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'High Republic' Author Charles Soule Made Creative Consultant At Lucasfilm

We Look Forward To Seeing More Of His Works

By Culture SlatePublished about a year ago 3 min read

The Star Wars universe continues to grow, and with it comes the various creatives who will take the helm, guiding the ship of the galaxy far far away. It appears we have another captain in the fleet by the name of Charles Soule.

Charles Soule has been a Star Wars creative for a few years now, first working mainly in Star Wars comics. His big claim to fame started with the second major Darth Vader comic run which detailed the early years of Vader’s career beginning right after Revenge of the Sith up until the construction of his fortress on Mustafar. A few years later, Soule is now helming the High Republic initiative as well as the main Star Wars comic series. His hands are in several Star Wars pies, so it is a no-brainer that he be promoted or given a more permanent position in Lucasfilm as a “Creative Consultant.”

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Now, what the title of Creative Consultant means in terms of actual power and authority is hard to say. A consultant obviously is there to consult, someone to go for advice when needed. Whatever that capacity in Lucasfilm means is honestly hard to say since it could be anything. However, that is very much an interesting turn of events for the author. He is now plugged into Lucasfilm proper instead of being an independent contractor essentially, making this an interesting development of events.

It is also hard to say what this means for the future of Star Wars moving forward. Perhaps Charles Soule will lay the foundation for various aspects of the galaxy in a big picture sense for others to build on. Perhaps, he will be building a grander history of the universe. It can also be as simple as Lucasfilm bringing in some of the authors to help develop a High Republic television show, which would help keep the universe consistent. After all, that is the goal when bringing in the creative brains behind the Star Wars universe, building a universe while keeping to the same overall theme.

Of course, a High Republic television series would be the most interesting prospect. Expanding the particular era beyond books and onto the screen is probably something Lucasfilm plans to do at some point or another. The High Republic book series is gaining popularity and continuing to expand. Maybe the story will go beyond books and into on-screen material of some sort. This will increase the accessibility of the story to those who may not have enjoyed the printed media or preferred to see it on screen.

With the expansion of the Star Wars galaxy, that means more creative minds are required on deck to help build up the modern Star Wars universe. Various people have come together to tell new stories, add new characters, and build the lore. Hopefully, more visionaries will continue to join the franchise as Star Wars continues to grow. More voices mean more diversity and more ways to look at the galaxy far, far away. Who knows where this will take us in the future, but it can only be a good thing for the Star Wars franchise as a whole

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Written By Joel Davis

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