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Gemini Gabby

by Gabriella Duncan 2 months ago in astronomy

My sign and me

I remember being a geeky and awkward sixteen year old girl who knew very little of astrological signs. I actually didn't even know my own sign until I started high school. And even then I didn't know much about it until one day in class these boys were talking about signs and the girls they dated and what they were like. This one guy spun around and asked me "so Gabby what's your sign?" and I told him I'm a Gemini and all the boys started looking at each other and laughing. I had no idea why until I asked one of my friends later and she told me that Geminis were passionate and freaky and a little crazy. I was shocked. I had never even been kissed or hugged by a boy so freaky I was not and crazy...well I can neither confirm nor deny this.

As I got older and did a little research here and there I realized maybe I was more like my sign then I initially thought. Well kind of sort of. When it comes to the socializing I'm like a fish out of water. Geminis are notorious social butterflies and love talking, partying, tweeting, etc. whereas I can almost literally count all of my friends on one hand. And I can assure you we do not talk that much sometimes we go days without even a single text. And as far as social media is concerned I only have an Instagram account and in about three years I've posted 12 pictures sooo yeah.

However there are a few traits of my sign that I think are spot on like my intelligence, a trait that I find myself questioning often. But no seriously I'm always hungry to learn something new and I have always been a avid reader. I remember being about ten or eleven and asking my mom to buy me books from Barnes and Noble and she would but only if the books had more than 300 pages because if they didn't I would devour them in a day or two. I was hanging out with books and rocking braces baby.

And I'm also pretty adaptable which is something that came really natural for me. I actually was too adaptable and easy going to the point where people thought that I was a pushover and they could say or do anything they wanted. I still am laidback but I had to learn through the years to be a little bit of a hard ass because you can't live a happy life trying to please everybody.

The things I am not are nosy, well at least no more than the average person nor am I unreliable. Anybody who knows me knows if you need me I'm there and if by chance I'm not you better believe I'm on my way. And I'm certainly not impulsive even though I wish I was sometimes. Maybe one day I'll up and book a trip to Italy and marry the first guy who says Buongiorno! Who the hell knows?

All in all I can say being a Gemini is not too bad, it's really quite amazing if you really think about it. And I know not everybody believes in signs and stuff but imagine that your personality might actually be shaped by the stars and there are millions of people out there who might act and think like me just because we share that same sign. I'm not sure if I would be the same Gabriella if I was born July 13th or March 8th but I do know that the universe is so wonderfully weird. And I also know that everyone in this world whether they're a Gemini or a Pisces or a Virgo are just trying their best everyday to laugh loud and love hard. And I truly hope that the stars forever and always burn bright for all of you.

Gabriella Duncan
Gabriella Duncan
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Gabriella Duncan

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