How to: Lucid Dream

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Lucid dreaming, aka having full control of your dreams. Get to know more about it here!

How to: Lucid Dream

The 17th of February, 2019.

Lucid Dreaming. I think we’ve all heard about it before, and we all want to try it. It seems so great, having full control over a world, doing anything you want. Luckily, everyone is able to lucid dream!

How to Prepare Yourself

A very handy strategy to become more aware of your dreams, is keeping a dream journal. Keep a small notebook and a pen on your bedside table and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Keeping the journal helps you to become more aware of your dreams, which will improve lucidity in them.

Do reality checks! In dreams, things will often be strange. The words in books will change if you look away, maybe your room even has a carpet on the ground that you threw away years ago. Do reality checks too when you’re awake. This way, you’ll see differences faster. Also, try to read up on lucid dreaming and meditate at least once a day.

How to Actually Lucid Dream

When you’re in bed, almost falling asleep, think of a recent dream you had, and imagine it becoming lucid. Ensure your mind is conscious! Think about the actions you’d preform, think about how you can look around. Then repeat the phrase “I will have a lucid dream tonight” a few times (in your head, if necessary.)

A lucid dream can also happen if you’re dreaming a normal dream, and then suddenly you realise you are dreaming.

But, another method, is the WILD method, a wake-induced lucid dream. For this, just lay down in a comfortable position at the time you usually go to sleep. Then, concentrate on the darkness behind your eyes and let the mind wander around. As you get more and more carried away, create a scenery for in your dream. Visualise everything. Your body should be asleep, but your mind should be awake. You should now be lucid dreaming!

Also, listening to lucid dreaming music really helps. I’ve attached a YouTube video with really good lucid dream music! Listen to that to stimulate your brain to lucid dream.

The Dangers of Lucid Dreaming

The most common danger that occurs during lucid dreaming, is sleep paralysis. That’s when your mind and body are both awake, but they are also kind of not. You can’t move your body. It’s on ‘lockdown’ because your mind thinks you are still asleep, while you are not. You will start to hallucinate strange things. But do not panic!

When having sleep paralysis, try to move one finger. Just one. Lift it up a bit. If you can, slowly move the rest of your body. If you can’t, still don’t worry. It will end soon.

My Experience

I have only lucid dreamed twice before, and the second time it was more like sleep paralysis. The first time, I was normally dreaming, and I suddenly became aware that I was asleep. I could see myself, kind of like in a game. But I couldn’t fully control the dream, all I knew is that I was dreaming. I panicked, because I was trying to wake myself up, but I couldn’t. I woke up eventually, although I don’t know how long it took.

The second time was more of a hallucination. I was laying in my bed, when my sister came to grab my charger. It woke me up, but I decided to keep silent and act like I was sleeping, so she wouldn’t feel guilty. When she got the charger, she sat down on my couch and played with her phone, which was charging. I thought it was strange, but I went back to sleep anyway. When I woke up, my charger was in the plug next to my bed, and my sister claims she didn’t do anything that night...

It still freaks me out!

Imane E.
Imane E.
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