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Dragon Lance—Chapter 4

by Christine 'Kitabug' Cates 4 years ago in anime
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Chapter Four

“Sorry for the delay, Grandmaster Freiveth.”

His hands were still folded in front of him and it looked as if he had not moved from his spot. “That is quite alright, Lady Tanya.” He lifted from his chair as he turned to face the two. “So what is the verdict? Do I return alone or will your Guild step up and help us out--”

“Again…” Aaron finished his sentence with a growl under his breath his eyes narrowing.

Tanya stopped walking as Aaron walked into the back of her an audible, ‘umph’, heard from Aaron as she elbowed him in the ribs. She looked to the Grandmaster and smiled coyly, even though she wanted to choke the breath out of him.

“We have decided to help you out once more, Grandmaster Freiveth. However, I am sorry to inform you that you won’t be leaving for a few hours.”

He cocked his head and looked to her. “Why might that be, Lady Tanya?”

“We have to gather the forces together to do this. It will be at least three hours before you will be able to return home.” Just then a soft knock echoed through the large room. “Enter,” Tanya called out as the Steward entered the room. “Arrangements have already been made. A room here in the castle is already set up for you. I am sure you are tired after your long ride to meet with us. A good rest before the return ride will be refreshing for you. Feel free to request substance if you are hungry.”

The Grandmaster looked from the Steward back to Tanya and nodded curtly to her. “Thank you, Lady Tanya. It will be refreshing to relax for a bit before we return.”

Tanya nodded slightly. “Good. I am glad to hear you do not object to this. I promise we will work as fast as we can in getting the group together we need for this sort of mission.”

He nodded again as he turned from Tanya and Aaron walking toward the Steward. “I will be waiting for confirmation on our departure. Thank you for your hospitality, Lady Tanya.” He left the room with the Steward as the doors closed behind him.

Aaron growled looking to Tanya. “Can I have my blade miss the head of the rebel scum and take his instead?”

Tanya chuckled covering her mouth with one hand as she softly patted Aaron’s chest with the other. “I know he is a pain, but be nice.” She grinned as she turned looking out the large paned window behind the table. “At least for now.” Her eyes then widened a shocked look on her face as she uttered a single name.


“Huh?” Aaron asked, as he too looked out the window with her.

She blinked a couple of times as the two watched a guy that she thought looked like Klein from ALfheim. Aaron, on the other hand, had no clue who this person was. Just someone trying to get into the castle.

“Well, he’s got balls. That’s for sure,” Aaron stated with a halfhearted chuckle as he watched the guy trying to maneuver around Musashi that was lying at the entryway stairs.

The guy was wearing mostly browns with a white shirt, a leather armor breastplate and leg guards over his brown pants and leather brown boots. Around his head over his auburn hair, he wore a wide, maroon colored bandanna with streaks of white through the material. Attached to his belt at his hip hung a broadsword, and on his hands, fingerless brown leather gloves. Fluttering behind him in the light breeze a short cape of red.

Musashi stood, his ice blue eyes on the stranger, his head down and close to the man as the man had his hands up at shoulder height, a worried look on his face.

“Halt!” One of the three guards that ran up to the man yelled. Two of them taking hold of the visiting man’s arms.

“Hey! It’s cool! I am here to see Tanya. That’s all. I know her. We’re friends even. Really…” He told the guards as they took hold of him.

“What Providence are you from?” One of the guards asked him.

“I…well…” Klein stammered as he looked between the two guards. “I'm new. So, I don't have a Providence yet. I just started today.”

“Right, and I'm the Queen of Tarragonia,” One of the guards smarted off.

“You really expect us to believe this? I don't like the way you’re acting! We're taking you to see Vice Master Aaron. He can decide on what to do with you.”

Not believing him from his suspicious mannerism, they escorted him into the castle. The third guard quickly making his way inside before them to go announce the intruder to their Vice Master. The guard’s actions against the man caused Musashi to withdraw as he curled back up in his resting spot.

Tanya turned facing Aaron with a cheerful smile. “It seems Klein has come to visit.”

Aaron’s eyes widened at the name, but before he could say anything to her, one of the men knocked at the Hall doors. “You may enter.”

Entering the room with Aaron’s permission. He bowed to them both. “Lady Tanya. Vice Master Aaron. It seems we have someone asking for an audience with Lady Tanya. He claims to know her.”

Before Tanya could confirm this, they heard running in the hall. Tanya hearing the familiar voice of Klein yelling out. “I am telling you, dudes! I know her!” They heard a scuffle as he yelled out again. “UHHGG! COME ON! AND GET OFF ME YOU’RE HEAVY IN THAT ARMOR!”

Tanya chuckled and walked toward the doors stepping out into the hall. She looked down the hall to see Klein under the two men that grabbed him outside. Her hands went to her hips her expression turned serious as she decided to have a little fun with Klein from all his flirting with her in the past.

“What is going on here?” She demanded to know. Aaron now walking out behind her.

The two stood quickly jerking the man off the floor and forced him into a bow as they bowed to their Guild Master. “We are sorry, Lady Tanya but--”

Klein tilted his head as he looked at her then cut the speaking guard off. “Tanya? Is that you? Damn, you look good in that uniform!”

He was hit in the stomach with the hilt of one of the men's swords causing him to double over slightly. “Shut up you! You will not talk to Lady Tanya that way.”

Tanya could not help but smile brightly as the man continued, her head shaking slightly. “This man got away from us. We were taking him to see Vice Master Aaron. This man is insistent that he knows you.”

“I do know her, you jerks!” He struggled against their hold then looked to Tanya. “Tell them, Tanya. Tell them I know you.”

Tanya shook her head and turned away from them as her hands fell from her hips. “I have never seen this man in my life.” Her hand waved over her shoulder as she gave her next order. “Toss him back to Musashi. He is hungry.”

“TANYA!” Klein screamed as the two guards nodded and started dragging him down the hall back to the front entrance. “TANYA!! COME ON! IT’S ME KLEIN!!”

Tanya could not hold back her laughter any longer as she burst out laughing and turned back to the men. “Stop.” The men stopped and looked back at her. “Let him go.”

They looked at one another then Klein. “Are you sure, Lady Tanya?”

“Yes,” she continued to chuckle softly stepping up to them. They released Klein as he pulled on his clothing to straighten them.

As the men walked away, Tanya looked to Klein, Aaron stepping up behind her. “What are you doing here?”

Klein looked to Aaron oddly as he spoke to Tanya. “Is he going to knock me out if I hug you?” He pointed to Aaron standing behind her.

Tanya looked over her shoulder seeing Aaron and shook her head. “No, he is a pussycat.”

“He doesn’t look like any pussycat I know,” Klein replied hugging her.

“Well?” Tanya asked as they parted from the embrace.

“Well, what?” Klein questioned. “Oh, oh yeah. Why am I here?” His hand went to the back of his head as he gave her a goofy grin. “I could not sleep. I knew there would be no one I knew in ALfheim this time of day, so I thought I would come to check out your game. But if I knew there would be a Dragon waiting to eat me, and two jerks to beat me up. I would have given it a second thought.”

Tanya chuckled. “You should have messaged me first. I would have rolled out the red carpet for you.”

“Shit…” Aaron mumbled softly as Tanya and Klein looked to him strangely. “Sorry,” Aaron replied looking at Tanya. “With all the excitement I forgot to send out messages to the other Knights.” He bowed to her. “Excuse me please while I do this.”

Tanya nodded as she watched Aaron walk away from them back into the Conference Hall. Tanya looked back to Klein and smiled. “Come on, I will introduce you to the Dragon you thought was going to eat you.”

“Ehh…” Klein expressed with a worried look, scratching the back of his head.

Tanya giggled softly. “I think you will be safe with me there.”

You think!?” Klein exclaimed as he walked beside her. She giggled at him again as the two walked back down to the entrance of the castle enjoying light conversation. Once on the steps, Musashi rose to greet them his head turning as he looked at Klein, Klein stepping behind Tanya and she laughed.

“Klein, Musashi.” She looked to Musashi, reaching up he lowered his head into her hand nuzzling it with his nose. “Musashi. This is Klein and a good friend of mine from another world.”

Klein looked at the massive beast standing before him shaking his head. “How?” He looked to Tanya. “How did you tame this beast?”

Tanya only looked to Musashi as she spoke to Klein. “I have had him since he was in an egg, but it did not make it any easier. He was just smaller.” She smiled and looked to Klein. “A lot smaller. I have been working with him for three years and I have still not mastered him.”

“So…” Klein looked to Musashi. “Once you master the Dragon… does that mean no matter what Dragon you are around you will be able to control them?”

Tanya shook her head. “I wish.” She stroked Musashi’s nose. “Every Dragon is different. So with each new Dragon, it is a new challenge.”

“But does being the Master of one help you with the others?” Klein pondered.

“Yes, it does. With the other Dragon’s seeing me with Musashi they learn to trust me faster. They watch us interact and learn faster from watching Musashi and I together.” Tanya explained to him. “With breeders it is different.”

“So breeders don’t have to master the Dragons?”

“Not for battle, but they have to master the Dragons to a point of them trusting them. It’s, of course, a different type of mastering toward the Dragons, but they still have to master them if they want a successful breed out of their Dragons.” She shook her head, “I have yet to get into breeding. I want to. I have been researching it for the last year now, but the Guild takes up a lot of my time and breeding takes more time than running a Guild.”

“Hm…” Klein hummed as he rubbed his chin.

Tanya looked to Klein with inquisitive eyes. “What are you thinking?”

“Eh, nothing really.” Klein looked her way. “Just thinking.”

Tanya chuckled shaking her head. “So what do you think of our world?”

Klein looked up quickly and looked around. “What I have seen of it, it’s pretty cool. I really like the medieval look with the Knights and castles and whatnot.” He looked around the courtyard as he spoke. “I did a little reading on it after you told me about it and found out it was all for saving the Dragon’s. I thought that was pretty neat and it made me want to check it out even more.” He looked to Tanya with a wide brimming grin with his eyes closed. “So what does it take to join your Guild?”

“You have to walk across hot coals with your pain sensor turned up to a hundred percent.”

Klein with wide eyes and Tanya with a snicker looked the way of Aaron as he walked out behind them, a smirk across his lips.

Klein’s head shook like mad. “That’s crazy talk!” He looked to Tanya. “Do you really?!” He asked in a panic.

Tanya laughed at him. “Of course not.”

Aaron walked up to Klein clasping his hand to his shoulder as he chuckled and offered his hand to him. “I am Sir Aaron. Vice Master and personal Knight to Lady Tanya. I am sorry I was so rude to you up in the hall. I was dealing with a nasty problem a few minutes before you came knocking.”

Klein smiled at him shaking his hand. “That’s alright Sir Aaron. I totally understand. I have heard some of Tanya’s stories about a few of the people you guys have to deal with here. I would be a little on edge myself.”

Tanya looked to Musashi and sent him away then turned back to Aaron and Klein. “So were you able to get ahold of any of them?”

“Luckily enough. Yes,” Aaron said looking to Tanya. “They will be here within the hour and we can get this moving.”

Tanya nodded. “Good I am glad to hear that. The less time the man is here the better off I will feel.”

Klein was lost to what they were talking about, so he asked again when he believed their conversation was over. “So really; and no jerking me around this time. What does it take to get into your Guild?”

Aaron looked to Klein crossing his arms over his chest as he looked at him sizing him up. “You don’t look like much. Why are you asking? You want to join?”

“Well I would not be asking if I didn’t, and what do you mean I don’t look like much? I will have you know I could wipe the floor with you.”

“WHOA!” Tanya exclaimed as she watched the two of them send out a challenge to the other. Her hand went to the center of their chest’s pushing them back as they stepped up to one another.

“You beat me in a sword fight right here. Right now, and I will make you Grandmaster Knight.”

Tanya’s hand quickly covered her face.

“Grandmaster Knight, huh?” Klein repeated with a very interested tone as he nodded his head slowly.

“Wait a minute!” She exclaimed.

“You’re on!” Klein took his offer, turned and started a path down the steps to the courtyard. Aaron following behind him.

“I SAID WAIT A MINUTE!” Tanya cried out.

They both turned on the steps and looked at her. “What?” Aaron asked. “You know we need a Grandmaster Knight.”

“I know this, but this is not how we do this,” Tanya reminded him.

Aaron smiled at her and drew his blade. “Let me pick the Grandmaster Knight the way I want. That way I know we got a good one.”

“But Aaron you don’t understand…”

Aaron nodded. “Yes, I do. I know exactly who this guy is. I do read and watch the news.”

Tanya smiled shaking her head. “As long as you know he is going to kick your butt I am fine with it.”

“Hey! Have a little faith. I am your Vice Master after all,” Aaron replied.

“I have all the faith in the world with you, but this is Klein. He has lived this. His skill goes much further than just a number.” Tanya told him.

Aaron looked to Klein and smiled, then looked back to Tanya. “Why do you think I want to fight him?” His smile grew as he pulled back his hair, putting it in a ponytail. “Just don’t go giving him my position when he kicks my butt.”

Tanya looked into Aaron’s eyes. “Not in a million years.”

Aaron gave a stern nod to her as he turned and the two started their path down the stairs once more. The two then drew their blades and faced off. The men and women in the courtyard backed away, circling around them so to watch them do battle.

Aaron opened his panel and sent a challenge request to Klein.

As the request opened in front of Klein he looked to Tanya and smiled. “Promise I won’t beat him too badly.” Klein accepted the challenge and the counter started counting down.

Aaron smirked. “Don’t underestimate me, Klein. That’s how people get their asses handed to them while fighting me.”

Klein chuckled, his hands tightening around the hilt of his blade as a foot slid slightly forward. “Unless you were an SAO veteran I am not worried.” Klein’s tone carefree.

Just before the counter hit zero Aaron winked at Klein.

“Fight!” A generated voice commanded them.

Klein was hesitant with Aaron’s wink, this causing Aaron to get the jump on Klein. Klein was quick to recover and blocked his attack, the ring of metal echoing around them.

Klein pushed him back and chuckled. “Damn! You're a strong one.” He looked at Aaron’s stance, the way he held his sword with one hand. “You use a shield, don’t you?”

Aaron smirked. “Good eye, and yes I do. I could use it if you like, but it would put you at a great disadvantage.”

Klein shook his head and smiled. “I’m good then.” He lunged at Aaron, spinning his sword up and coming down in a diagonal sweep. Aaron turned his body to the side bringing his sword under Klein’s and sweeping upward. The swords clashed again as both men then separated.

“So one good hit or three?” Klein asked.

“One,” Aaron told him.

“Well then I guess I had better get serious,” Klein replied with a wide grin.

The men lunged again locking blades as they were face to face. “Why rush things? We have at least thirty minutes before we are needed for the meeting.” He shoved Klein back attacking again Klein blocking him once more.

“We? As in the Royal we, or are you adding me to that little statement?” Klein chuckled going in for a hard counter as Aaron drew back slightly.

“Well you have not beaten me yet, but I think I have already made my decision on this,” Aaron told him.

“Oh!” Klein questioned loudly as he spun again, his sword coming down, faking out Aaron as it moved across his midsection. “I can’t let it happen that easily!” Klein grunted as his sword changed direction and came upward catching Aaron’s sword arm from the bottom.

“Game point!” The game generated voice rang out. “Winner! Klein!”

The ones in the courtyard cheered and clapped for Klein as he rested his sword over his shoulder looking at Aaron. Klein offered his hand to Aaron with a wide smile. “Good fight, Boss. What do you want me to do first?”

Aaron chuckled and clasps hands with him after sheathing his blade. “It’s an honor to have such a fine swordsman as yourself on our team. Grandmaster Klein.”

Klein chuckled and sheathed his blade after their handshake parted. “Thanks, I will do you proud.”

Tanya walked out and looked at Klein and then Aaron. “He needs the proper clothing and armor for this.”

Aaron nodded. “I will take care of that. He will be properly uniformed and informed before the meeting.”

“Good.” Tanya nodded. “I will leave you to that then.” She turned and walked back up the stairs leaving the men to do what was needed, but before she took her leave she turned back looking at the two of them.

“After you return from the mission, we will have the Induction Ceremony to welcome Klein to the Knights of the Mystic Dragon and to the Noble Knights.” She bowed her head slightly to Klein with a bright warm smile.

“Congratulations Klein, and welcome to the Knights of the Mystic Dragon.” She turned and started her path once more back into the castle.


About the author

Christine 'Kitabug' Cates

I am a writer, or well, I would like to think I am. I have enjoyed writing since I was very young. I guess you could say since I picked up a pencil. I have had many good comments on my stories, so I hope you enjoy them as others have.

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