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Full Moon in Aries

by [email protected] 2 years ago in religion

New Beginnings

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The full moon in Aries is a special full moon—it kicks off the astrological new year that opens the gate way to our new desires. It is the big bang that life was created from, and it harnesses the power of the creation energy to move us forward and towards our new beginnings. All of this is done with the help of and the spark of Aries. Aries is the first fire sign and it rules the mindset of 0-7 years of age, the age of innocence and childhood. This sign is the sign that is still highly connected to the void of the 5-D and it is able to bring to life the thoughts and visions we have of the 5-D.Â

If you are not sure or do not understand what I am talking about, watch The Greatest Showman—that film is dripping in Aries magic. It is all aligned in fire creation, and bringing the 5-D to the 3-D though imagination, fun, and song. While fire energy is amazing in its power you have to be careful because while the fire burns bright and beautiful it can burn you or worse lose control if not tended to. That is the irony of the sign Aries: it has all of this creative power but it is more than just creative.

We have to understand that this moon sign is in an unusual placement there. I will be discussing the moon in length as well in another article. But for now, let's look at the placement of this fire sign element. The moon is ruled by water sign Cancer and Aries is ruled by Mars energy. Aries is fire and cancer is water and fire can put water out, boil it, or create steam. We also have a juxtaposition in the balance of the placement of these two placements.

All of the fire signs are masculine energy, and the water signs are all feminine energy. So now we have to look at the scale of vibration because Aries is a sign that for me is an aspect that leads to divine masculine energy. It is the kind of fire that is just a big, spark that created humanity, the cosmos, and life as we know it. So the moon is a major influencer of our emotions because we are made of mostly water. Moon was once a part of Earth that broke off when an asteroid hit it several thousand years ago. That is why its gravitational pull rules the tides and why it is the planet that rules Cancer and is a divine representation of the divine feminine.

Now that we understand why these two energies are polarities we can understand why the Aries moon is a spear head for us to move forward. See, the divine feminine within all of us no matter if you are masculine and feminine has been bottled up, restrained, and told that she is not allowed to come out for thousands of years. Therefore when the moon goes full, she is a force that no matter how hard a person tries to repress she will still come out.

You can not contain water forever. You will either return to it to bathe, to drink, to be used in food, to swim in it, ect. Our planet is surrounded by mostly water; life on this planet started by water and microorganisms that created the first algy and land mass. So now that we understand that the divine feminine is doing her necessary work through the full moon. In the sign of Aries the moon is trying to get us to not just kick start our lives but to also charge in fearlessly. It is about putting healthy actions into place, changing our routine's and the opening to the door of creation is here.

It is about coming forward with bravery, because Aries is brave and tactical to a fault. This sign is also fast to make a decision and sticks to the plan, but we have to look at its ruler Mars now. Because Aries are as impulsive as children at times but now we know why because of the age of the mind set they rule. In fact I believe that Aries is the youngest while Pisces is the oldest if we are to go off the premise of the mindset they rule. I am going to shatter your perception of Aries completely.

The universe is always about constant balance and believe it or not Aries has two rulers. Depending on your sun sign is in relation to this moon's position will reveal to me how well this moon will affect you. It could be positive or negative. It all depends on your emotional maturity and development of your emotions as a person/ individual as well. Depending on how a person is receptive to their own emotions as well as others is also going to judge where am individual falls on that spectrum of positive or negative.

This is how you can distinguished who rulers your emotions right now and how you can relate to the full moon. In ancient Greece through the Roman eras where paganism was practiced as the main form of worship there were two gods of war. Aries god of war, chaotic war, blood shed, aggression, loss of mass casualties. This stems from the Greek telling of how he as a man was not accepted by his parents and so there for explains the distorted form or negative aspects of Aries. While his positive side is shown through his relationship with Aphrodite.

Aries wanted a woman who was submissive to his needs yes, but was also going to give him the love he has never received from Zeus and Hera. In a way he is the walking wounded and was forced to grow up quickly. Fair Aphrodite was able to though her naturally abilities and charms to get the god of chaotic war to stop and think about the lighter side to life than just blood and carnage. For him she brings out the tender side of Aries with her love and patience. She also has the ability to bring out his passionate love for her.

Hence why as we are in the peak of libra season we have an Aries full moon coming in. Because while Venus is in her full element and I have an article on that as well click this link here: https://vocal.media/longevity/sun-in-libra

Aries is dancing on our subconscious, wanting to sweep the goddess of love off her feet. He wants to give to her the love she has been waiting for. He will make himself look like a fool to make her happy. If you have not read the tale about how Aphrodite and Aries got caught as cheaters in the act of passionate love making, I recommend you read about that myth. Aries is too bright for the sun to conceal and that is why full moon in Aries is so ready and willing to make use look like fools for love.

This is why in most ancient cultures the god or goddess of war has a counterpart that rules passionate love, romance, or sex or that same god who rules war also rules sex. An example of this would be the Sumerian goddess Ishtar, she rules war, and sexual love. It does not surprise me that these two aspects are ruled by gods who control the aspect of war but also so do their counter parts. They are primal forces with in humanity as a species and so during a full moon in Aries I would expect no less than couples fighting, reconciling, and then having passionate make up sex.

That's just how the full moon in Aries is a primal force to be reckoned with as we learn to keep our heads together and to not delve into the childish tendencies to start fights out of boredom for sexual satisfaction. We can still have a clear and level head on our shoulders like the counterpart to Mars or Aries. That would be Athena or in Roman culture Minerva, she represents the wise actions an Aries can take. Athena is the goddess of prudent warfare. This goddess counters her brother and also has fair game in ruling over the sun sign of aries. Meaning everything she does is though planning and strategy which is why she always wins. My Greek professor always said "if you want to win a war, win it quickly with less casualties and in less than a few years, you pray to the goddess Athena. If you want to lose a war, or have it be long drawn out, and carnage like that of Troy you pray to Aries."

Athena is as beautiful as she is wise. Her animal totem is symbolized by the owl. Owls are symbolism of wisdom gained through the darkness. Also owls have keen eye sight at night and can hunt the best at night. She is the goddess who presides over peace treaties. The story goes that the city of Athena was named after her when she fought with Poseidon over patronage to the city. When she finally came to a truths with the sea god she extended the olive branch to him as a peace offering. That is why to this day in any art historical depiction of her, Athena has an owl on her shoulder and an olive branch in one hand. Athena is associated as the goddess of war because she learned how to fight from Pallas, a nereid of the sea who was her best friend that she accidentally killed in combat.

Grief and guilt stricken the goddess took her best friend's name into her own association as her title as a the goddess of wisdom. That is why she is addressed as Pallas Athena. Athena is a goddess who is caring and wise and bases every judgement she makes on the actions of others. She calls them into question and this is why she rules the sun sign of Aries because she has learned how her actions cost another their life though the energy of creation in combat. So remember that while Athena is calling you to act with a clear and concise actions, make sure you have all of the information before you act with haste, or you will regret the choices you make.

Thank you for joining me today, please stay tuned because I have more articles coming. I also have other articles published by me on my stories page; make sure to check those out too! If you enjoyed this article please make sure to tip me.

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