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How AI Art Has Fueled My Human Creativity

Do not fear the A.I. takeover just yet!

By Eric BloomPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
AI Image Generated by Deep AI

Many images spring to mind when Artificial Intelligence is brought up. Skynet, robots taking over humanity, humanity losing what it means to be human, WILL SMITH?? Well a new form of A.I. is taking over and all it wants to do is take your words and turn them into artwork.

Many programs exist on the internet today where you can do just that with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and it's already stirred up some controversy. After an A.I. program won an art competition (with art made by humans also in the running) many people are claiming that A.I. threatens the livelihood of human artists everywhere. However, I believe we have lost sight of what exactly "art" means. Not necessarily the definition, but what art inspires.

While I am free to use A.I. art programs to generate music single artwork or hell, even full album art if I wanted to, A.I. art in its current form is by far and away still in the developmental stages. So, in that case, I use what images are generated as a sort of muse in order to get an idea for the next song I want to craft. For example, I wanted to come up with an eerie, yet funky song so I put the words "creepy funky nighttime sound turn around futuristic groovy dystopian dilapidated" into DeepAI's text-to-image algorithm, and voila! I have an image that inspired this funky futuristic dystopian track I came up with!

Credit: DeepAI

Now if you take into consideration your own style and interests the A.I. art world has an infinite amount of possibilities. From free A.I. art text to image generators where you have plenty of tools at your disposal to paid A.I. art generators where a whole new section of the world opens up to anything your imagination can conjure up! My personal favorite (If you couldn't already tell) is DeepAi. It's a totally free text to image generator with unlimited use and no ads so you can create to your little human hearts content.

Another image that inspired a song from me is this one here:

Credit: DeepAI

This image brought to mind contemplation. Relaxation. Just chill vibes overall. So it lead me to create this track right here Now do you see what I mean when it comes to letting the A.I. art inspire you creatively?

Now, let's not forget the controversies that can come with A.I. technology. Some aspects may be spookier than others such as algorithms or leaving decisions up to the AI that would better be dealt with by a human with emotions. These are the aspects of the AI world that may be better left to the people to decide. However, when it comes to the art world and creativity, AI can lend a helping hand in sparking inspiration and take our human imagination into a new world that may be unconscionable to our squishy organic brain.

Take an existential journey with me and see what AI art can do to fuel your creativity! There are so many AI programs to choose from and while I may suggest starting with DeepAI because it's free to use with no ads to wait and skip through, the pool is deep enough for you to find what website and program is best for you to find the optimum amount of inspiration to get you going!

While the very thought of Artificial Intelligence may be on a surface level somewhat frightening, we can always find a different route to take and hopefully find a space to coexist with our seemingly sentient circuit-brained brethren. Think outside the fuse box and get inspired!

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Eric Bloom

I'm a music producer who revels in the weird, interesting, and existential parts of life.

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