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Don’t Just Sell, Delight: The Art of Customer Experience

With so many options in the market, it is the CX that will make you stand out in the market. This can be made easy with the help of No-code platforms.

By Bhagyam SinghPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Ask Google to suggest you some organic products for reducing acne and blemishes. The numerous options that you will see are going to blow your mind. You will get overwhelmed by the abundance of choices and more importantly, you are going to easily get stuck on which product you want. However, the bigger question is, what will push customers to buy your products and land on your page?

The dynamics of customer relations are changing in this hyper-competitive market. Gone are the days when simply having a product was enough to attract customers.

Now, the scenes are much different. At present, it is not about launching a product, making advertising banners, and distributing them personally. This might have worked years back, but at the moment, this only means a waste of resources.

What sets your brand apart?

The answer lies in customer experience (CX). It is evolving and so should the strategies. It is not about buying products, but it is about delivering a delightful experience throughout the customer journey. With so many options in the market, it is the CX that will make you stand out in the market. The focus from what is delivered now is shifted to how it is delivered.

How you are going to ease the experience of the customers throughout the process will determine if they are going to stay on your webpage and become loyal customers. Take a look at all the e-commerce brands that are bringing a revolution in terms of customer experience. They are reaching out to their audience, and trying to establish a personal relationship with them. This is what makes them retain the existing customers and bring new ones.

Take the case of Zomato, a leading food delivery application, with over 935k Instagram followers as of 26 February,24, they actively interact with the audience in a way that resonates with them. People engage with their content by sharing and discussing it with their friends.

By critically analyzing their strategies, you will see that they engage by talking on popular themes and also in regional languages. Their application is easy to use, and their customer care is also 24/7 available. This is what, I was talking about when I referred to how part of the customer experience. They understood their customer's needs and wants and worked on those to not just meet, but surpass those expectations.

Additionally, they also personalized their services based on the audience's demands. How do you think these things are carried out? Technology, that’s right. The advancement of technology helps them to identify the pain points of the audience and work on these.

The Rise of No-code: Empowering Delightful Experience

As we discussed earlier, customers landing on your page and their experience of using your website are going to determine their future businesses. This can be made easy with the help of No-code platforms.

They are revolutionizing CX. You can enhance customer experience by using no-code platforms. No-code platforms are the new rage due to their visually driven drag-and-drop interface and how they can be used without any knowledge of coding.

You can learn more about why use no-code to build mobile apps by visiting Decimal Technologies and see why they recommend no-code to enhance customer experience. With customers wanting immediate solutions to their queries, it has become more important to substantiate this point.

With AI and no-code taking center stage, this area is going to transform the way we have seen CX. Automating most of the tasks, such as tailoring emails and messages depending on the audience, celebrating their milestone, etc. is what differentiates a business from others.

All that being said, we can say that it is not about selling your product, but about making that process delightful for customers.


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