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How Jupiter in Sagittarius Will Affect Your Sign

Yes, I know this article is a little late. We can blame Mercury in Retrograde for this.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 5 years ago 8 min read

On Thursday, November 8th, Jupiter left the sign of Scorpio where it had been for about 13 months and entered it's home sign of Sagittarius, where it will be until December 3rd, 2019.

Yes, my article is a little late. 20 days late, to be precise. You can blame Mercury Retrograde for this. But we have 12 months to go, 12 more months to be affected by Jupiter in Sagittarius before it moves into Capricorn at the end of next year. The fun has just begun.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and opportunity, traditionally known by astrologers as the "Great Benefic." It is also the planet of faith, religion, spirituality, and philosophy, as well as higher education and travel. Naturally, Jupiter is at home in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign it rules. Sagittarius, represented by the centaur or the archer, is the seeker of the zodiac, always looking to expand its horizons.

While Jupiter in Scorpio was all about facing our shadow, Sagittarius is all about facing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Look to your sign, to see how Jupiter in Sagittarius will affect your life. I especially recommend looking at the horoscope for your rising sign or ascendant, since this will determine which house the planets are in. If you don't know your ascendant, click here to generate a birth chart. If you'd like to learn more about what your ascendant is, click here.


Jupiter is in your ninth house, the house associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius! Expect good luck in all matters related to education, philosophy (or religion) and travel. You could be accepted to your dream university. You could be taking a trip of a lifetime, maybe moving abroad to a new country. Or it might just be you start studying a new subject. In any case, expect this to be a very lucky and expansive year.


With Jupiter in your eighth house, expect a continuation of the themes we experienced when Jupiter was in Scorpio: themes of sexuality, exploration of taboos and healing from trauma. You may notice an increase in your sex drive or an increase in sexual activity, and it’s possible that you’ll begin a passionate love affair during this time. Since the 8th house rules “other people’s money,” it could be that you receive an inheritance of some kind. It is also a good year to start therapy or psychoanalysis.


With Jupiter in your seventh house, you can expect an increase in all things related to romance, not just romance but any type of relationship! There could be an improvement in your already amazing social skills. There could be an increase of social contacts and potential partners. A new relationship is likely. Maybe you'll even meet your soulmate. Spiritual and 'fated' relationships are favored at this time, and also relationships that are based on shared ideals. And you may find that your already-established relationships just keep getting better and better. Yes, the seventh house is also the house of "open enemies" but because this is Jupiter we're talking about, I interpret it more positively. If you're involved in any legal issues, for example, expect the judge and jury to rule in your favor. If you've recently been a victim to any type of injustice, this time, you can expect that justice will win.


Jupiter in the sixth house will likely show an improvement in your health. If you've been sick, there's a high chance that this year, there will be a recovery. You may also find your day-to-day life very enjoyable at this time. Whether this be house chores, paid work, or both, you'll likely find that you'll enjoy the work you do, and if you don't, you'll abandon that work for work that you do enjoy.


This will be an awesome year for you, Leo! Jupiter is transiting through your fifth house, the house that you traditionally rule! Expect to see an increase in creativity and self-expression. If you've been wanting to start an art project or start a band or get involved in theater or anything of that nature, now would be the perfect time to do so! The fifth house also rules children, so there could also be an increase in your fertility at this time. If you've been trying to have a baby, this year would be a good time to do so. This is also a good year for leisure and fun, and you might also see an increase in sexual or romantic partners at this time.


Expect to see an improvement in your domestic life as Jupiter is transiting through your fourth house. You might move to a new home, a better house, apartment, or location. This transit will also affect relations with your family. Your family may get bigger somehow, or else you might just be spending more time with them. Going on family vacations, taking trips together, etc. If you were estranged or just not getting along well with your family members, it is possible that this year, your relations with them will improve. If your situation is beyond improvement, this transit will still help you heal from your family's effect on you. Expect good luck in everything related to home and family.


With Jupiter in the third house, you can expect good luck in all areas of your life relating to communication, transportation and learning. There could be an increase in your social contacts and networking skills. Your communication skills will be improved, as your words will just flow out effortlessly. This is an especially excellent transit to have if you are a writer or author. This could be the year you'll publish something big. If you're a student or any type of academic or researcher, you can also expect to benefit from this transit. This transit will expand your mind, and you'll find that you very much enjoy studying and learning as much as you can.


Expect an increase in cash flow. Jupiter is transiting through your second house, the house of money and possessions. If you had trouble with money before, this year, you can expect a change. Perhaps, you'll get a raise in your salary or a new, higher paying job. Or maybe, you'll find that things just seem cheaper to you this year, things will just come to you, maybe you'll receive a lot of gifts, making it easier to live the luxurious (or at least comfortable) life that you want.


This is your year, Sag! Jupiter is transiting through your first house. Expect a boost in popularity and self-esteem (not that most of you need it). If you were depressed or having any sort of trouble in life, this is the year you'll get out of your funk and bounce back, ready to get out there into the world and enjoy your life once again. Expect good luck in all areas of your life, as opportunities will just keep on presenting themselves to you. Make sure you grab them!


Jupiter in the twelfth house will bring good luck in all areas associated with spirituality. You could benefit from meditation, yoga, and religious studies. Maybe even a retreat. This transit will help open the door to the unconscious mind, something that the practical and earthy sign of Capricorn often has trouble doing. You might have some very vivid dreams during this time, perhaps even prophetic ones. Jupiter in the twelfth house will also protect you from any kind of dark energy (if you believe in spells or black magic, this transit will protect you from that, but also just bad vibes). In addition to a heightened sense of intuition, you may also feel a heightened sense of compassion or empathy for others. Volunteer work or random acts of kindness would be very beneficial at this time, especially if it's behind the scenes.


Aquarius! Jupiter is currently in your eleventh house, the house typically associated with your sign. The eleventh house is the house of friends, so expect your likely already large circle of friends to get even larger. If Jupiter in eleventh house doesn't increase the quantity of friends, you can still expect it to increase the quality. This transit favors friendship based on shared values, ideals, philosophies and ideologies. You may also get involved in organizations, based on these things, or perhaps, you will lead your own organization. Expect any activism you take part in to be effective. Expect to complete your goals.


Jupiter in the tenth house will bring good luck and advancement in areas related to your career. Expect to be spending more time in the public eye. You will be successful and popular at this time. It's likely that you'll be given leadership opportunities this year, even if it's something you're not used to. Perhaps, you'll be given a promotion or receive some sort of award. Since Jupiter rules travel, it's possible your job will take you abroad. It's also possible that you will enter into a more Jupiterian profession at this time, such as teaching, or something related to travel (pilot, flight attendant, tour guide, etc). If you did not like your job, this transit will likely help you find a job that aligns with what you feel to be your true divine purpose.


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