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Do not rush evolution

will we hurry to oblivion?

By Peter RosePublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Do not rush evolution.

Will we hurry to oblivion?

Planet earth has, so the astrophysicists tell us, about a billion years of life left in her, a thousand million years before the sun cooks everything. It may be that we humans will kill ourselves off long before that time but if we do not, we will have time to evolve solutions, we will have time to adjust the populations to sustainable levels, we will have time to develop technologies that will enhance human existence. Why all the rush to an unknown future. Evolution works because it tests each and every stage of change, over time.

Why is there such a rush to hurry everything? actually is the need to hurry real? or is it imposed on us by a media manufactured plot? Do the majority of people, in their everyday life, try to rush and hurry every event? or do most enjoy some parts and only wish away those they dislike? Marketing wants us all to discard what we have and buy a replacement. As soon as they have sold a profitable amount of the object, then they push to have that discarded and replaced. This is all manufactured consumption. Why do we have to throw away a mobile phone that works, simply to pay more money to a sales company, for a replacement that does almost the same thing? Why do we have to discard clothing that keeps us covered and warm, simply because some sales campaign claims the colour is now wrong? Why do we fall for this nonsense?

Even governments get caught up in this manufactured haste. The Coronavirus pandemic caused just about every nation, to expend huge amounts of money while at the same time, shutting down large parts of their wealth creating processes. All the media seemed obsessed by how quickly can things get back to “normal.” Leave aside for a moment the desirability of returning to that which was “normal,” why the rush? what does it matter if it takes 6 months or 20 years, What matters, as far as the real economy of peoples personal lives, rather than that of the multinational banking system; is that the recovery is controlled, maintained and serves the needs of the nation; all of the nation. Not just the wishes of bankers, not just the wishes of the ardent socialists to gain control of everything and everybody. All of the people right, left, green and “do not give a damn.”

Even health care is now rushed and hurried. It used to be recognized that a period existed between being symptom free and being fully returned to health. This period was called convalescence. Now everything is forced to adhere to a timetable, how short a time can be spent actually in a hospital, how quickly can we get back to work. These measurements are now more important than the real long term health of the individual. One side effect of this is that people make a greater number of separate visits to hospitals and medical practitioners, than they used to. It is often said such and such a person always seems to be ill with something or other and they seem to “catch” whatever is going. If a patient takes; or is given; the time to fully recover from an illness, then they have time to build up their immune system. Rushing back to full activity while the immune system is depleted, simply invites further ill health.

Climate change is yet another issue that we are all expected to panic over, all expected to leap into someones favored ideals of what to do. There is a possibility that those supporting the demands for urgent action, will actually profit from the use of Lithium and the enforced changes to battery powered electric cars, as opposed to hydrogen powered ones. In other words the demands are marketing rather than rational, objective consideration of the long term future. Yes the climate is gradually changing, it has always been gradually changing, it will always go on gradually changing. We humans may affect the rate of change but even if we did not exist, those changes would still take place. Planet earth has had ice ages, it has had oceans where there are now deserts, it has had huge climate changes that, over long periods of time, change the way things lived but these were evolutionary changes. Nothing happened over night. Evolution caused adaptation and this ensured survival . These evolutionary changes are continuous. They have not stopped. Life is still evolving. It will go on evolving, even if the marketing and media people claim otherwise. Rush out to buy the latest green protesters book. Convince your family that leaping headlong into a politically inspired change of life style, is a good idea. It may change your own little bit of life but it will not stop evolution. It will not stop change. Over time humans will find sustainability on this planet, it may be by importing raw material from other planets but it may also be by being forced to reduce numbers and so demand, for existing raw materials. In the next few hundred or thousand, years we should reach stability. Then we can reach out into our galaxy and even further, to find coping strategies for when the sun does decide to burn planet earth to gas.

We humans need to slow down, look at all the media frenzy for what it is. A marketing ploy to make us buy yet more stuff we neither need or want.


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