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Everything should be balanced in this Universe

by Devson 11 months ago in humanity
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Our universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy including us. A large body, such as the earth or the sun contains nearly equal numbers of positive and negative charges.

If you’ve ever made a painting you’ve asked yourself if your painting is finished or should you keep working on it. New artists can spend hours adding extra details to their paintings, doing and undoing, and running the risk of ruining their paintings completely.

Everything is Balanced in this Universe

Our universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy including us. A large body, such as the earth or the sun contains nearly equal numbers of positive and negative charges. When we look in any direction, the furthest visible regions of the Universe are estimated to be around 46 billion light years away. That’s a diameter of 540 sextillion (or 54 followed by 22 zeros) miles. That’s beyond our math. But this is really just our best guess — nobody knows exactly how big the Universe really is.

By Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

That is because we can only see as far as light (or more accurately the microwave radiation thrown out from the Big Bang) has travelled since the Universe began. Since the Universe burst into existence an estimated 13.8 billion years ago, it has been expanding outwards ever since. But because we don’t know a precise age for the Universe either, it makes it tricky to pin down how far it extends beyond the limits of what we can see.

With the brightest light in the universe, there is also a dark matter and dark energy. We estimate at about 100 billion the number of galaxies in the observable Universe, therefore there are about 100 billion stars being born and dying each year. Law of the Universe, everything created has to some timeline and thus be destroyed.

Everything balanced on the Earth

Like the universe the earth is perfectly balanced on the solar system everything in the solar system is balanced due to the gravitational force of Sun in the space. That’s the outer earth, and peeking inside the earth we see the water, air mixed with a lot of different gases and the creatures on earth formed by evolution and the mixture of different chemicals and the physics of the universe.

The theory has been employed to described how populations depend on each other, for examples in predator-prey systems, or relationships between herbivores and their food source. It is also sometimes applied to the relationship between the Earth’s ecosystem, the composition of the atmosphere, and the world’s weather.

An insect crawls on a land searching for a fresh leaf or an ashes of a prey. That insect is eaten by toads, toads are eaten by snakes, snakes are eaten by hawks and when the hawk is injured and can’t fly left to decay on land, the same hawk is eaten by ants.


China smash sparrows campaign

In 1958 Mao Zedong the leader of the People’s Republic of China, decreed that all the sparrows in the country were to be killed, Mao thought that sparrows ate too much grain and it seemed rational to him for all sparrows to be killed.

According to Mao Zedong, sparrows were getting in the way of the economic development of the People’s Republic of China. During the next three years, 45 million people died in a famine caused by economic mismanagement, environmental disaster, and state terror.

Mao Zedong undertook several massive campaigns in an attempt to modernize and improve life in China. The Four Pests Campaign was one of these drives, part of the Great Leap Forward between 1958 and 1962. Killing all the sparrows was part of this campaign

People were mobilized to eradicate the birds. They used beating drums to scare the birds from landing, forcing them to fly until they died of exhaustion. People tore down sparrow nests and shot sparrows down from the sky. The result of the campaign was to push the birds close to extinction in China.

There is no information on how many sparrows there were in China in 1958. But if there was one for each person, there would have been more than 600 million. Hundreds of millions were killed. This lead to a problem the next year. It was noticed that insect infestation of crop fields had soared. Sparrows ate pests such as locusts, and after the campaign, the locusts lost their major predator. This meant that killing the sparrows was counter-productive. The sparrows, it seemed, didn’t only eat grain seeds. They also ate insects.

Locust populations boomed and they ate everything in their path. Grain production in most rural areas collapsed and a massive famine began. People ran out of things to eat and millions starved and died.

The Water Cycle on Earth

Rain is droplets of water that fall from clouds. Heat from the Sun turns moisture (water) from plants and leaves, as well as oceans, lakes and rivers, into water vapor (gas), which disappears into the air. This vapor rises, cools and changes into tiny water droplets, which form clouds. The water droplets in the clouds join together to form bigger clouds. When the water droplets get too large and heavy, they fall as rain. Big, heavy droplets falling to the ground as a rain, and the water from the rain ultimately ends up at ocean, giving life to 100s of species on it’s way.


This process gets repeated forever, as it’s plays a major role to balance a life on earth.

Balance on our World

Living creatures can be found of every aspects , types and species, perhaps thanks to our intelligence which allowed us to dominate our world. Even in human beings we are equally distributed and evolved everywhere, ranging from black to white, small foot to big foot. We are divided by stereotypes, religion, countries, languages, cultures and foods. After all we are all same species.

Some of us struggling to feed ourselves for the sake of survival, while others of us are wasting a food just because it didn’t match our taste. Some of us are travelling 10–20 Km to daily just to fulfil our thirst, while others of us get our thirst fulfilled on the tap of our finger. Some of us has to suffer whole day for the sake of a fulfilling our crave while other of us can get anything on a command. Why is life so difficult for some people but easy for others? Living beings on earth are never meant to be poor or rich, everyone is thriving for survival. But in the modern world, to survive we need a paper called ‘money’.

What does it mean to have a balanced beings on the world?

We humans have different perspective to look at our society, it’s not about being American, European or Asian, after all we all are same humans built of up by same atoms, we have same body systems and functions. We eat food when we are hungry we have same blood. We all human beings struggling or hustling everyday to do same thing i.e to eat and survive.

However the modern we are, we are divided and categorized.

What if we have equal lifestyle? What if everyone was rich?

The world economy would stop working. People would die eating their cash, not food.

“ Let’s just consider that you give, for the purpose of equality, every man on earth has one chicken and a rooster.

The world will now be divided into three sections. The first portion of the population will roast the chicken and have a hearty meal. But these people will later starve to death because they’ve exhausted their resource.

The second portion knows that the chickens can lay eggs. They have the eggs for meals until one day the chicken stops producing them. Then, they’d eat the chicken. Later they’d meet the same fate as that of the first portion.

The third portion is the remaining 1% of the population. These people realize that the chicken could be mated with a rooster to produce chicks. Thus they have an unlimited supply of food.

After all it is all our mind, who will we be? The nature has given us different society but equal brain, it’s all upon us how we harvest our brain.

When a being cannot fit in this world, they go extinct. There are millions of evolution happening around us, perhaps we can’t observe it because we have limited amount of time on earth, and evolution requires thousands of years.

Perhaps, every beings born in the world has to meet the end, some gets their end early some gets late, someone dies peacefully, someone dies miserable and with sufferings. To create a balance on the world, one goes extinct and another rises.

Balance on our Body

By Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Our body is mixed up of different chemical particles mixed and balanced perfectly to sustain our life. Reverse engineering our body leads us to atoms and quarks inside. Looking from the surface our body is balanced with water, fat, protein, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. Even going further these can be broken down to more elements, but that’s more Science research than a simple blog.

But, why do we need balanced compounds on our body?

To sustain our life, we need need to balance our compounds, how these compounds are divided or broken inside our body that’s not upon us that’s the task of our subconscious mind, but what’s upon us is how much these compounds we are consuming to our body. In short, eating or drinking.

When we have a large meal beyond our capacity, primarily it’s will take a lot of time to break it into compounds, our body consumes every compounds but there is more than it expected, the extra compounds get stored as a body fat. After a meal, any carbohydrates or protein that your body doesn’t immediately make into blood glucose for energy is stored as glycogen. But the cells that store glycogen can hold only a limited amount. Once they’re filled, the overflow is changed to fat and routed to fat cells. When the compounds are more than enough, it will increase our risk for cancer and heart failure.

Balance on our Mind


Our world, our universe and the existence of us, everything starts from our Mind. The creator as well as destroyer of our world. Everything starts from a thought what we do and what we are. The mind is the set of faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgement, language and memory, as well as noncognitive aspects such as emotion and instinct. In short, our brain is the combination of millions of neurons that is triggered on our perception.

The mental process that occur without us realizing, the tiny things happening inside our body to makes us sustain is the work of our subconscious mind the flow of oxygen in our body, the breakage of glucose inside our body, the digestion, as well as while walking we don’t require much attention on the path, it’s our subconscious mind kickin without our realization.

Perhaps, the task that needs an attention, reading, thoughts, sound, taste, talk, etc. These are the roles of our conscious mind. It’s in our control what to think, what to read, what to taste.

Why do we need a balanced mind?

Our mind is like water the more we try to touch it, the more it is unclear. We go through millions of data each day, each hour, which indeed itself opens a wormhole to your thoughts on your mind. Thinking the same thing over and over again, creates a stress on our brain which at the end leads to anxiety or depression. Thinking is not bad, it leads to be innovative or curious or leads you to new ideas, perhaps that’s comes to a Quality Thinking. As well as, Overfeeding our brain also leads us to stress.

When something gives you pleasure, your mind seeks for it more. When you cross the limit of pleasure you become addicted to the thing. Whether it’s money, drugs, socialism, gaming, or internet addiction. Anything can be addicted, when it releases dopamine on your brain, even reading.

The tendency to fulfil your pleasure beyond limit destroys you, your time and your career. The thirst for more money can lead you to earn more choosing a shortcut way. When you try to go against the law of the universe you go extinct.


A Brief History of Time

The 80/20 Principle:

In 1958 Mao Zedong ordered all the sparrows to be killed

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How are stars born? How do they die?


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