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Fringe Science: Paul Babcock

by Roscoe Forthright 6 months ago in science

"We Create Reality. Reality Does Not Create Us."

Fringe Science:  Paul Babcock
Paul Babcock's Zero-Feedback EMF Motor.

Paul Babcock is recognized for his expertise in alternative energy systems and power generation systems for companies and for individuals, especially in remote locations. He has studied Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Walter Russell, George Lakhovsky and many others. Over a lifetime, of study and creative thought, Paul Babcock has discovered specific threads which weave through the ideas, theories and spirit of these great inventors. He discusses these threads in his book, The Universal Medium.

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Paul Babcock's ideas themselves are revolution, talking about the Earth and the Universe as living entities, comprised of Consciousness Units. This is not science fiction or wacko-science-- it is an alternative description, an extremely useful description of our physical reality. “We are learning to become conscious co-creators with The Big Holy.”

Ultimately, science can go no further than to become a spiritual discovery, Paul here re-discovers what great religious thinkers have been attempting to communicate for thousands of years: Our reliance on, and co-existence with, the entirety of the Living Universe, and all the living parts within the Universe, including God (in whatever ways one wishes to describe God.)

Paul says without hesitation: “We are reality creators. We generate reality. The modern scientific belief system has trapped mankind into the false world view, “reality creates us, rather than we create reality” The modern scientific belief system has murdered its better half: Intuition.”

Intuition makes all the difference when humans explore physical and spiritual reality.

To generate viable science and new technologies in the 21st Century, we need to change the way we view reality, and accept the unalterable fact: We create reality. This is brutally apparent when we look and social and political reality, and consider the numbers: The 85 million people killed in World War II. And that was just one of the wars humans have created. The Universe did not force that on us. We did that to ourselves. We created that reality. We allowed a small group of angry, ambitious men and women to slaughter millions of people. For no good reason at all.

The simple evidence, how we create social and political reality, points to the larger fact: We are responsible for the Whole Shi-Bang! The way we define reality, becomes our reality.

These ideas come from a practical man, a scientist and inventor, who builds useful physical tools. The video presentations on the Fringe Science website show many of these machines, and describe how they work. My intention here is to direct curious people to this great source of information.

Paul Babcock:

Advanced Inductive Research

Paul Babcock stated his intentions clearly on his web page:

“Hello wonderful people – I’m the guy who wants to help teach your children how to re-invent the world with clean, abundant, and dirt cheap energy. Human Beings are awesome and this website is dedicated to furthering the interests of the common man who is the power that drives everything good in our society. The vast majority of humanity is sane and of good intent and the time to act is now.

Magnetic Energy is a fact. Think about what it means to not have to have to buy energy to supply your home or transportation needs from monopoly interests who have subverted the very core of our democracy in the name of protecting antiquated toxic industries that are desecrating our sacred and living planet. Why should we be forced  to buy energy from the same guys who gave us the Fukushima disaster.

Without monopoly-free energy independence there is no freedom!”

His print books and videos offer specific information on building machines, as well as the philosophic perspective that has allowed Paul Babcock to be a free thinker, to free himself from the narrow views of traditional science.

Roscoe Forthright
Roscoe Forthright
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