Game Of Mass Destruction - Day One

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Game Of Mass Destruction - Day One

Todd rolled his eyes at the screens. “Will they ever shut about Game of Mass Destruction!” He looked over at his friend Bobby, who had his head stuck in his console. “Are you still playing that Chocolate Donut game?”

Bobby looked up at him. “For the record, I think the story behind it is a masterpiece. It’s so addicting. Got pretty much all the merchandise for it.”

“You mean in that pink room? You really do need to get out more.”

Bobby shrugged his shoulders, pointing at his suitcase. “I’m outside now. This is my first holiday after all.”

“You’ve got to be joking?” Todd yelled outside the checking point. Papers trapped between his fingers. “Don’t tell me you’ve never been abroad on holiday?”

“Not everyone had rich parents you know.” The crowds and multiple checkpoints churned Bobby’s stomach. He held his hands over his ears. “I did not remember going away anywhere when I was younger.”

Todd patted Bobby’s shoulder. “Wait, you went to Amsterdam last year. That counts!”

“That wasn’t a vacation.” Bobby bit his lip and turned away. “I really don’t want to think about that day. So… can we please just forget about it? Anyway, which gate do we have to go to?”

Todd smiled as he marched forward towards the exit. “Well, you’ll be in for a treat.”

Bobby skipped past several tour groups and oncoming human-traffic to catch up with him. “How do you even know where you’re going?”

He pointed to the front page. “It says we’ve got to look for a silver bus.”

“That makes no sense, why have we got to pick a bus up at an airport?” It was rare for Bobby to travel, but something in his gut was telling him something bad was going to happen. Even if he didn’t have his anxiety or depression, he was sure something fishy was around the corner.

“No idea,” Todd admits. He seemed none the wiser. He pointed at Bobby and showed the papers. “I know that we’ve won this holiday and we’ve got to wait around here.”

Bobby sighed. “It sounds overly complicated. Are you sure it isn’t a scam?”

“I’m sure.”

“What makes you so sure?” When Bobby first met Todd, he was confident that he was going out with his sister despite the fact she had been dead for a decade. He’d thought being catfished would have made him more careful about social media.

“Cause the bus is just parking up. By the way, have you been getting those weird emails from RHF Corp?”

Bobby shrugged his shoulders. “I deleted it. Just assumed it was spam. Did you read it?”

“I did.”

“You really shouldn’t. That might be why you get so many viruses on your laptop.”

“RHF stands for Robots have Feelings.”

“Really? It sounds like a pitch for a video game.”

“Now you’re interested. Well, it’s urging people not to support that TV show, Game of Mass Destruction and not to be afraid of robots.”

“I’ve never heard that show, Game of Mass Destruction.” He went silent for a moment after remembering an old PC game he rented from Blockbusters. “There’s an old PC game called Mass Destruction with tanks, is it related to that?”

Todd shook his head. “You have no idea what it is?”

Bobby shook his head. “No. I don’t watch TV. I’ve only installed Netflix for you.

“It’s only the world’s most popular show.”

“So what’s it about?”

“Mainly robot slaying. But I’ll be honest, I like it more when they’ve got lesbians in it.”

Bobby pulled his crucifix from out of his top. “Now I know what you do at night.”

“Not like that, I just happen to think it’s a great show that has something for everyone.”

“I don’t think they’ll ever put that on air. The Pope would forbid it. Surely these TV production companies have standards.”

“The Pope has power over TV.” As they took their seats in the back Todd whispered to Bobby, “That bus driver looks miserable.”

“I didn’t notice.”

A middle-aged man waved behind them as they sat on the seats behind him. “I know you two from somewhere.” He pressed his palms on his forehead. “I know! You’re the one who jumped in the river in Amsterdam last year. Oh, I’m so glad you’re alive. You look so well and polished.”

“Thank you.”

“Why didn’t you do anything?” Todd asked.

“I was too far away.”

“You could have at least phoned the ambulance or something.”

“Well you seemed to be doing such a good job, I felt my services were not needed.”

“I don’t remember you for some reason.”

“I know you as well,” the other man said. “I was in the room next to you.” He shook hands with Bobby and Todd. “I’m Hendrik, this is my assistant Pieter. It’s such a small world.”

“Now we’re going on the same trip. You also won the holiday.”

“Yes, though I don’t remember entering.”

“Nor do we, but it’s a free holiday, so I’m not complaining.”

A woman dressed in orange steps into the bus as her voice boomed into the microphone. “Hello and welcome to Happy Surprise Tours. My name is Lisa and I will be your tour guide today.”

Bobby leaned towards Todd. “I thought you said this was a week’s holiday?”

Todd shrugged his shoulder. “Small print also said up to a month.”

Bobby raised his eyebrows at him. “You have no idea where we are going, do you?”

“No one knows. Why else would it be called Happy Surprise Tours?”

Lisa did a head count. “Great! There’s twenty of you.”

The American couple beside them were whispering to each other. “There are 20 contestants in the Game of Mass Destruction.”

The young woman turned to the window. “No way, are we going to do that!”

“Lavender! If you take three letters out of her name, you’ll get Sia. That’s the name of the host.”

Lavender shook her head. “Christian, it’s just a coincidence. We’ve had a great time so far. If we were really going to be dragged on the show, it would have happened by now.”

Lisa butted in on the couple’s conversation and smiled at Christian. “Let me reassure you that you are all safe. Our first stop will be near the beautiful beach with green pastures and delightful waters.”

“Devon or Cornwall I recon,” Todd belted out.

Lisa smiled. “You’ll see.”

Lavender shook her head. “I’m sure Sia Bucks is a lot younger than her and more athletic.”

Christian nudged her shoulder. “Stop body shaming people!”

Lavender’s hands dropped by her lap. Fingers separated, she huffed at Christian. “I’m not body shaming anyone. I didn’t even call her fat. Gosh, people these days, calling someone fat these days is worse than using racial slurs and raping somebody.”

“You’d think the #metoo movement and all these sex scandals would make people feel safe nowadays,” Todd brought himself into the conversation.

It was times like this, Bobby wished he would shut up. “You’re not helping here.”

“They should be smart,” Pieter said. “If they don’t want to get attacked, they should act modestly.”

Lavender was offended again. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Christian covered it and whispered into her ear. “Please, Lavender.”

She bit Christian’s finger and shouted, “A bit rich coming from a man who runs a brothel.”

An Indian man called Hassin stood up. “Why are we all fighting. This is the UK. It’s a multicultural society. We should be respecting each other we want a good holiday.”

Bobby nodded. “I quite agree.” Inside he was praising the Lord for there was somebody on the bus who has common sense.

After a few stops at the service station, the tension between them seemed to have died down. Pieter apologised to Lavender and Todd had befriended Korean twins Mi Sook-Jo and Mi Chang-Hoon.

“Nice to meet you, Todd,” Chang-Hoon said with a smile. “It’s nice that we’re all from different countries and backgrounds. I hope we can all be good friends.”

“Me too!” Todd said. “This is my friend Bobby. We live together and play video games.”

“That’s so cool.” Chang-Hoon pointed at the girl in a white dress with an older man. “That girl over there is my girlfriend, Yanyu and that’s her uncle. It’s great that after years of talking online, we’re finally able to meet. Her uncle is pretty awesome too.”

“What took you so long to meet up?”

“She lives in China, and we’re from South Korea. We met on a Discord server called Choco Donuts.”

“We’re on that server too,” Todd pointed out.

“Really?” Sook-Jo opened her mouth. “What are your names on there?”

“Fishman Gamer.”

Toddy nodded. “Kitty4life.”

“I’m the wise twin,” Chang-Hoon declared.

Sook-Jo lifted her hand and said, “And I’m the pretty twin.”

Bobby peered over at Yanyu. “So that must be Loving Seoul.”

“And Sakura and Yuzuko have gone into Starbucks. They’re so happy to have loads of people from the Choco Donuts server on the trip. We should all have a little tournament tonight.”

“Sounds lovely,” Bobby admitted. Choco Donuts was one of his guilty pleasures in terms of gaming. Now that the Japanese puzzle game had become popular worldwide, the shame was somewhat gone. Critics called it a blend of Candy Crush and Tetris.

Bobby couldn’t help but think how nice it was to have people that he used to talk to online together on the same trip. It had been nearly a year since he first met Todd, and he felt his life had been transformed for the better.

Five years ago, being on a crowded bus would have been too much for him. Seemed only yesterday that Bobby was living under the poverty line with his video games as his only comfort. Bad days still happened, but the good things, even the little ones still mattered even more.

Lisa came back from the service station with Sakura and Yuzuko following her. “We’re all getting back on the bus,” she said to them all. By the time the bus drove into a ferry in Portsmouth, the sun was starting to set.

The bus slips on a mask then carried on driving. Bobby noticed that a lot of the other passengers are still asleep. When he looked at Todd, he found himself yawning and drifting off.

The next time Bobby woke up he was in a padded cell with the rest of the people on the bus, excluding the bus driver. Hovering around the fear-stricken faces and stuttering bodies, Bobby stuck close to Todd, feeling more at ease by somebody he knew and trust.

“Calm down everybody!” Todd said with his hands in the air. “I’m sure this is all one big publicity stunt.”

“No, it isn’t!” the girl that was sitting next to them on the bus cried out. “We’ve been locked up like criminals.” Her eyes welled up as she threw herself into her husband’s arms. “We’ve done nothing wrong.”

Pieter rummaged through his pockets. “Where’s my passport? Where’s my phone? Shit! Somebody’s taken it.” He charged at Todd and tightened his fists around his throat. “WAS IT YOU?”


They all charged towards the right side of the cell trying to split Pieter and Todd apart. They were so caught up in breaking the fight, that they did not see the woman followed by an army enter gather around the cell.

The woman appeared in her mid-forties trying to recapture her golden teenage days with her skimpy latex and purple afro. She took a key from out of her cleavage and unlocked the door. She smiled, silver lipstick glistening under the light. She was a spitting image of Sia Bucks.

“Is that you Lisa?” Hendrik asked.

“Of course, it is.”

Pieter gasped. “Blimey, you look so different and stunning.” He leaned over to Hendrik and whispered. “I wouldn’t mind.”

Hendrik chuckled. “Me neither.”

Lisa pointed to the door. “Would you all like to come with me please?”

They did as they were told. Bobby spotted the cameras and TV crew lurking in the dark corners. The hallway resembled an old high school, which brought him back to the good old days when his sister was still alive.

Lisa brought them all into a deserted boardroom with 21 chairs in it. Bobby thought if he had a tenner for every time, he spotted a camera he spotted, he’d have enough to travel the world twice. He was still under the impression that this was some big hoax.

“Good evening everybody,” Lisa smiled, leaning over to be head of the table. “You are all here because you have been chosen to take part in the holiday of a lifetime. And the holiday of a lifetime is taking place right now!”

“Sorry.” Todd raised his hand. “This looks more like a classroom than a holiday.”

“I understand. It’s been a long journey. You’re all tired and confused. That’s why I thought we could all have a sit-down and relax for a little while.” She dropped her British accent, and in came the high-pitched American accent that made her so famous. “I tricked you all good, didn’t I?” Chuckling with laughter, she curtsied as the lights turned out. “I AM SIA BUCKS AND ON BEHALF OF THE WHOLE WORLD CONGRATULATIONS! ALL OF YOU ARE THE CHOSEN CONTESTANTS FOR THIS YEAR’S GAME OF MASS DESTRUCTION!”

Confetti exploded from the ceiling as the military circulating the room gave a round of applause. Bobby was confused, he looked round to see Todd who had slammed his face in between his hands.

“Now please watch this message from Sergeant Dust!”

A hologram of a senior soldier in a cape and a hat was projected into the room. “Good evening my fellow warriors. I am sergeant Dust. Does everyone here understand my English? Well if you don’t, get Sia to pause the video and we’ll get you some interpreters if you need one.”

Sia paused the video. “Is there anyone here who would like a translator?”

Nobody raised their hand.

“Okay then.” Sia pressed the play button.

“From now on until further notice, this island will be your home. My men will be patrolling the island, clearing up debris and bodies when necessary. They may touch you, but they will not harm you…much. You can do whatever you want on this island, just try not to be a dick. My men cannot be held legally responsible if you piss them off. Good luck!”

The hologram vanished. Lights back on, Sia clapped her hands and walked around the contestants. Her eyes were locked in on Bobby. She reminded him of a temptress. “I’m going to provide a demonstration. Ladies and gentlemen meet Exhibit A!”

A man veiled in latex and chains tumbled down from the ceiling. His shadow hovered over them. “Now I have a confession to make.” Sia carried on talking as she marched around the room. “The show hasn’t even started, and yet, I’m already impressed with you. In this very room, we have twenty nationalities. We’ve never had such a diverse line-up on the Game of Mass Destruction. You are all very fortunate to be a part of this project. The Game of Mass Destruction has been a staple show for years. As its founder, I’m proud to see all of you doing your part for science.”

“Is this for real?” Lavender shrieked, gripping onto her collar.

Sia nodded, cuddling Lavender tight. “Why my dear, of course, this is real. I reckon half a billion people are streaming this on Netflix.”

“I told you so!” Christian spat out.

Sia flicked his cheek as threw herself onto his lap. “I think you’re going to have the time of your life.”

“Get off my boyfriend!” Lavender demanded, strangling her. “Or else!”

“Or else what?” Sia tilted her head. “Nobody belongs to anybody on this island. You’re all free spirits.”

No one expected Sia to listen to Lavender’s commands – yet she did. Lavender released Sia who strolled to the board doodling a robot on the corner. “Now I’m sure you all know how it works. This island is inhabited with a thousand robots. Your task is to destroy them all.”

Returning to her chair, she crossed her legs and snapped her fingers. “And now ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet Exhibit B!” The robot she summoned appeared to move with self-will. Eyes lit up fixating at the latex man. Sia clapped her hands. “This robot is just like me when I see a slice of cake.”

She knew what the others were thinking – and Bobby was on the edge of his seat. How could an obstructive machine be so cold-hearted? The fact the robot’s figure was andromorphic churned his stomach.

The robot bit into the man’s plump biceps. Screaming, through muffled could not be censored. Blood erupted in all directions. The robot continued its feast despite the glares. In a matter of seconds, the whole table turned bed. The man was no more.

All they could do was pray that the man has a peaceful afterlife.

“What a delightful sight.” Sia twiddled her hands with a Hollywood façade and cheesy grin. Using the man’s blood as ink, she wrote on the board. “Like every show, you’ll be working in teams of two. Here is the point structure, which has also remained unchanged.”


“The point system makes no sense!” Lavender stood, gazing around the room. She succumbed to the frustration of the empty expressions on other people’s faces. “Come on you guys! I’m not the only one with a voice.”

“Does anything in the world make sense anymore?” Sia asked. “I’d button up if I were you. You don’t want to trigger anybody. Now, let’s get down to business. The surviving pair with the most points wins two billion dollars between them. Any questions so far? Yanyu!”

“It is true that the robots eat us?”

Her Uncle Fan fiddled with his fingers. “Or is that just an editing ploy?”

“They can,” Sia confirmed. “Everything that happens on Game of Mass Destruction is real. We do not edit or censor anything in the show. If people don’t like they see, they can change the channel.”

“What happens if we all die?” Sook-Jo asked.

“We haven’t had that happen before,” Sia admitted. “I’d guess the robots would be declared the winners and we roll the two billion dollars over to next year’s competition. We’ve had times where few survivors and one time where everybody lived.”

“What is the point of this show?” Bobby asked. His stomach churned when all the eyes turned in on him. They glared at him as if he had committed a terrible crime.

“We’re doing it for science, BABY!”

Bobby remained unconvinced. “I still don’t get how destroying lots of robots is good for science?”

“That’s right!” Todd stood up as he waved his arm to protect Bobby. “What about global warming and the ozone layer? And then there’s all the plastic too.”

“You’ve been spending too much time listening to Professor Denki,” Sia snapped. “The Robots Have Feelings Corporation are brainwashing the world. They want you to love robots. I’m sure there are nice robots that exist, but the robots here want to kill you, eat you and rip you apart.”

Sia stopped talking when Pedro Primera, a contestant from Italy stood up with his hand in the air. “Now I’ve watched this show before. I just wanted to confirm if we get out of this island alive, will we be convicted of any of the crimes we’ve committed on this island?”

Sia shook her head. “Of course not. This is a lawless island. You will not be held legally responsible for the acts you commit on this island.”

Pedro’s wife, Mariangela dazzled before them as she spoke to Sia. “I’m happy to see you again, but my husband and I are very busy people. What will happen to our assets?”

Sia interrupted them. “I understand but let me reassure you and everybody here that everything is fine back at home. During your stay, we will pay all your outstanding bills and debt. We’ve also arranged suitable childcare arrangements. I’m sure that you all have lots of questions, but I’m afraid we are on a tight schedule. Everything will be included in your guidebook.”

At the snap of Sia’s fingers, two soldiers leave the room. They return with a trolley of bags and a silver sheet of paper. “These bags contain your guidebook, water bottle, torches, maps and a randomized weapon.” Sia couldn’t stop chuckling. “The producers had so much fun with these weapons. I just feel sorry for the poor sod that gets the dildo and the frying pan.”

Todd whispered to Bobby, “Did I ever tell you how fucked up this game is?”

“You don’t need to.”

“When I call your names out, I want you to pick some bags and sign the contract. And you all need to sign the contract. As you leave, there will be paparazzi outside. You just need to give a quick introduction and then you take your official Game of Mass Destruction mugshot and then you’ll be ready to go!”

“So, let’s give a round of applause to our first pair – best friends from the United Kingdom: Bobby Fishman & Todd Patrick!”

The applause thundered the room. It was loud for twenty people, which suggested to Bobby that it was either a backing track or a live audience behind hidden from their view.

Bobby and Todd strolled to the front of the room like lost puppies. Sia patted their backs. “Don’t worry guys, it’s easy! Just grab a bag each, sign away, take your picture and go on your merry sweet way!”

Bobby signed first. “I’ll get the bags!”

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” Todd looked over at the other contestants and waved at them. “Good luck everyone.”

The military turned their heads towards the narrow corridor by Sia. They took it as their sign to head down there. At first, it was pitch black until all the lights came on. A cameraman stopped them before they reached the door.

“Stand by the white line please!”

Bobby and Todd did as they were told. One shot from the camera was enough to blind them for a few seconds. Bobby could still see blobs of colours scatter around him before his vision slowly recovered.

As they left, they found two paths: one leading to the forest, and the other leading to the beach. Neither sounded a good choice for them. Anything could happen to them in the forest at night. As for the beach, memories of last year might trigger Bobby into having a big breakdown.

“Which way do we go?” Todd asked.

“The beach!”

“Are you sure?”

“None of the choices seem to be any good, but the beach is a lot safer than the forest, that’s for sure.”

They could still hear the crowd cheering, despite having no sign of a crowd. Bobby steered his head around and saw between the cliffs and the lighthouse was a large screen showing a sepia image of them.

“I look really rough!”

“I think your looks are the last thing you should be worried about.”

The screen aired Sia, zooming in on her curves as she wished Bobby and Todd good luck on their quest. One by one Sia called out the pairs. Childhood sweethearts from Orlando, Christian Strippers and Lavender Knickers were next called up.

Bobby decided it was best to observe the other contestants make their way out on the TV. The fact that the whole world was watching didn’t quite sit in, especially being on an island where robots wanted to eat them, and people could possibly kill them for money.

Christian and Lavender frowned on their official pictures. All the happiness had been drained out their sunken eyes. They didn’t even acknowledge Bobby and Todd. They did not stick around.

“The next pair, we have Catherine Banjo and her son, Alfie.”

“I feel sorry for them,” Todd whispered to Bobby. “Look at Alfie, he looks so vulnerable and scared.”

Alfie must have been only eighteen. He looked only half his age with his tall frame and bowl-cut hair that no adult would ever voluntary have.

Sia called a young couple from Japan to collect their stuff. Unlike the last few pairs that came, the two girls seemed prepared. Sakura Kanagawa and Yuzuko Shikumi radiated as much confidence in real life like they did behind the camera.

“You two shouldn’t dawdle here,” Sakura advised them. “You might get killed here.” She held Yuzuko’s hand and ventured off into the forest. If body language was a signal of anything, they had a good chance of surviving and even winning.

“Next we’ve got our star couple from Italy: Mariangela and Pedro Primera!”

“Who are they?” Bobby asked.

“Mariangela is a popular model. Used to be in the same girl group as Sia.”

“Sia was in a girl group?” Bobby’s knowledge of pop music was rather limited from his past life as a modern-day hermit.

Pussy*Pussy*Meow*Meow were massive in their prime.”

The Korean twins that they knew online; Mi Sook-Jo and Mi Chang-Hoon were called. Like the Japanese lovers, they ventured into the forest.

Dutch businessmen, Hendrik Bonifacius and Pieter Larsfrom smiled as they were summoned to play their part. They rambled on about how the game will be a turning point in their career. Hendrik and Pieter came up towards Bobby and Todd.

“We’re going to find a bar,” Hendrik announced. “Do you two want to join us?”

Bobby shook his head. “No thank you.”

Hendrik nodded. “Very well. I’ll see you all later.”

Workmates from Iceland: Rós Ólafursdóttir & Aron Jónsson were next called. The way Aron rapped his arm about his partner would give anyone the impression that they were in love. They didn’t notice Bobby and Todd.

“Do you think we should listen to Sakura?” Bobby asked.

Todd shook his head. “I think we’re at an advantage staying here. The screen showed the last four contestants in the room. Only two pairs left. Bobby knew that Yanyu would want to find Mi Chang-Hoon. So, he chose to wait until all the contestants were out.

Todd had a point.

Neighbours from India, Hassin Farid & Nila Kamal where called. Bobby felt an aura about them, friendly energy – a sign that they could be trusted. Yanyu and her Uncle Fan were the last to be called.

When left the studio, Bobby told Yanyu that her friends had gone into the forest. Yanyu and her uncle ventured off into the forest. Fan twirled around before leaving. “You two are lucky. You could have been killed standing idle.”

Bobby couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t keep his eyes off the screen. He wondered if it was Sia’s charm or the sheer shock of being thrown into what felt like a different planet.

When the screen zoomed in on Sia’s face it was clear to them that she was speaking to the viewers at home. “So which pair are you rooting for? Any favourites to win or favourites to die? Please drop a line through text, email or on social media. Now that all the contestants are on the island…it’s time to let the games begin!”

Sia pulled the red lever on the wall and the video faded to black.

THE GAME OF MASS DESTRUCTION HANDBOOKDear contestants,On behalf of all the production team, we would like to welcome you to our beautiful and mysterious island. This island took a big beating last year and we’ve done our best to bring the island back to its former glory.The island may seem small, but it’s luscious in its natural beauty and modern facilities. You can relax at the beach, venture out in the lighthouse and explore the forest. The whole island is your home.As soon as all the robots have been destroyed, you can go home. The path to glory, fame and fortune has been sketched out for you. I hope that you entertain the island just as much as you will be entertained by this fabulous island and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary show that will change the entertainment world and science forever.Failure to comply with us shall leave not only your lives at risk, but the whole world is in danger.Take care! I hope this small, but faithful handbook will come of use to you.Lots of love.Sia Bucks

TOP 5 tips for survival
Don’t go to the bathroom alone.

This may sound childish but 32% of killings on the show have taken place in the bathroom. Always go in pairs – it’s okay for a man to go to the ladies and vice versa. Transgendered and non-binary people can choose any toilets they like. Remember that you are responsible for your own safety during the game.

Stay hydrated Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. There will be food and drinks readily available throughout the island. So, there is no excuse not to drink.Stay with your partnerYou don’t have to be shoulder-to-shoulder, but not knowing where your partner is can really dampen your chances of winning.Robots don’t like waterOur robots are very intelligent and can be dangerous weapons of mass destruction, but they still do not like water. Use this to your advantage.Make the most out of your assigned weaponWeapons are randomised. Even if your weapon appears useless at first, you’ll never know when it will come in handy. You can always steal another contestant’s weapon if you need to.
F.A.Q.Why am I here?You were nominated by an anonymous member of the public and after a vigorous process and various assessments, you and your partner were chosen to work together.How does the point system work?Each robot you destroyed gives you twenty-five points. Sex gives you fifty points to your team. Killing another contestant gives you a hundred points. There are hidden bonuses throughout the island and sometimes these change throughout the day.Will only sexual intercourse give me points?Points can be given for sex with robots, masturbation and various acts foreplay. This is all due to the producer’s discretion.What happens to my points if I swap partners?The person in the team whose name is called out first will maintain their points. If two contestants have both lost their partner, their points will be merged.Are there other ways to earn points?If a whole team is wiped out the survivors will get an equal share of their points. Each day there is a set of bonus pointsWhat will happen when I die?The Game of Mass Destruction team will pay for your funeral and give financial support to your family and friends. If both you and your partner die in the game, your points will be divided into the surviving pairs.Can my team be penalized?No. There is no way to lose points.Will I be arrested after the show?No. You cannot be held legally responsible for anything you do on the island. As it stands there is no restricted travel for former contestants.
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