Extra Terrestrial War Never Ends

WARREN: War neveR ENds

Extra Terrestrial War Never Ends
F-16's Intercepting a Volute

War is without a doubt one of the most misunderstood concepts on Earth. The possibility exists that ESH placed war on the planet as a tool in order to construct their ETA using EPMS. What the EA don't understand is the possibility exists if they would use EARTH methodology and wormation they could realize what is happening to them. They also have the Two Way Mirror Theory and Estimation Theory to help make things more visible. This would answer why they keep constantly fighting what appears to them as wars in a repetitious pattern yet without really ever preventing them from occurring again.Starting with the word War:WARW = 23 (alphanumeric)2 cubed, or 2 to the 3rd power = 88 = EighT = ET (bracketing)A = 1 (alphanumeric)R = 18 (alphanumeric)1 + 18 = 19 = S (alphanumeric)S = YES (ecronym)WAR = ET YESSo you can see in the translation of the word itself war says ET YES as in the possibility exists the concept of war is an Extra Terrestrial concept, not an EA concept. This would begin to explain why the EA can't figure out how it works and why they can't stop having them.The first thing to understand about war is the possibility you can not have a war with your own system. This concept is totally foreign to EA as it should be since the ESH don't want them to understand this so that they will keep having wars thus performing EPMS.When you understand the planet Earth is a system and all the EA are part of that system you realize the possibility that EA cannot have wars with each other. That does not mean they won't fight with each other it just means that it is not actually a war and thus not called a war. Then when you break down the terminology surrounding the events you can see the possibility of the presence of HET and ETI on Earth.If you classify the events as Battles you get:BATTLEB = 2 (alphanumeric)A = 1 (alphanumeric)BA = 21 (alphanumeric)T = + (symbolism)+ = + 1 (increment)BA++ = 21 +1 +1 = 2323 = W (alphanumeric)W = ET (see above from war)LE = FABLE (porpheme)BATTLE = ET FABLESo Battle says the possibility the EvenT was an ET Fable. In other words, while the EA thought they were fighting a battle since they realized they can't fight wars against each other what they were really doing was following an overarching script that controls the events on the planet thus the reasoning behind their battle wasn't even correct either, similar to how the reasoning behind their war wasn't correct.Understanding the possibility of the concept that war cannot be fought among parties of the same system leads to the consideration what then are the parties doing when they are in this form of disagreement. The term Mutiny which on Earth is thought to be first and foremost a Naval concept but also has consideration as a military concept is what is actually happening. MUTINYMUTE INFORMATION YESThe reason the parties are in disagreement is that the possibility exists the organizational hierarchy is fraudulent in nature as in what appear to be democracies and militaries are really hextocracies and hextaries. Add to that the incorrect or false information being disseminated to the less privileged and the apparent need for confrontation constantly arises. This usually occurs in the form of EPMS and misdirection.The best example is the possibility exists if you explained to the EA that ESH exist and they control Earth and the EA are constructing an ETA due to deception through EPMS suddenly the need to fight, battle, mutiny, or conduct war against each other would appear foolish.FIGHTFORCE EIGHT (porpheme)EighT = ET (bracketing)So Fight says ET Force. In other words, the possibility exists the reasons we are fighting are brought about by ET forces tricking us into fighting such as with EPMS.FOOLFOREIGN TOOL (porpheme)So the possibility exists a fool in this context is a person who is a Foreign (ET) tool being used to accomplish their ETA goals usually via EPMS and war.FOUGHTFOOLISH THOUGHTSo the possibility exists fought says the reason they were fighting was that they didn't understand the ET reasoning (thought) behind their actions thus the EPMS and wars.So why then does the possibility exist that Extra Terrestrial War Never Ends? The key is that ESH are using war to construct their ETA using ETI and EPMS until partial disclosure. After partial disclosure, they will continue to use war as a tool but just like the EA didn't understand how it was being used prior to disclosure they won't understand how it is being used at a higher level intellectual methodology after disclosure.For example, they may place the EA in a new system and declare that system needs to go to war to defend itself. Same concept just different terminology for the forces fighting against each other.This is similar to the possibility of the concept of Slavery (EMSR). Just like how the EA think they will be freed when partial disclosure happens they will suffer the same syndrome as war. They didn't realize they were slaves before disclosure and they won't understand how they are being used as slaves after disclosure at a higher level intellectual level.

In summary pay attention to why we are fighting war on the planet. Then be prepared to continue fighting war after partial disclosure with new concepts that are totally foreign to EA but still follow the same repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.Key articles to raise awareness:

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