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'Covid' Ops: Nibiru and the subterranean cities

by Steve Harrison 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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The great UFO mystery: PART FOUR

Could this show the subterranean shuttle that links US cities with top-secret bases?

Since day one of this phoney-baloney “plandemic” that has engulfed our planet in 2020 nothing in the world makes sense anymore.

If there is anyone on earth who still believes what governments worldwide have been spouting for the last nine months about a deadly virus plaguing the world, my only conclusion is that you must have had a lobotomy or that your brain has shrivelled up due to lack of oxygen.

It is quite obviously the biggest load of verbal excrement that has ever been dropped on mankind… but how do you possibly make any sense of it?

In trying to expose the truth about this Covid19 conspiracy and joining up the dots that pop up virtually everywhere you look it becomes patently obvious that a cabal of powerful dynasties and the “industrial-military complex” that supports them are behind it, but what could possibly be the reason?

Well, that too appears to be quite unbelievable, but start linking up those dots and their motives become far clearer, although it remains very hard to comprehend.

Its origins seem to be in the age-old secret societies and religions operating on our planet, as well as the dynastic bloodlines that have been accumulating power and wealth since Jesus went to the cross… or perhaps even longer. They appear to be supported by an industrial-military elite they have crafted over the centuries to execute their plans. And now’s the time to implement one of the darkest.

In PART THREE of my examination of “the great UFO mystery” I questioned whether the remnants of the Third Reich in Germany and the global industrial-military complex running our world have united in the 75 years that have followed World War II to resume a strategy that goes back far beyond World War I, to before the abolition of slavery and possibly to the establishment of the Catholic and other religious orders.

But the aspect of it that really requires an open mind… is that they could be doing so in conjunction with several groups of extraterrestrials who have been visiting our planet stretching back into the dark mists of time, before us “humans” emerged from our incubation pods.

Now this theory could be just another distraction in the masterplan, but that plan seems to revolve around an impeding calamity that has come around to this planet at regular intervals in its history… resulting from an “undisclosed” astrological object that orbits our sun approximately every 3,600 years.

Each cycle brings huge turmoil to the planet, but some visitations when it swings by closest to the earth could be responsible for the ice ages our planet has suffered throughout the course of time.

Seem hard to believe? I think so too, but there is very credible evidence to suggest that whether true or not, a significant number of the world’s most influential people believe the theory.

Examine any of the world’s ancient cultures and it becomes apparent that their knowledge of the stars was quite extraordinary, especially when you think that Uranus wasn’t “discovered” until 1781 and Neptune 1846.

Could there be an “undisclosed” Planet X orbiting beyond these celestial bodies that has had drastic affects on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years, so much so that those who govern it deem it fit to keep it from the masses for fear the news would spread total panic and jeopardise their places in the secret subterranean boltholes that exist around the globe?

Ancient alien theorists suggest that subterranean metropolises have existed since well before the last ice age, perhaps far longer, and house a number of different extraterrestrial species that have come here from constellations such as Orion, the Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli, Arcturus, Sirius, Antares, Andromeda and Alpha Draconis.

Some are periodic visitors to our planet others have settled beneath the earth to ride out this cyclical pattern of celestial abnormalities inflicted on our planet by the proximity of Planet X, known in some quarters as Nibiru, every 3,600 years.

The parts of this story that I really struggle with are the concept that a number of alien species have been occupying our planet for hundreds of thousands of years and that the masters of our world are keeping secret the impending arrival of some celestial object that is about to wreak havoc here.

But I find it hard to accept that many of the world’s ancient structures were made by man, even with the technology we have today, therefore there were either ancient human civilisations on this planet more advanced than we are now or that an extraterrestrial presence existed that guided ancient man.

So, why don’t we know about it and why are they not still exerting control on our governments with this incredible technology? What happened to the technology? Where did these beings go?

If you subscribe to the stories of extraterrestrials inhabiting earth it’s pretty much a given that you accept they are responsible for genetically creating our species, perhaps from an indigenous early race that existed here or simply by experimentation with a hodgepodge of gene fragments taken from all the other species that could have been mixed into the primordial soup that gave rise to humans.

Could we be just a biological experiment that is now coming to a crucial point in its development? Is Nibiru on an inevitable path of destruction in our inner solar system that the world’s elite are now preparing for?

Is 2020 just about putting the structure in place to allow them to ride out the storm and emerge once more in a position of even more power, while the masses are left to their own devices to compete for survival?

I struggle to see the score in football matches being streamed live on TV at the moment so don’t ask me whether there’s a planet approaching the sun that’s going to upset the stability of our earth. No telescope on the planet could help me see that far away... but Nasa scientists are beginning to think there might be.

I’ve never seen a flying disc or a diminutive grey Reticulan… and find the notion of Reptilians in subterranean complexes from a different dimension extremely far-fetched, but you can’t deny that the number of abduction reports and sightings of UFOs is growing, with the world’s governments becoming increasingly willing to disclose information about it.

Incredible spaceships emerging from the oceans and lakes at great speeds or weaving across the night sky above mountain ranges is becoming a very common phenomenon… but where is the technology coming from, secret government projects derived from an understanding of the ancient texts or from visiting extraterrestrials, or perhaps those who occupy complexes carved into the world’s ancient cave systems and underground faults?

Whether the alien angle holds any credence or not, there does seem to be widespread evidence of underground military bases, particularly in the United States… but you wouldn’t have to delve too deeply into any Western military programme to find the existence of many more. But possibly the most exposed of these facilities is the top-secret US base at Dulce, allegedly secreted beneath the Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico.

This facility was one of the many subjects contained in the mysterious Blue Planet Project, a compilation of notes put together by industrial-military complex insiders who decided to leak it to the world in the 1990s.

There’s a link to it above, it makes interesting reading and sets out many of the alleged secret projects taking place globally and featuring extraterrestrials from other worlds.

The disclosure on Dulce begins on page 26, where it is stated that it is a genetics laboratory connected to the Los Alamos research facility in Santa Fe by an underground network of high-speed shuttles that extend across the United States. The network covers Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego in the west and New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Greensboro and Atlanta in the east, with further connections to Jacksonville, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis, plus several other cities.

This underground network has been developed since World War II with participation from organisations such as the Rand Corp, Bechtel, Northrop, General Electric and Walsh Construction.

Perhaps the most interesting centre on the network is thought to be the largest airport in the United States at Denver in Colorado, which has a rather strange Masonic-inspired inauguration monument and a number of weird murals which caused huge controversy on its completion in 1995… two years late and US$3 billion over budget.

It requires very little effort to discover information about hi-tech boring machines capable of creating this network… all part of a vast scientific explosion that has incredibly engulfed the world in the last 200 years. What inspired it?

The network covers a number of top-secret locations including Area 51 and Mt Shasta but it is Dulce that most information has been leaked about. Here humans and extraterrestrials are believed to work on genetic experimentation, with the Greys occupying the bottom levels of the complex where there are said to be caged hybrids and incubation pods producing many more.

I started off by saying the world doesn’t make sense anymore… and the extraterrestrial theories and the approach of Nibiru could be huge distractions in the masterplan. But I’m absolutely convinced there is one… and that what happens to the majority of us is just collateral damage as far as the industrial-military complex is concerned.

Covid19 is just a means to strike fear in a gullible population to exert control over it and crackdown on our freedoms… of that I have no doubt.

Niribu prophets thought it could have arrived in 2012, but the latest estimations on some of the websites suggest 2021, with spring believed to be when it comes closest to earth. There’s thought to be a 3.5 month grace period from when it first becomes visible in the night sky before it starts to wreak havoc on earth. But don’t count on Nasa to give us any warnings of it!

fact or fiction

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Something doesn't add up about the Covid-19 pandemic... are there reasons to be fearful for our futures?

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