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Day 7

by Come Again 3 years ago in mature
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A sci-fi romance.

The first few days of when Violet was activated felt as if they took ages to end, despite the fact that it was a fantastic time. That being said, as the week is starting to trail off to the end, I feel as if time is getting faster and faster. Which is something that I do not want because the time that I am spending with her is some of the happiest moments I have had recently. The companionship and the warmth of a relationship are making me happier each day.

It was midday, and I was in my workroom. As I sat on the chair, Violet was in turn sitting on my lap while she leaned on my body and rested her head on my chest. I held her tight as I felt the heat radiate from her body. It was at this moment that I thought of the conversation between Axel and Helena. Are the feelings that I am experiencing at the moment artificial, or are they the genuine thing? Are these feelings concrete? She is an AI after all. At times I ask myself these questions, and my opinion is constantly changing. However, if I had to side with one of the arguments, I would say that I am closer to relating with Helena's side of things. I enjoy holding her like this, it makes me forget that she is an AI sometimes, and it makes me feel as if I am in an actual relationship.

It was then that the doorbell sounded off, and we both let out a groan in annoyance. "Do you want me to check who it is?'"

I let out a chuckle, "Definitely not."

"Keeping me a secret?" she teased.

"No, you're not wearing anything," I smiled as I stood up and headed for the front door. When I opened it, a delivery man was standing with two boxes next to him stacked on top of each other. The height of the boxes came to his waist. I signed for the boxes and watched him leave. I carried the boxes into the living room, and neither of them were light to carry. I was left wondering what she could have bought that amounted to this.

Violet walked into the living room and sat on the couch, "What is it?"

"Your clothes."

"I don't understand why I would need clothes."

"So that if someone comes over you're not naked, and if I want to be outside with you, I can be."

"I suppose."

I smiled as I used the edges of my keys to cut open the boxes. Both of them were packed tight with clothes. "For someone that says they are not interested in clothes, I must say you went all out."

"Well you did tell me to."

"I suppose I did. Still this is good," I walked over to her and hold her from behind, wrapping my arms around her waist, while resting my chin on her shoulder, "We're slowly becoming an actual couple."

"Oh? And what was I 'til now? Your toy?" she teased. Though to be honest, she was not too far from the truth. I want to be in a relationship, and my view of her is constantly changing from an AI sexbot to an actual person. I look to her for more than just sex, and so she is more than a toy for me.

"To be honest, that's how I look at you to start with."

"And now?"

"You're more like my girlfriend."

With a smile she turned around and kissed me. "Good, now then let's try these clothes."

For the remainder of the day, any work I had planned was halted in exchange for watching her try out all of her new clothes.


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