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Goriest Anime Deaths

Gory anime deaths are a part of the extreme graphic violence that is contemporary anime.

By Isaac ShapiroPublished 9 years ago 5 min read

The land of Japan has given us many great exports. Home video games consoles, Pokemon, cosplay, but perhaps the greatest thing to ever come from the land of the rising sun is anime. No scratch that, not just anime, but crazy anime deaths. Unlike the tamer cartoons made by their American or other international counterparts, Japan just does not seem to care and will put just anything and every crazy thing they can think of in their animated masterpieces. It’s no wonder that anime seems to have such a huge international fandom. The crazy animators of Japan are willing to go to extremes no other cartoon will ever achieve. Forget South Park on Comedy Central or Aqua Teen Hunger Force if you’re craving a little piece of the classic horror show Ultra Violence. Then anime is your best bet in terms of injecting a little bit of batshit crazy into your mundane daily routine

Fist of the North Star

One of the biggest anime hits of all time, Fist of the North Star, brought together everything your inner 13-year-old always dreamed about. Imagine a post apocalyptic landscape dominated by thousands of Mad Max style bandits all wearing S&M leather. The only thing holding them back is a martial artist, but not just any martial artist, one with the ability to make people’s heads explode. There are too many different versions and too many great moments in Fist of the North Star. You could probably make a top 50 list of the goriest deaths in Fist of the North Star. But in the aim of keeping a little diversity to this list we’ll just stick classic Hotuto Shin Ken head exploding martial art style wielded by the series protagonist. Now if only we could somehow combine the head exploding martial arts of First of the North Star with the road raging antics of Mad Max and we’ve have most perfect movie ever created.

Psycho Pass

Famed writer, Gen Urobuchi has gained an infamous reputation amongst anime fans who’ve nicknamed him The Urobutcher for his infamously dark and tragic animes he tends to write and produce. No one is ever safe in Gen Urobuchi anime and nowhere is that more true than Psycho Pass. While Psycho Pass is not jam packed with a constant assault of ultra violence, when it does come, it hits like a freight train thanks to the futuristic dominator weapon that causes humans to explode like blood bag fueled piñatas. Being a more psychological cyberpunk series, Psycho Pass is a more cerebral slow burn story, but when it starts kicking up the ultra violence, no gore scenes are more deserving than a spot on this list.


This award winning manga series finally got an anime adaptation over twenty years after it finished it’s serialization. Parasyte sees protagonist Shinji teaming up with the alien parasite that infected his right hand to combat other parasites that have taken over other human host bodies. This union leads to all of the best gory tentacle battles you could ever imagine. The series has many awesome scenes of gore, but this slow-mo piece of tentacle slicing is our favorite.


The Blood-C series has always served as a weird sort of anthology collection. Just imagine American Horror Story, only with each new season following a new girl named Saya, who wields a katana and hunts monsters. Each version of Blood-C has it’s own distinctive flavor, but the one with the most memorable gore has to be Blood-C. It is here that a bunch of weird love-craftian monstrosities terrorize a group of school children eating and maiming them in the most traumatic and viscerally grotesque manner possible. There’s nothing more graphic than a lion creature tearing a schoolgirl in two then casually munching on her remains, which is why this scene earns a special place on our list.

Elfen Lied

If you loved the final scene of Carrie, you’ll love this anime. In Elfen Lied, a new species emerges (that kind of look like cat people because you know, Japan being Japan) that has psychic powers. Of course, they quickly turn out to be incredibly violent, unleashing their psychic powers on the poor humans looking to research them. The combination of crazy cats and helpless humans make for awesome scenes, seeing dozens of SWAT troopers getting cut down with psychic powers. Carrie’s pretty good, but you never got to see her rampage against the police or go against a SWAT team. Elfen Lied gives you that, plus a hundred times more weirdness than you could only get from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Kentaro Miura’s long running dark fantasy epic is filled with a cavalcade of violence. The series protagonist, Guts, wields the largest sword ever seen and slashes his way through a number of different monstrosities. The Berzerk manga was adapted into an anime series back in 1997 and also a new trilogy of movies. If you like the violence, gore, and the general meanness of Game of Thrones, then you’ll be in for an especially gruesome treat with Berzerk, thanks to Kentaro’s attention to historical detail alongside the more fantastical elements. Berzerk is just a smorgasbord of incredible violence, combined with some amazing art and storytelling. The scene in our list is amazing, but it’s only a small fraction of the incredible awesomeness that is Berzerk.


This supernatural series sees some of the most disturbing gore ever committed in animation. Imagine Final Destination, the anime version. A small town is cursed, causing a number of horrible deaths to occur to the various students and townsfolk as a supernatural force causes a number of unnatural accidents. If you thought the Final Destination films were great with their Rube Goldberg inspired machinations of death, then you'll love this. The teacher puncturing his throat with a knife and spurting his classroom with a torrent of blood is just one of many of the horrible goodies that await in Another.

Hellsing Ultimate

Legendary manga artist Kouta Hirano’s epic revisionist series of Dracula comes to life in this OVA anime adaptation. Produced in 2006 and concluding in 2012 Hellsing Ultimate adapted the entire manga series into some of the goriest pieces of anime action ever drawn to life. For any gore hound, this series is a must as Vampire Alucard tears his way through any unfortunate soul to come in his way, leaving audiences all the richer for the amazing action on display.

Tokyo Ghoul

This relatively recent series has become a huge hit. Imagine if you combined all the tropes of typical vampire narrative, but instead replaced the vampires with intelligent super powered zombies with the power to sprout tentacles. That’s basically Tokyo Ghoul in a nutshell. It has some of the most intense, goriest scenes with super powered ghouls tearing into each other with little sense of remorse. This absence of limits lead to awesome anime gore scenes, like the iconic one featured on in our video list. Unfortunately, the anime was heavily censored on its original television airing, with all of the best stuff being included on uncensored DVDs.

Blood-C: The Last Dark

The Blood-C series had so much good gore it just had to appear on our list twice. In perhaps one of the most demented scenes ever brought to life, evil demon rabbits go throughout a innocent town and proceed to slaughter it mercilessly. In all honestly, Blood-C: The Last Dark is kind a slow series, but the ultimate payoff of rabbit demon fueled gore served as the most extreme piece of animated gore. Like taking a child’s nightmare and having it writ large, anyone who sees this entire scene won’t sleep easily for weeks, which is why it’s the best piece of anime gore and genuine nightmare fuel.


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