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Echoes of a Fractured World

Nomi's Odyssey - Part 2

By Xine SegalasPublished 3 months ago Updated 2 months ago 12 min read
Xine Segalas

Part 2

Nyx knew she tried to guide the humans. They weren’t listening or learning from their mistakes. She was frustrated that each generation believes they are better than the one before. Nomi had talked with Nyx about her frustrations with the humans. Nyx thought humans had an unquenchable thirst for more — a quality he respected and repulsed.

Nyx hated when Nomi was upset when she had the power to fix things. He looked at her, sending her his thoughts telepathically.

“I warned you against granting them free will. Free will is a divine attribute you gave to humans and others. Such unpredictability is risky. Look around; it’s clear that this is the root of all the chaos unfolding now.”

“I wanted them to be like me,” she thought back.

He thought to himself, “Maybe they turned out to be too much like you are. Stubborn.” He turned to face her and spoke firmly to her, “They don’t listen. Reset the experiment. Remove your humans’ ability to have free will.”

“Don’t tell me how to run my experiment!”

“Look, Nomi, I’m just saying that they are ruining the beautiful world you worked to create for them.”

Nyx continued, “This isn’t the first time you’ve had to do a reset. Remove their free will.”

“NO!” her words echoed throughout the chamber. “I won’t do that again. I promised myself. I promised them.” Nomi didn’t like being reminded of the floods. She had promised never to interfere again with her experiment that way. She would never do a full reset. No matter what the outcome may be.

She was upset with Nyx for mentioning the past when she made a mistake in her more immature times. She was upset with her human creations, but she loved them all. She loved all her creations. She loved caring for them, providing for them, and guiding them the best way she knew. In the beginning, she had had a temper tantrum. Her tears and anger flooded the earth.

“Nomi, you are a Creator. You are their Creator. So, it’s your role as Creator to control your creations,” raising his voice.

Nomi thought about Nyx’s creations — they were extraordinary places with incredible creatures. But none of them had free will, not from the tiniest of organisms to the most behemoth of creatures. They were programmed by Nyx, who told them exactly what to do and how to behave; she disagreed with how to run her Earth experiment, particularly with the human creation.

Nyx was frustrated with the conversation — angry with Nomi for being stubborn. He thought things would be so much easier if he could reprogram her, just like he did with his experiments when things were heading in a direction he didn’t like. At the first sign of trouble, Nyx would be his controls setting things “right.”

But Gods were not programmable — pride made them easy targets to manipulate. Nomi seemed to be the exception, Nyx thought — although he believed her drive to see the good in everything would blind her to the darker forces he knew existed.

He turned back to Nomi — their eyes met, and he raised his right eyebrow — staring at her wide eyes sympathetically. “I know it’s not working how you wanted it to. You want them to listen, but they don’t.” Nomi opened her mouth to speak when Nyx continued. This time, his tone had frustrated sternness: “Fix it and move on before they destroy Earth. You need to focus on the increasing EMIs in the cosmos.”

“I agree,” Echo interjected, her presence unnoticed until now. Nomi caught off guard, turned to see Echo’s expression, one that hinted at both concern and an elusive agenda. “You should fix it and move on.” Echo repeated as she smiled at Nyx, “Before they destroy Earth and cause more damage.”

Annoyed, Nomi glared at Echo, “Why are you here?”

“I have to run a system upgrade — we’re downloading new Celestial Harmonizing Frequency Meters.”

“Excuse me. You have to run a system upgrade? Since when do Cosmic Composers have anything to do with CALLI’s Operations?” Nomi was skeptical.

“You didn’t hear?” Echo’s gaze shifted to Nyx, who returned a knowing smile. Nomi, puzzled, turned to Nyx.

“What news?” she asked. “I’m the new C.H.O.,” Echo announced with a matter-of-fact tone.

“You’re the new Chief Harmonic Operator?!” Nomi’s voice was incredulous.

Echo smiled to herself — a devilish grin — internally mimicking, “You’re the new Chief Harmonic Operator?!” like the thought was so out of this world. This time, she allowed the smile to grace her face, pleased at her wit. “Officer. Yes, I am the new Chief Harmonic Officer,” she said smugly, correcting Nomi. Echo futzed with her messy bun, hoping Nyx was looking at her. He has been gazing at her long dark hair, which hung before her violet eyes. Her gaze pierced through him like no other, making him feel equally confident and flustered all at once.

Nomi saw the change in Nyx’s glow brighten at the sight of Echo.

“I need to run a systems check on all the units and equipment. There needs to be a re-tuning due to the increasing EMIs detected in the heavens.

Nyx chimed in, “I think it’s an excellent idea.”

“Nomi, I will need to tune your QR Station. Any other equipment you use will need to be tuned, and your Universe Spyglass.”

Nomi couldn’t help but mockingly repeat Echo’s words to herself. The effect Echo had on her was maddening.

“I think it’s an excellent idea to tune the systems,” Nyx piped in again.

“You already said that,” Nomi rolled her eyes at her brother. A thought occurred to her. “Since you think it is such a great idea — she can start at your workstation.”

Echo looked at the siblings. “Fine by me. I don’t care who goes first –everything must be tuned.” Turning to Nyx, “Let’s get going then.” Echo grabbed Nyx’s elbow as they walked out the door.

Xine Segalas

“I have a surprise. Follow me.”

“A surprise? What kind of surprise?” Nomi said inquisitively.

“You will see, but first, take a look at this,” Echo said theatrically, pulling the blue curtain aside, revealing a diorama. Nomi’s eyes widened as she took in the scene; she marveled,

“This is incredible, Echo! It’s so green and lush, the forest –” she stammered, “it’s so vibrant and — ” She shielded her eyes as she looked up, “the sun, it’s glorious.” Echo beamed.

“What am I looking at? What is this exactly?” Nomi said with a hint of concern in her voice. “This dear Nomi is the Harmony Diorama, “ she said as she touched the smooth surface of the Aspen’s tree trunk, “It shows how nature should be — a harmonious dance of life and love.”

She spun around as she said this, kneeling to touch a fern, and continued, “Vibrations of nurturing, healing, and pure harmony flow freely here.” She stood, looking into Nomi’s wide eyes, and said, her voice filled with passion, “The Earth should be like this.”

Nomi’s breath caught, “It’s amazing. But it’s not what we saw today. We saw images that were…” Nomi’s voice trailed off as her eyes lowered.

“More like this, perhaps? Echo asked while pulling back another curtain.

“Oh, Echo, what has happened here?” she said sadly, staring at the altered scene. “Exactly, Nomi. This is the Disrupted Harmony Sequence. In this model, something is blocking the vibrations, preventing the natural dance of life and love.”

“Echo, why is there so much chaos, and everything looks — infected? What could possibly cause this?” Nomi asked sadly.

“My research shows that there’s a cosmic interference so great that it disrupts the connection between Earth and the universe,” Echo explained.

“An EMI?” Nomi asked.

“Electromagnetic interferences — multiple yes.” Echo agreed. “They are reverberating throughout the Heavens, echoing off the planets and their moons. We must find out what’s causing it and remove it — if we can.”

“If we do, will that –” Nomi stammered. “Will that restore the Earth?”

“Maybe. I believe it might,” Lyra said with hope.

Moments later, Nyx met with Echo and Nomi in the Cosmic Atrium. The tension was so thick — you could barely make out the dim glow of the Quantum Infinity Frame. Nomi, her expression a mix of determination and apprehension, faced Nyx and Echo, the weight of her decision evident in her eyes.

“Nyx, the electromagnetic interferences…they’ve thrown everything into chaos,” Nomi began, her voice steady despite her anxiety. “My Human creations — they have lost their way. They are disconnected from the Earth and me. I have to go there, in human form — to understand them. It’s my only chance of being able to guide them back.”

Nyx shook his head vehemently, his usual radiant aura dimmed by concern. “It’s too risky, Nomi. You are a God. Why must you take human form? You’ll expose yourself to emotions and experiences that we can’t predict or control unless we reset your experiment’s programming. And if we do that while you are on Earth in human form — ” Nyx paused, his head still shaking, “You’d be lost to us forever.” The words hung briefly before Nyx dismissed them, “This isn’t the way.”

Echo hesitantly stepped forward, her violet eyes unreadable, “Nyx, she may be right. This may be the only way.”

Nomi looked at Echo in disbelief. She never knew Echo to agree with her so readily. It caused her a moment of pause.

“What?” Echo looked at Nomi, “Don’t look so surprised. Your idea of descending to Earth in human form may be the only way to evade the EMIs and help the Humans from within. The EMI levels have escalated so rapidly there that her divine powers may not be fully functional.”

“What do you mean not fully functional? She’s a god.” Nyx was protested.

“Just that electromagnetic interference is such that — well — I fear it negates any divine power she may have anyway,” Echo conceded.

“I don’t like this plan. Even more so now, after learning, you may not be able to use your divine powers. Echo, if she gets in too much trouble and needs me, are you saying I can’t use mine either?” Nyx asked quickly, his mind desperately trying to figure out another viable solution. Unfortunately, he knew this was the only possible one.

“Sometimes the greatest challenges require the boldest moves. Nomi may be able to succeed where we can’t — from within.”

Nomi glanced at Echo, her mind racing. Was this suggestion a genuine attempt to help or a subtle ploy? Echo’s motivations were as elusive as the shifting nebulae. But the urgency of the situation left little doubt.

“I feel the imbalance every moment, Nyx,” Nomi continued, her voice tinged with emotion. “Whatever it is — that’s disrupted the harmony in the cosmos and on Earth. If I can have the slightest chance to restore even a fraction of the balance — it will be worth the risk.”

Nyx stood firm. “What does that do for Earth and the Humans? A Fraction!” he scoffed. “It’s not enough. It’s too much of a risk!”

“I have to try. I have to try to deliver my messages of harmony and peace in person. There is no other way,” Nomi said firmly, her resolve strengthening.

Nyx sighed in defeat, his features softening, “You are a stubborn one. It would be a whole lot easier to reset the experiment, reprogram deleting free will.” He looked at Echo for support, but she remained silent. She usually supported Nyx, and he thought it odd that she chose Nomi’s side. Finally, he turned to Nomi and said, “Alright, but you won’t be alone. I’ll be here — “

“We’ll be here,” Echo chimed in.

“We’ll be here watching. I — we — will provide you with whatever support we can.”

“If we can,” Echo corrected him.

“If we can,” Nyx promised, his voice heavy with the weight of the words.

Nomi nodded, her mind made up; she turned to the Quantum Infinity Frame and took a few deep breaths. “Just try to find the source of the EMI increase and disable it.” She turned and hugged her brother. Nyx received his sister’s energy as a bright glowing aura surrounded them. So brilliant Echo had to turn her eyes away.

When they released each other, Nomi’s light faded as her transformation began. She was a demigod at that moment whose eyes still held the knowledge of the Cosmos.

“Take care of CALLI,” Nomi whispered, her voice trembling with the vulnerability of her impending humanity. She lingered for a moment, her gaze sweeping over the familiar celestial wonders one last time. She then turned resolutely towards the portal, her steps marking the beginning of her unprecedented journey.

Nyx and Echo watched in silence as the portal closed behind her. The future was uncertain, the risk immense, but Nomi was a guiding light. She would be the beacon to those lost in the chaotic darkness — the tuner to bring her human creations back in harmony.

In the vastness of the Cosmic Atrium, the glowing orbs of knowledge continued their dance. The story of the Cosmos unfolds in endless cycles of creation, growth, destruction, and renewal. And at this moment, a new chapter has begun.


After completing my Introduction to Fiction course online through GrubStreet, I ventured into the realm of speculative fiction for the first time. The short story you’ve just read is the result of this exciting exploration. As a huge fan of speculative fiction, crafting this story was both a challenge and fun.


Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments, as they are invaluable to my growth as a writer in this fascinating genre.


I created and own all the rights to Nomi’s Odyssey — Echoes of a Fractured World and all the artwork ©Xine Segalas 2023. These were drawn in Procreate and picked from my portfolio to complement the story.

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  • Addison M2 months ago

    The plot thickens. Wonder what type of earth will greet her arrival. Excellent story so far. Keep up the good work.

  • My jaw literally dropped when I realised that they were all Gods and that Nomi gave humans their free will! I'm currently working on a story involving a Creator too but it's entirely different from your story. I don't really like Echo to be honest, lol. Oooo, Nomi is gonna go to Earth in human form. I wonder what's gonna happen! Soooo suspenseful!

  • Daphsam3 months ago

    Exciting story! Well done!

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