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Could the Roswell saga get Eben stranger?

by Steve Harrison 2 years ago in extraterrestrial

The great UFO mystery: PART THREE

Having delved into the history of ancient Sumer and endeavoured to learn more about the Anunnaki, my path to enlightenment inevitably led to Roswell and then the Weddell Sea.

I find the notion that early man was capable of building some of the ancient structures discovered in the last two centuries very difficult to believe, but I find it equally hard to comprehend that our planet could have been visited and seeded by several ancient civilisations who have all mysteriously disappeared, taking all their toys away with them.

But the one thing I have learned over the past six months of research... mainly into the Covid19 conspiracy, but also into ancient-alien involvement on our planet... is that the historians and scientists we were taught to believe in at school are just as confused in their thinking. However, that said, they are all infinitely more informed than most of our politicians, who are simply following a script laid down by the “industrial-military complex” that runs our world.

It’s quite unfathomable how this state of affairs has developed, but it’s a phenomenon that has gathered great pace since the end of World War I... and especially World War II and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We are now experiencing advances in technology unheard of in the last 2,000 years, but the question on my mind is, are we learning it for the first time, or were our ancient ancestors aware of much of it as a result of contact with extraterrestrials?

To what extent Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cronies believed in the occult and the existence of extraterrestrials is something I can’t answer, but there is no doubt that their beliefs played a huge part in World War II. There is also no doubt many of the scientists and academics who operated within this regime found themselves in the hands of the Soviets and US after the war, or were among the 250,000 unaccounted for party members who slipped away into the crowd, many to South America it is believed.

There is extensive evidence the Nazis were involved in ground-breaking research in many fields, with the superpowers going to great lengths to get hold of it. The Nuremberg trials brought many of the senior party members to account, but within the highest echelons of Western society before and after the war there was a huge degree of sympathy for their German cousins caught up in the Third Reich movement.

There were many nuances existing at the time, which 75 years later are completely lost on most of us.

I have little doubt that in a conflict as widespread as World War II that the Nazi hierarchy, when the going got tough, would have been plotting their means of escape and with the vast fleet of U-boats at their disposal could have seen Neuschwabenland on the tip of Antarctica as the perfect hideaway should things go wrong.

There is also no doubt in my mind that somehow they were working on weapons far more advanced than any other nation on the planet and that the United States signed up as many of their scientists as possible to further its technological advancement after the war.

Also in society circles I have little difficulty in accepting the concept that grievances were quickly buried and life got back to normal very swiftly, with the world’s most influential dynasties happy to let bygones be bygones.

And 75 years later we all know how prosperous Japan and Germany have become, but what we are not quite as aware of is how much influence the post-war generation of Germans has had on our world and the organisations that run it.

I wonder to what extent some of the Third Reich’s views on eugenics have permeated into global organisations, given that they were already widespread in America well before WWII… just not targeted at the Jewish population and not implemented so extremely. Hitler honed much of his racist doctrines from German-American co-operation prior to World War II on matters such as eugenics. Had it not been for his rise to power in Germany to what extent would that symbiotic relationship have developed?

And, after 1945, with Hitler out of the way, did the warped thinking from before the war simply seep back into our global organisations, such as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group?

At the end of 1946 it is well documented that an American expeditionary force of significant size, codenamed Operation Highjump, was deployed to the Weddell Sea, where its mission came to a very abrupt end.

What followed was a rash of UFO sightings across 43 US states that included an incident at Roswell in 1947. Was it re-engineered Nazi technology conducted by US scientists? Was it the new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds” encountered by US admiral Richard Byrd in Antarctica? Or was it perhaps an extraterrestrial craft flown by “Greys” from Zeta Reticuli?

Author Len Karsten is very much of the opinion it was the latter, with one extraterrestrial from the Roswell crash said to have survived for five years, during which time it put its species in contact with the US industrial-military complex.

How did Karsten learn of this? A graduate in psychology from Cornell University and a former US Air Force pilot he became interested in the UFO phenomenon after an encounter of his own. For many years he attended the annual UFO Congress in Nevada and on returning from the event on a shuttle bus to LA in 2006 he overheard a conversation involving an Englishman named Bill Ryan relating a story to another passenger about an alien exchange programme that had taken place in the 1960s, which eventually led to Karsten’s book, Secret Journey to Planet Serpo.

The recovered extraterrestrial was given the name EBE1 and, using a communication device and flying disc recovered from the Roswell crash that allegedly involved two spacecraft, it contacted its race on several occasions before it died in 1952 at the Los Alamos research facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

After its death the US military figured out how to contact the race they dubbed “the Eben”, who quickly learned to speak English and entered into a dialogue with the military, helping them to reverse engineer the Roswell discs.

Part of the dialogue was the notion of an exchange programme where extraterrestrials from Serpo would come to earth, while the US would also send astronauts to Serpo.

After John F Kennedy took over the US presidency in 1961 and set up the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) because of his distrust of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), he found out about the proposed exchange and gave the go-ahead for the project in 1962, putting the DIA in charge.

The start date for the exchange was set as April 1964, giving the DIA 18 months to recruit and train the team to take part in the 10-year mission to Serpo.

Kennedy had not been extensively briefed at the start of his presidency about the work being undertaken at Los Alamos and knew little of the technology being developed there… his desire to get to the bottom of the subject leading to many theories about the reasons for his assassination in 1963.

His successor Lyndon Johnson was briefed on the exchange mission to Serpo but was very sceptical of the veracity of it… however in April 1964, five months after he'd taken office, the spacecraft from Zeta Reticuli duly showed up at the agreed rendezvous in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

After the Eben ship touched down its crew was welcomed at Holloman Air Force Base by a contingent of senior military officials before it left to repatriate the 11 dead crew members from the Roswell incident.

It took a year of further discussions about the exchange programme before a second craft landed in Nevada to take a dozen military specialists to Serpo with instructions to gather as much intelligence about the Eben race as possible. Information gathering focused on all aspects of life on their planet, including their society and political agendas, the Eben technological capabilities and their home.

The crew comprised of 10 men and two women, who were scheduled to remain on Serpo for a decade and then be transported back to earth for a debriefing.

The 39 light year journey took a reported nine months to complete, with one of the party believed to have died of a pulmonary disorder on the journey. Those that survived the trip discovered the Eben planet to be like earth in many ways, most importantly the atmosphere was consistent with that of our planet.

One major difference was the parent stars, with Serpo being a binary system with elevated levels of heat and radiation. Two of the men in the party soon succumbed to the conditions and perished. The remainder took several years to acclimatise but ultimately did so after a camp was constructed for them on the far north of the planet, away from the main Eben civilisation close to the equator.

But the nine who remained had more than extreme heat and radiation to contend with, food also became a crucial factor. Despite being sent on a decade-long mission their food supply was only sufficient to last a couple of years and eventually all remaining members had to adjust to a new diet.

Another factor they were forced to adjust to was the Serpo day, which at 43 hours was almost twice as long as that on earth. Evenings and nights never got sufficiently dark, possibly because the smaller of the two stars bathed the night-time hours in ambient light that resembled twilight.

But 1975 came and went without any word from the participants or Ebens about a return to earth, although three years later in 1978 seven members of the crew are believed to have returned, while the remaining couple, a man and woman, opted to stay on Serpo.

Those that did return were kept in isolation for a further six years, during which time they were thoroughly debriefed. And, according to the reports, all had difficulty readjusting to life back on earth, eventually dying of radiation sickness.

While stationed on Serpo the party had the freedom of the planet and used their opportunity to explore it fully. Their debriefing told how Serpo had no oceans and few mountains but, much like earth, had indigenous animal life that was utilised as tools of work but not sources of food, which was produced using several industrial methods.

All citizens were issued with whatever they required on a “need-to-use” basis and their lives were disciplined and scheduled strictly on Serpo’s solar day.

The majority of the 650,000 inhabitants lived in a single large city, which consisted of several individual communities. The Eben did not have a specific governing body but operated as a police state with a hierarchical leadership system. But, despite the presence of a military, weapons were never used and violence was completely unheard of.

Now how much of this is fact is hard to say, but a website started by Ryan and Victor Martinez has been dedicated to Project Serpo, established after information about it began to be released on 2 November 2005 by a retired senior official within the DIA who called himself “Anonymous”.

Anonymous reported he was not acting individually and was part of a group of six DIA personnel working together: three current and three former employees.

The information was originally released in instalments on a private UFO e-mail list moderated by Martinez. The list at that time contained about 150 people, including many extremely well-known names in UFO research and related, or leading-edge, scientific fields.

What has resulted from the programme, if it went ahead, could have been close co-operation between the Greys and the US industrial military complex, which continues to this day... although once the technology was sufficiently understood that relationship may have been partially severed.

Then there’s the question of what became of the Nazi Neuschwabenland colony and the Draconian extraterrestrials claimed to have been aiding them?

Segregation, eugenics and sterilisation programmes continued in the US long after WWII so, one wonders, could these factions have come together over the past 75 years to pursue a common goal with a federation of extraterrestrials? Could they have simply been consumed by a global industrial-military complex looking to establish a new world order in conjunction with our alien ancestors, who’ve been manipulating our planet for hundreds of thousands of years?

Who knows in what direction my examination of the great UFO mystery will go next, but I hope you tune in to PART FOUR... I’m certain it’ll give you far more to think about!


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