and it’s not always easy to go back to the mindset of what you had when you were making the prequels all those years ago. Perhaps Hayden as an actor has evolved as well - the character has certainly grown.

For all we know, Hayden might change his performance from the prequels a bit to fit more with what The Clone Wars has shown us over time. However, it may also be that he is trying to do a lot more with what we have seen in other media. After all, creating a more cohesive universe and having things fit seemlessly is something that we have already seen before.

Regardless it is fun to know that Hayden has been watching the animated shows to gain insight from them that will hopefully inform the character as well. Perhaps even adjusting his performance a bit to fit more with the animated depiction of the character. That might help make things a bit more interconnective.

It’s cool to see animation and live-action come together cohesively. Seeing the universe become one single universe where it all matters. It is also cool to know that Hayden will have some reference to what was going on in the universe with Ashoka and the adventures they had together. As well as their final encounter in Twilight of the Apprentice. One has to wonder if Anakin and Ashoka will interact in any way, shape, or form in any upcoming material.

So with all this in mind, one can only hope that Hayden Christensen will appear in many other Star Wars material in the realm of live-action Star Wars. He deserves another chance to shine and really show his acting chops within the world of Star Wars. Hopefully, I will see more of the Chosen One as time goes on again, maybe even moving beyond the prequel and original trilogy. Perhaps even in the future, have interactions with Ashoka Tano in live-action. That would be remarkable and really bridge any divides between animation and live-action. Really creating a cohesive Star Wars universe as things move on.

As the galaxy expands, so does the interconnectivity. While the divides between animation and live-action slowly begin to heal and merge into one. The Star Wars franchise is about to enter a golden age, and it’s going to be interesting to see where things go as we continue to expand the universe far, far away.

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Written by Joel Davis

Source(s): NY Times

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