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How scary is the universe level civilization

Humans can enhance their lifespan and travel to other planets at will

By Alessandro AlgardiPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

In 1964 the Russian astrophysicist Haberdasher divided the cosmic civilization hierarchy into four classes according to the utilization of energy in the universe, and at a later stage, scientists made three additional classes.

According to Haberdasher, a so-called first-class civilization is one that can use all the energy of the planet on which the civilization is located.

A level 2 civilization can use all the energy of the star in which it is located.

A Level 3 civilization can use all the energy of the galaxy in which it is located, and a Level 4 civilization can use all the energy of the entire universe.

According to the current energy level of our human beings on Earth, we are only 0.72 level, the 0.72 level is a result of human development after millions of years.

Then you can imagine how horrible it is when human technology civilization develops to the first level.

We come together today to understand what kind of society is a level one civilization.

And according to scientists, if we humans want to reach the level of a first-class civilization, it will take about a few hundred years.

The so-called first-class civilization, in fact, simply put, is the planetary civilization mentioned by Haberdasher.

Humans at this stage of civilization can fully grasp nuclear energy and use it to replace the natural resources on Earth, and can successfully use hydrogen in the ocean as an energy source.

The same applies to other energy sources, such as solar and wind energy.


Humans in the first level of civilization can control all the planets in the solar system and can easily use the resources on other planets.

We all let go of our thinking, and bold imagination, living in this stage of human nature is not worrying about their electricity or their heating bills.

And scientists speculate that humans at this stage of planetary civilization can use their high technology to effectively control earthquakes, volcanoes and floods, and other natural disasters, and can use their technology to change the geological structure of the Earth.

At that time we are not limited to living on land, humans can easily build a city on the sea.

But what makes us modern humans feel regretful is that if we want to enter the stage of first-class civilization, then the prerequisite is that our energy output must be increased to 100,000 to 1 million times the current level.

Therefore, according to the current utilization rate of human energy speculate. Achieving this goal, will take about 200 to 300 years.

But this speculation, the most ignored by us all is that human civilization can not be successfully continued.

To put it simply, if we want to develop into a first-class civilization if we want to increase human energy production by 100,000 to 1 million times, the prerequisite is that we must not experience war, not experience nuclear war, and not face large natural disasters.

But unfortunately by the laws of evolution of the Earth for more than 4 billion years to analyze the words.

Shortly, we humans will face the same disaster as the fifth biological extinction.

This large-scale disaster is also an important stumbling block to the continuation of civilization into the future.

From this perspective, this has led many archaeologists to speculate about the Egyptian pyramids, for example, some murals or other unearthed artifacts.

A long time ago there were likely exist than our modern human civilization more advanced prehistoric creatures on the Earth.

Just because of a sudden large-scale disaster, their civilization was destroyed.

We humans in the future will also be faced with such a disaster, and until now still do not know.

Our technology is also unable to speculate what kind of problems we will face in the future.

So to develop smoothly into a higher civilization is not an easy task, if humans enter the history of the development of a first-class civilization, then it will be an important step toward the universe.

After entering the first level of civilization, with the continuous development of human technology, humans can travel through other planets in the solar system at will, and traveling from planet to planet in the solar system is no longer a difficult task.

Humans at this stage can manipulate their genetic composition, and through the genetic composition of humans can solve most of the current diseases, at that time naturally our average human life expectancy will be significantly increased.

After all, as we have mentioned in previous topics, the probability of natural death also only accounts for about 1% of the total number of deaths, most people die because of disease.

The natural habitat of human beings in the first level of civilization is not only limited to the surface of the earth, at that time we can completely live at high altitudes. Even living in the ocean.

If human civilization develops smoothly, if there are no major disasters in the next few million years, then it will take about 3,000 years for humans to develop from the first to the second stage of civilization.

At the end of the first civilization, artificial nuclear fusion and planetary energy can not keep up with the needs of human technological development, so we need to enter a higher level of cosmic civilization, that is, the second level of civilization, Haberdasher once talked about stellar civilization.


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