Gemini (July Energy Reading)


Gemini (July Energy Reading)


You guys get slapped the shit out of you too? You see a lot of us thought we could avoid it, because it was our season, but in all actuality, that slap was coming whether we were doing good or not. There had to be one final blow, one final knock out to knock hella sense into us coming into Cancer season. You may have even asked yourself “OH GOD WHY ME!?” but this was for our own good, fellow Gems.

Now is the time to sacrifice that flighty energy of ours for something more still and less chaotic. I mean, don’t you wanna take a deep breath after all that soul work, and really analyze everything that has happened to you for what it truly is? You have to be the one to decide this for yourself, because no one is gonna have the strength to tie down a Gemini but our own selves.

This will take great courage guys, especially if you feel slighted in any situations that have passed, or are closing out as you read this. You must display grace. Now is not the time to grab your notebook, and start plotting your revenge for every wrongdoing that happened to you in the past two months. No. Not at all.

Now is the time to show people what’s really good. Now is the time to finesse and flex. You’ve cried, you’ve whined, you’ve begged. What else does a drama film need?

A happy ending.

Yes, you deserve to feel like royalty, the key for us gems is to put ourselves first when it comes to our passions (I ain’t talking bout the nine to five).

This is the time for us to move in a way that people never thought we would have the strength to. People who have always viewed us in that old light of ours will be quivering in their boots once they realize we mean business this time.

Tell them to sit back and watch the show.

Regal Gemini beauty at its finest if you can grant yourself credit this season.

Gemini sitting back in July creating their plan of rebuilding themselves while watching others doubt their rebranding. That’s cute. We got tricks up our sleeves.

Gemini, let’s face it, we are extremely strikingly beautiful, especially in our element! Leo season will be here soon, so we don’t wanna be caught slipping out here wearing that same old long face that we wore when things got super sad. We have the power of duality, now we must act like a Libra, and bring things into balance the best way that we can. We are so adaptable! Remember this when people leave, situations end or high level stress arises; we got it. We always had it, now is the time to give ourselves credit where it’s due.

Best part is, we don’t need anyone’s permission to grant it, we can give it to our damn selves, because what people don’t understand about us is that we are extremely hard on ourselves, we are literally our own parents protecting that inner pre-teen that most of us are.

Right now, let’s pretend as if we’ve been granted this awesome redo button. What would you change first? Make a list, and start restoring hope and faith in yourself, because this is only just the beginning. Things come and go, but at the end of it all, who is gonna be the one picking up the pieces?


We had to sharpen our swords, they were becoming dull because at one point this year we slipped up and forgot about the true essence of the courage that lies within us as natural born leaders. We have all the qualities, but what did we fall in love with that wasn’t flowing properly in our lives. What did you realize that actually didn’t feel that deeply about you, the way you felt about the situation—the way you TRULY thought.

How much did that slap hurt? How much did it whip you back into shape? Now is the time to start thinking about the advantages of whatever didn’t fall through and see that, in this life, there is this thing that happens where if something really bad happens, you know something extremely positive is on the way. But this thought takes mastery of patience.

Patience is key for us throughout this season and July. Patience with ourselves, patient with emotions, patient with projects and endeavors, and understanding that your moves may be bigger and more grand than others, so it’s okay if you don’t have much to show for it at the moment. Be gentle with yourselves; we already were on punishment.

Grounding ourselves from the bottom up is so very important right now. Most of us need to get outside more and meditate, and really truly work on the tower inside of ourselves, because our backbone is what keeps us strong through life, we need it to be supported in every sense. A lot of us will be spending time to ourselves with occasional outings, but mostly we will be very peculiar about who we allow in our energy at the moment, which is crucial in this stage of becoming the Emperor/Empress, and for some of us; the High Priestess (research into those if interested in tarot).

We know what to do, we already started doing it. Remember, there will be moments where the pain from the past creeps in. Welcome it inside for a bit, talk to it, tell it how much better you are doing, and then send it on it’s way.

Welcome closure, and watch the flowers bloom from within and shine externally. Love will come. It always does.


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