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Destination: Earth

by Kristin Wilson 3 years ago in science fiction
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Part One: The tale of one girl's journey through the cosmos to assist a dying planet and her beloved children.

It is year 2019 on Earth. I haven't seen my real mother or father in what seems like millennia. Has it been millennia?!

It isn't as if I could visit them, even if the humans could space travel... they are in a whole other dimension. They never incarnated on Earth, and they were questionable of my decision to come here, but they supported me, nonetheless. They always did... in all my crazy ventures, but we seemed to all gather the feeling that this would be my craziest yet.

Flashback 3,000 Years

This was the first time I felt her call. It was so strong and so... painful. I hadn't recalled feeling real pain before and it shook me to my core. I was strolling by the water, on my favorite beach on my home planet, Sirius A. It is the brightest star in your night sky, protected by a highly advanced biological firmament, similar to the one that was placed by Source to protect your planet, Gaia. It is known all across the galaxies that Gaia is one of Source's most beloved paradises. It is common knowledge among all beings—on my planet at least—that all planets, stars, and well, everything really is alive... to an extent. The life force of all of creation, or energy, drives everything that is... down to the very atom. This is known universally as "The Breath of Life." Gaia was formed over eons, as are all planets... yes, evolution is real and it is actually a real architectural, biologically programmed masterpiece. It would take me just as long to explain in detail, so long, long story short: Each atom can be programmed directly by the original Source to perform a specific function, which means they are not just the "building blocks of matter," but they are essentially the builders as well. This also means that there is not an atom (or anything at all, really) in all of the Universe that Source cannot access. There is a small difference in being energetically "alive" and consciously "alive." Consciousness is gifted to the most complex of creations and THIS comes with free will. Once consciousness is gifted, the nature of free will is gifted. It's like graduating from creation to creator. Really awesome in higher dimensions, but a real nightmare, apparently, in the lower ones.

So, as I'm walking on my beach (not to brag but we all have one, my Planet is massive and there's truly no shortage of shoreline) enjoying the evening sky show (Our firmament contains many, many iridescent compounds that put on quite the show when it receives light waves from other stars/ planets or when we receive upgrades from the Central Galactic Sun) I feel a slight disruption in my energy field. Seconds later, it was as if a tsunami of despair hit me directly in my heart, intense enough to bring me to my knees. This wasn't just despair... this was violation, betrayal, and exhaustion. It was then that her message began to play in my mind... a voice of the Heavens with information that was riveting... Soul shattering I'd dare to say.

"Attention, all Benevolent Beings of this Universe. My name is Gaia, and I was originally a paradise... until I was used as the destination for a prototype of third dimensional beasts known throughout the Universe as Reptilian Masstivias, genetically modified by the Draco Reptilians. These are a large species of lower dimensional (mostly) malevolent beings, although there are few exceptions. The Reptilian Masstivia project was initiated by a rogue Reptilian leader, who calls himself Villanova, in an attempt to design a beast as a warfare weapon to guard the abundance of minerals that I generate from other mining civilizations. When the Reptilian Masstivia prototypes proved to be too difficult to domesticate and control, Villanova ordered an atomic strike to terminate the species. They alienated me, left me to die. As I began to heal myself, Villanova returned with a newly formulated plan. A much smaller biological creation, one smart enough to follow orders, but ignorant enough to never question them, one they would refer to as HUEman beings. These beings are conscious, just like you and me. They are constructed of the dust of the stars and the fruits of MY loins. These are MY children and they have been brainwashed into destroying me and themselves. I see the day I was created. I see the present and I see the future, and on this current timeline, I am afraid that I am on a relentless path to destruction.

I realize the sacrifices required by benevolent beings to incarnate into the third dimension. You will forget who you are, you will face trials and tribulations here that are unlike any you have faced in all your existence, and you will be required to ascend again with the HUEmans and I... no shortcuts. I have spent much time believing that I am meant to exist for the third dimension only. I suppose I've awakened from an amnesia of my own. My children are beginning to evolve, they are beginning to open their eyes to the truth of life, and they will require leaders and assistance along this unprecedented journey to a mass ascension.

Hear my call, brave benevolent Souls throughout the cosmos. We need love. To save my children and myself whom they call home. It will require millions of starseed incarnations to shift the consciousness trajectory here. This is my plea to end the pain, suffering, chaos, and destruction. This is my final plea for the sake of all of my suffering children, not just the HUEmans, but the vast array of life I support here.

With Infinite Love,

I do hope to see you soon,


Tears streamed down my face uncontrollably as her beautiful voice faded. I had never felt such emotions, and there was absolutely no way that I could stand by and do nothing with such a grave injustice happening in our Universe. Sure, this is unheard of... and planets aren't usually conscious enough to make their own decision to ascend... especially to save the same beings that are killing it. This cannot be ignored. I have a moral obligation to go. I don't care what sacrifices I have to make.

To be continued...

science fiction

About the author

Kristin Wilson

Just a spiritual being having a human experience ☀️💜🔮🧿🧬💎🌞

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