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Hello to My Present Life

by K. Alexandra 4 years ago in fantasy

The Fourth Installment to "Hard to Say Goodbye," "Welcome to the Maze of Emotions," and "Hello to My Past Life"

There we were...

Surrounded by trees that were forever flowing within the cool breeze...

We stand facing each other with something precious and dear to us in our arms, I remained holding my infant self, while Present was holding a little bear; a bear that resembled Winnie the Pooh... my sister's favorite childhood character.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I was looking for you, I noticed Pasado was giving you a hard time," Present replied softly. "Well no offense little girl," I replied, "but I'm in no mood to talk to anyone."

As I turn to walk a different direction, the environment started to change...

What was once a devilish mask of a vibrant fantasy, was slowly becoming a reality, I was in the middle of a jungle, my infant self started cooing softly with her eyes widened in amazement. I placed her gently on her belly, there were people appearing out of nowhere, I kept looking around in hopes I find my sister, but she's no where to be found.

My infant self started to laugh contagiously as the butterflies kissed her tiny nose, those big brown eyes sparkled with excitement, and her tiny hands waving around in hopes to touch their wings. So many people flock towards us. I turned to Present and noticed that she was encouraging me to go out and introduce myself in this new surrounding.

Different shades of color on their skin...

Smiles everywhere...

Different backgrounds...

Different surrounding...

Lights are shinning through the dark clouds, little by little...

We're definitely not stuck in the maze anymore.

As time moves by so quickly, new faces appear before me with smile on their faces and different personalities that I've never seen before and yet somehow I've adapted to the new environment, once these new faces left I sit down in silence while my infant self crawls towards me with curious eyes... wondering if our guardian angel ever arrived. People disappearing around us, the familiar face we hoped to see never showed up.

I turned to Present, I wanted to yell... I wanted to curse her out... but my heart and mind knew that it wasn't right. "If you want to yell at me, go ahead... but like your parents always taught you and your sister, 'a tomorrow is always a new beginning'." She gave the Winnie the Pooh doll to my infant self, "This is for you, remember she is always with you. I will see you very soon." My infant self clapped ecstatically and held Winnie tightly with a huge grin, I turned to talk to the young girl once more until I realized she disappeared. As I sit back and watched my infant self sleep peacefully with Winnie the Pooh, I looked around realizing that were back in this colorful maze again, I bury my face as I quietly cry to myself... why isn't she here... I wanted to see her... I wanted to tell her what I saw, who I met... I just want to be with my sister again.

It was nighttime, and my mind was still awake as it moves frantically around, my infant self still sleeps as my heart remains awake and continues to weep, despite my tears already dried; I felt a touch on my shoulder, without waking my infant self I turn around to find a young girl. There were many things that caught my attention:

  1. She was dressed as if she was a boy.
  2. Her long dark hair was all over the place.
  3. Her grey eyes were very friendly.

"Who are you?"

"Why K Alexandra... you don't recognize me?"

I shook my head.

"Your sister demanded that I come here to remind you." The young girl replied.

"Remind me?" I couldn't dissect on what she was trying to say, "My own sister sent you here? Why?"

She takes me by the hand as she helps me stand my ground, with her kind grey eyes starring into my depressed eyes, she replies softly, "I am Renacensia, you can call me Rena. And I am the Princess of Stravania."

My eyes widened... the princesses' response puts my heart in a state of shock.

"I am your creation."


K. Alexandra

I am a 26 year old writer who enjoys creating stories and is always daydreaming in my big brain. So madams and monsieurs, welcome to my world of imagination, take my hand, sit back and relax, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the ride :)

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K. Alexandra
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