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From This Moment

Wash rinse repeat.

By Mark GagnonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
From This Moment
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A new world government came into power after the great cataclysm. In theory, consolidating all countries into a global community would solve the lack of cooperation that caused the near extinction of humanity. Unfortunately, whether multiple governments control the masses or one mega government is in charge, unrest always remains just under the surface.

Their first order of business was to create a vast web of communication linking every mansion, every house, and every mud-walled hut to a government-controlled network. The people were told the reason for this grid was to warn everyone in the event of an impending natural disaster. If this system had been in place, the great cataclysm might have taken fewer lives. Regrettably, people are not always told the truth.

As soon as the system went operational, a universal notice proclaiming a grand announcement, given by the World Hegemon, would be broadcast live around the globe. It would be repeated for twenty-four hours, enabling all time zones to view the speech. Both anticipation and fear encircled the planet as the surviving population anxiously awaited the great man’s speech.

Television screens around the globe winked on at precisely the same time. The camera focused on a stern-faced, impeccably dressed man seated behind a massive mahogany desk. The new world government seal was prominently displayed in the background. An impressive silence encompassed the earth in anticipation of what was to come. Everyone knew their lives would never be the same.

“Citizens of Earth, today is the most historic day since the first human stood erect. Why is that, you ask? The answer is simple. From this moment on, this government will control every aspect of your life. There will be no more war, no more bickering political parties no more disparagement between rich and poor. Everyone will obey this government and the government will obey me. Under this edict, every citizen is free to live their life in the service of the greater good. Government officials have been placed in every city and village to ensure the rule of law prevails.”

Younger people cheered their approval. The older ones shook their heads and quietly mused, “This has been tried in the past and failed. It will again.”

It took less than fifty years for the Hegemonic government to collapse in spectacular fashion. People appear to be genetically predisposed with a need to be part of something larger than themselves. Without a world government to be part of, it was a simple transition for humanity to once again let religions of various types lead them.

Using the same communication system, leaders from the world’s major religious factions pleaded for people to follow their teachings. God speaks only to whichever Priest, Mulla, Rabbi, or Dalai Lama stands at the pulpit. Every other speaker is a false profit. From this moment on, their religion, and only theirs is the true one.

Younger followers cheered their approval. The older ones quietly shook their heads as they watched history repeat itself.

The religious wars raged for over one hundred years with no clear victor. People wondered why God hadn’t chosen his true representative and shown them the path to victory. Not only was there no progress in finding the true religion, but there was also no progress in repairing the decaying world.

Not only are humans predisposed to belong to something, but they are blind to problems until it’s almost too late. People would rather pretend a problem will disappear on its own than attempt to fix it.

The planet was in its agonal stages of life. Similar natural catastrophes that had caused the great societal upheaval two hundred years earlier reoccurred. Earthquakes, fires, floods, and windstorms ravaged the earth’s surface. More of humanity perished than at any other time in history. In desperation, a new global group was formed to rectify the global destruction brought about by previous generations. From this moment on, things will change because they must.

The young cheered their approval. The older ones hoped they were right this time.


About the Creator

Mark Gagnon

I have spent most of my life traveling the US and abroad. Now it's time to create what I hope are interesting fictional stories.

I have 2 books on Amazon, Mitigating Circumstances and Short Stories for Open Minds.

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Comments (4)

  • Hannah Mooreabout a year ago

    I disagree with Donna's comment, I feel like this is a stale world you describe, repeated, recycled. Perhaps she has young eyes, and I have old ...

  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a year ago

    I love this genre of dystopian worlds. The one you have created feels so original and fresh! I like the repetitive phrase you used through out the story about the young and the old. I feel like it rings true even our current world, more often than not!

  • Mark Gagnon (Author)about a year ago

    Hi Tina, I see you've been busy with quite a few new stories. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with a new medical issue so I haven't been doing much writing or commenting lately. Meds are so damn expensive. Getting old isn't for poor people.

  • Tina D'Angeloabout a year ago

    Loved the premise of this story. Sadly true. I found this page of writing contests and wanted to share it with you. https://thewritelife.com/writing-contests/

Mark GagnonWritten by Mark Gagnon

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