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A future complexly layered to present periodic creation and representation of American persona!

By Madhu Goteti Published 6 months ago 4 min read



With chaos and infinity woven in multitude, I moved on. Thereupon a tumultuous debacle spread about all around. And as in other matters, the Big Bang c’d be seen emancipating itself through its own discerning eye.

Speaking of such a point, an abstraction enveloped to take it’s own action, quite mysteriously, on all sides.

I felt engulfed in that void.

Where was I , I didn’t quite know, and why was I there, I questioned. But pouncing upon fragments of ruins, I witnessed my life floating in the enormity of shattered space.

It felt as if, I was a shoddy wick glimmering in embers of satanic verses, inlaid upon unknown spiels, reechoing mystery in every scene. Besides, I was more likely to become something of a substance, as I so undoubtedly believed.

Then there was this emerging question, whether at all there was any life left while lingering upon such angles, amongst such bottomless pits. Now that depended a good deal on the future, and it was, for now, too early to predict.

But, on what I meant to say or imply by “LIVING a Life,” was now coming (at me,) too fast , especially with what it was about to reveal.

Seemingly, it was a rude shock; an attempt to reawaken and rebuild me amidst this new impulse of conceit. All eclipsing influences,put forth, even here, didn’t give out the true meaning of living.

That is to say, I was encroaching an uncharted territory where a new form was about to hold onto my replaced identity.

And, when this is first applied over the turning point of human race, it could be seen as an overturn on the possibilities of authentic living.

As a torch bearer of this new and alien 👽 world , I was —yet to stamp my seal on it.

And stepping into this living continuum, which seemed —much over the bridge of eternity, I saw myself to be …FREE

I was leaving my old life with all it’s tender recollections in an ennui. But what worse than to find that I was actually being defaced —as though —crumbled to dust …

First broken and then decomposed into a rubble. Then suddenly, risen above this nadir point of ascension, casted out unto this increasing torpor of emerging reality.

Whodunnits? It was the opisite of what I had imagined it to be. Within a couple of hours , the trap of the flesh and blood was frantically tied to placidity and the fabric of my overture reminded in a stupor. Thereupon I was lifted and stacked up on a platform , as fast as the machines could scald me to a new form. I was run off several times like this and then I was solemnly lifted to be renewed for the day after day for the final launch someday. Or so I believed !

But for the REAL reality to emerge, it was as incipient as some projected superficiality.

So rarified and so infernally petrified , I was supposedly a pioneer, from which would ultimately flow —the “eventuality,” of the unseen —somebody supreme!

How constant was I ?! A thought came to me. Ah! Was this a sacrilege to see me and myself journeying out into a resurrector’s regime.

Weeping tears of fire had marred my face already, but with eyes fixed , I was moving beyond the human thresholds of normalcy Here life had no real meaning.

I mean, at least the life I had known up until now was disappearing. Almost fading !

My life was different from the usual; hitherto ruled by the scientific community. I was a product of the changing age ole notions and customs of human living.

DNA 🧬 technology was advancing me into a new form and the re-arising of the human spirit (in me) was taking a new turn, a new meaning … covertly, I had changed into a different species, yet overtly, there were no signs of it.

And that which was aiming to govern the future of mankind was now , abandoning me.

Where was I, you may wonder ?

It was a homecoming without home.

Long to know more …step in ..

© ✍️ Madhu Goteti September 7th , 2023

…….CHAPTER 2 …..

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About the Creator

Madhu Goteti

The thrums in the strums and the delights in the humdrum of life have always fascinated me. It’s that feast of reason and flow of soul; in all that I see and all that I shall behold!

I am an avid lover of art and philosophy!

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