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Dark matter in the universe is decreasing?

The mention of dark matter always makes people feel mysterious.

By CopperchaleuPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Recently, an international research team from the University of Melbourne, Rice University, CERT, and other universities and research institutions has proposed a new view about dark matter through a large amount of data research and analysis: it is believed that the dark matter in the universe is decreasing, what is going on?

What is dark matter?

In 1922, astronomer Captain, by observing the universe, found that there was probably an invisible matter around the stars, while before that, scientists used to think that the universe was the generally bright matter, that is to say, everything in the universe, was visible.

So, what could this invisible matter be? Soon 10 years passed, and another astronomer, Orr, after observing the solar system, formally proposed the theory of the existence of dark matter in the universe, scientists the study of dark matter, and thus officially launched.

By the 1980s, the existence of dark matter was generally accepted in the astronomical community, as cosmic microwave background radiation was discovered at this time, and scientists' understanding of the universe was getting deeper and deeper.

So, what exactly is dark matter? Simply put, they are what exists in the universe, an invisible substance, however, is the most important component of the universe, because modern research suggests that 85% of the total mass of the universe, is dark matter, which is much more than bright matter.


Dark matter cannot be directly observed, so where exactly is it? Studies have concluded that dark matter exists in galaxies and star clusters, or as you might understand it, dark matter may be the subject of the universe, which connects all kinds of bright matter in the universe.

There are even scientists who say that it is likely that we are in contact with dark matter at all times in our lives, but we just don't feel it.

In the latest study, researchers say that although there is still a lot of dark matter in the universe today, the fact is that it is decreasing, because it is likely that in the early universe, there was dark matter almost everywhere, how is this?

Is dark matter being "eliminated" from the universe?

To answer this question, we need to start from the origin of the universe. How did the universe come into being? Modern research suggests that about 13.8 billion years ago, a singularity exploded and gave birth to the universe.

This means that the temperature in the early universe was very high, and since then, along with the continuous expansion of the universe, the temperature of the universe has gradually cooled down.

At the same time, as the universe gets bigger and bigger, the density of matter in the universe also gets lower and lower, and a lot of low-energy dark matter from the early universe is gradually "eliminated" by the universe because of the low temperature.

To better understand this problem, the researchers compared the early universe to a hot soup, and everything in the universe is the ingredients in the hot soup, and dark matter is one of them, when one day the hot soup from boiling gradually cooled, until finally frozen into a lump of ice, the heat of the hot soup became less, the heat of the ingredients in the soup also became less, naturally, some low-energy dark matter also disappeared.

This discovery also means that in the future, much low-energy dark matter, too, will keep disappearing from the universe. So, can humans find dark matter before it disappears? Is there another dark matter existing in the universe other than the world we see?

Is there a dark matter world?

When it comes to dark matter, it is always very mysterious, especially in recent years, "dark matter world" is constantly mentioned, does it exist? If the answer is yes, what would a dark matter world look like?

It is believed that there are two worlds in the universe, one is the bright matter world we live in, which is the form of the universe we see, and the other is the dark matter world, which is composed of dark matter and dark energy, just like the "yin and yang poles".

In 1956, Mr. Chen Sing Yang, a famous scientist in China, and Mr. Zhang Dan Li, a scientist of Chinese descent, discussed this issue, and no one denied that the dark matter world did not exist.

Why? Because if dark matter worlds do exist, civilizations that live in them are now studying their dark matter universe as if they were us and studying what is outside of it.

At the same time, some researchers have come up with an even more interesting idea: perhaps in the dark matter world, we, who live in the bright matter world, are also "dark matter" to them.

Does the dark matter world exist or not? This question can only be left to the future to find the answer, I hope that one day the development of human science can reveal the truth of the dark matter world, together with waiting and seeing it!


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