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Or: I Spend the Night in the Hospital Watching Creepy UFO Public Access

Flying saucer, or a repurposed lamp fixture? One of Eduard "Billy" Meier's photos of a "Pleiadian Beamship."

I recently went into the hospital for a heart catheter test. I ended up having a stent placed in the most serious valve of my heart; which was, by the way, 80 PERCENT BLOCKED. I suppose if it is a hundred, that's it. I did it to myself, of course: that all-fat, no-carbohydrate diet I was doing for months and months. I figure I nearly committed ketogenic suicide

The hospital in Ft. Wayne was a nice, nice place. The food, full of damn carbs, was damn good, nonetheless. I spent the night lying in bed, sheets and gown twisted around my body, pissing into a urinal and flipping through various, really weird hospital cable channels.

I began to wonder just who the hell was running the cable company. Was it the Raelians?

There was a classical music station, and a station about "culture" that showed really obscure, old movie footage and a documentary about F. W. Murnau. Which I watched eagerly. But, I skipped past what I, at first, assumed to be the History Channel. At any rate, they were playing History channel-type UFO shows about Area 51 and other stuff the late Art Bell popularized before he left Coast to Coast to become... a ghost? (No disrespect to the memory of Art intended, by the way.)

I got back to the channel after flipping through a hundred and eighty or so others, and finding nothing I liked. More UFO stuff, BUT—this wasn't History Channel programming. This was... a little weird. Some European, maybe German guy delivering a lecture on blonde-haired, blue-eyed "Space Brothers," of the sort popularized by 1950s flying saucer missionaries like George Adamski and George Van Tassel. He assured the audience that abduction horror stories of repellent "greys" shoving razor-spiked rectal thermometers up the derrieres of unsuspecting, kidnapped motorists was, in point of fact, just a load of space malarkey. They are actually, he assured the audience, beautiful, completely human-looking, and would never stoop to anally raping ANYONE with weird, extraterrestrial torture devices that look like Torquemada designed them out of melted down, stainless steel dental drills.

I don't remember what the hell else he said, but it was incredibly dull, so maybe that was why. His strange lecture ending (did I watch it all the way through? Or, did I fall asleep? I don't remember.), the next program was—no surprise—yet ANOTHER program on UFOS. And not something sort-of "mainstream," like you'd see on the History Channel. This was a weird, pseudo documentary, cult-like 80s UFO video of a guy that was already a "true believer," and was looking to convert others riding the fence that they should be true believers, too. Which, of course, is always the way; look for the psychologically vulnerable, and then hit them with the "Space Gospel."

Randolph Winters, the host and producer (maybe the director, screenwriter, cameraman, sound designer and Key Grip, for all I know), drools on in worshipful meditation upon the completely authentic and 100 percent TRUE UFO encounters of famed one-armed Swiss farmer Eduard "Billy" Meier, who has taken hundreds of questionably "authentic" pictures of "beam ships" from the Pleiades star system. Most of these photos look like exactly what Meier's estranged ex-wife claimed they are: pictures of models Meier built from trash can lids and other metal detritus, for the purposes of perpetrating a long-time hoax. If so, his hoax was an outstanding success.

Billy Meier began contacting aliens a long, long time ago. (Or, they began contacting him, perhaps.) "Plejarans," with names like "Asket" and "Ptahh." These contacts ceased in 1964, but the action got going again in 1975, when a curiously beautiful intergalactic sex kitten named "Semjase" (which, if I remember correctly, was also the name of one of the fallen angels from the apocryphal ancient Biblical text, The Book of Enoch) picked up Billy for another heavenly UFO joyride. Billy, reportedly, had been having such contacts since the age of five (he is now an amazing eighty-two), when telepathic visions and a disembodied "voice" (they sometimes give atypical anti-psychotics for that) commanded that he go out into the forest. There he would meet a pear-shaped UFO that would take him aboard, sit him in a recliner, and teach him things, and show him sights, and educate him in the ways of the Cosmic Wisdom.

Billy's history with the Plejarans has included Divine Revelations and global predictions, including World War 3. No Nostradamus apparently, Semjase or Billy, or someone not of this world, was expecting the Apocalypse sometime back of the year 2006. Of course, we're all still here.

He's likewise said to have predicted the 9-11 attacks. Much more accurately, he seems to have foreseen the global financial crisis of 2008.

Billy's initial contact at the age of five opened up the doorway of remembrance of his past incarnations. Similarly Orfeo Angelucci reported such a revelation upon HIS contact with the Space Brothers. I am not here to deride, really, either man, although I don't feel that Meier's UFO photos, at least most of them, are genuine. MY reason for writing this article is not to pass judgement, really (although admittedly I got in a cheap shot or two, just, as the kids say, for the lulz). I know telepathic communication exists, just as much as I know that the UFOs are real. (In an interesting aside, Meier believer and author the late Wendelle Stevens once appeared in an obscure 70s documentary called UFO's Are Real. I don't need to point out you how they screwed up that title, do I?)

UFO contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier.

The Secret of the Saucers

I am currently reading a book from the Fifties called The Secret of the Saucers by Orfeo Angelucci. It has, so far, started out in just such a fashion as you would expect of such a book: the "religious revelation," or the contact between the "space angels" or Ascended Ones, and the "Chosen." It's seemingly the same pattern, whether the contactee in question be Daniel Fry, Billy Meier, Claude "Rael" Vorhillon, George Adamski, or any other of hundreds that have come forward claiming that extraterrestrials have imparted to them, and them alone, the "Divine Message;" the Space Gospel, in other words.

It is typically not far removed from other New Age ideas and concepts: etheric energy, channeling, crystals, spiritual healing, thought vibrations, Ascended Masters, and a religious stew that would make most devoted, orthodox Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, etc. blanche at the idea that their respective deity is simply one in a long, continuous succession of cosmic, interplanetary teachers, all under the thrall of "Ashtar Command."

These UFO contact beings, when not appearing as wildly attractive blonde-haired, blue-eyed outer space sex machines, are channeled by channelers, channeling esoteric profundities that are sometimes inscrutable, most often recycled New Age ideas that needed no cosmic emissaries to be introduced to a world that has already heard them, time and again.

Some contactees, such as the late chiropractor Dr. Fred Bell, gave forth with elaborate "scientific" information, explaining the propulsion systems of the flying saucers among other things. As an example, this is rom the curious little book The Fellowship, by the late, great Brad Steiger:

"Semjase has told Fred much about the Pleiadians' technology, and he has even operated one of the craft by remote control from the ground level. He has his notes from a conversation on Mother's Day 1980, that explain some interesting aspects of their space vehicles.

"Semjase and he were talking about their propulsion systems and fire, because he had noticed the particular glow that they have.

"She said, 'Our spaceships, though physical, become living flames in light. When you fly the astral plane, both sides are pure.'

"'What that means,' Fred clarifies, 'when you accelerate consciousness or you accelerate anything up beyond the speed of light, you immediately transmute over to the astral plane'

"When Semjase said 'both sides are pure,' she meant that there is a purification process on the astral plane. The entities there are not as gross as they are here on this plane.

"According to Semjase, 'Both good and evil dwell in deep space denizens. Only purpose is a sign of progress. We fly with purpose, and when we lose it, as in old age, it is immediately regained by the Super Soul of the Universe. Our individuality is never lost. Whether we work for God or against God, it matters not, for we are all of God—and our forms preserve our karmic quest in search of the unmanifest.'"

The Oldest Trick in the Galaxy

It's been many years since I've read books by men like Jacques Vallee and the late John Alva Keel, author of the legendary The Mothman Prophecies (1969). Neither researcher gave much credence to the "extraterrestrial hypothesis": i.e. the idea that UFO contacts were the work of actual aliens from some other advanced civilization, somewhere out there.

Instead, Vallee, in books such as the classic Dimensions, draws a direct line of descent from the fairy lore of the Middle Ages, the ancient tales of sylphs and leprechauns, sprites, gnomes, etc., to modern UFOs and their occupants, postulating that an other-dimensional reality co-exists with our own, perhaps at a higher vibratory frequency, manifesting itself in a variety of shapes and guises; but, always, with the notion of some sort of psychical communication, spiritual advancement or teaching, such as its manifestation in the form of "angelic" or Marian apparitions (i.e. literal visions of the Virgin Mary).

Keel came somewhat to the same conclusion, postulating that somewhere in the frequency range outside of human perception lived an awesome, vast, mercurial and ever-evolving intelligence, hopelessly trying to communicate with mankind, whom Keel likened, in his book Operation Trojan Horse, to a scientist trying to communicate with tiny, sentient lifeforms in a petri dish. Unable to do so on his own terms, he would go to some pretty strange lengths to try and make his presence known to the creatures, whose tiny, insignificant minds, and incredibly short lifespans, would never quite allow them to grasp the true nature of their near-omnipotent host.

Devilishly handsome, or handsome devil? The late, great UFO and paranormal author John A. Keel. author of The Mothman Prophecies, postulated that UFOs were not extraterrestrial at all, but a universal energy form that changed shape in order to try and communicate with humankind.

God? Perhaps, in a sense. But also, not in the same sense that human religion postulates.

If Keel is correct, then it might account for the "flying shields" sighted in ancient times, the "dragons," and the weird aerial craft sighted as late as the 1890s, and thought to be mystery "airships" of mad inventors. Like a shape-shifter from a Star Trek television show, the alien entity or force simply changes the shape of itself, its "projection" into the minds of the putative contactee, guiding the hopelessly bewildered man; perhaps helping to drive him as mad as a rampaging monk (a little like the Roy Neary character, played to perfection by Richard Dreyfuss in the movie Close Encounters). A cosmic masquerade, going on throughout the millenia?

One of course might wonder: Why?

The Program

According to people like David Jacobs and the late Budd Hopkins (not to mention bestselling horror author cum paranormal researcher Whitley Strieber), the UFOs are carrying grey alien "Abductors" that kidnap unwitting humans, often from their bedrooms, and whisk them away to seemingly injection-molded UFO examining rooms. There, they undergo puzzling and traumatic medical examinations, have sperm and ova stolen, and are then shown "hybrid" children before being put back from where they were stolen, often with little or no memory of what has occurred; albeit, they have the tell-tale sense of "missing time," or a few weird scars or scoop-marks.

(And maybe "screen memories." Sometimes of an owl, deer or other mysterious animal they didn't actually see in real life.)

But, is any of that real, in the objective sense? I'm uncertain. The UFO I saw, close up, very close, coming up from across the street, from a field behind a derelict radio station—seemed real enough. I was in the presence of another witness. I suppose maybe we both spent time on board, and just couldn't remember? Is that possible?

The advent of cell phones with cameras, and the complete absence of any reliable footage of an actual "alien abduction" taking place, seems to have dampened the ardor of many. You just don't seem to hear much about abductees anymore, as you did in the 1980s. Of course, one doesn't hear of many contactees anymore, either; Ruth Norman in her rainbow-colored flowing space robes, giving out the missionary message of saucers coming to save us on X-Day, when the polar ice caps are going to melt, halleluia—seems now curiously passe.

Still, the UFOs are undeniably real.

Does the contactee phenomenon, the friendly "space brothers" spoken of by Adamski, Bethurum, et all., mask a darker, more sinister agenda? Is the old-time UFO religion a coverup for a malevolent plot of crossbreeding human and alien genetic material? To what end?

To replenish their race?

Or are we barking up the wrong saucer?

Bad Aliens

Billy Meier believes in bad aliens. I'm not certain, at this point (can't remember) the entire teaching on this. However, he claims he lost his arm due to an assassination attempt by suchlike. I heard this, decades ago, when his publicist Michael Horn was on Coast to Coast AM with the late, great Art Bell.

Conspiracy researcher and all-around guru David Icke ALSO believes in "bad aliens": lizard men, or "reptilians" from the lower fourth dimension, dudes who strut around in human body suits or illusory "forms," and drink blood and perform sadistic Satanic rituals, so they can retain the human disguise, and not shape-shift back into their lizard-like alien selves.

But, they aren't ALL reptilians, I take it. Some look like Greys ("Archons," claims Icke. "Much like the Gnostic teachings." In those teachings, the Archons manipulate reality from a dimension or planet that is cold, stark and grey.), some like giant insectile preying mantises. Some are blue dwarfs. Some tall, hooded "Shadow People." I've seen these last, and I've seen the UFOs. Perhaps I am possessed, or cursed; or simply mad.

I've been through the whole "space missionary" period, wherein I thought I was to be an emissary of "space brothers," or ascended masters with a bunch of New Age teachings and "cosmic wisdom" to channel. That was over 15 years ago, and I never became a legitimate "contactee."

Getting back to Icke, his worldview is centered around these reptilian entities being the heads of state, politicians, actors, business magnates and general "elite," all involved in an ages-long conspiracy to create the "New World Order" of an enslaved population, micro-chipped, in an Orwellian global fascist state. Writing from the cusp of the year 2020, he doesn't seem far off in many respects.

There are tales of government agents working with aliens in underground bases, like the "Nightmare Hall" supposedly beneath the secret base at Dulce, New Mexico, where it is rumored there are "bodies in vats," "hybrids... creatures that look like a human crossed with a bat." Also, it is said humans work side-by-side with the greys in these and other facilities, helping to complete the government plan for... what, exactly?

To hand power over to the greys?

Of course, we could mention the late Col. Philip J. Corso's contention that the Roswell crash really happened as Jesse Marcel said it did, that the United States back-engineered its terrestrial stealth fighter technology from extraterrestrial material... but now we're floating far afield of our original course.

The Reality Matrix

Postulate, for a moment, that what researchers like Vallee, Keel, and David Icke say is, indeed, rooted in some sort of truth: the UFO and extraterrestrial "reality" is simply a projection. It's a sort of inter-dimensional illusion, where beings, or a single, omnipotent BEING, create a series of shifting, enigmatic puzzle-like and cryptic "communications;" and, since such beings or BEING is immortal, comparatively, this attempt to commune with the little human species goes on, aeon after aeon, simply updating itself. In one era, dragons and "flying shields." In another era, our own, "Pleiadian Beamships." (In the late 1800s they were cattle-rustlers in huge dirigibles with Rube Goldberg-style props, but, really, you rather get the picture.)

Then, after chewing on that a moment, ask yourself: Is anything, truly, "real?" I mean, in the commonly-accepted sense of the word? How can you prove it? By touch? Taste? Smell? Certainly not by sight or sound. ALL of these sensory inputs can be short-circuited. They are ALL subject to hypnotic and psychological derangement, and chemical derangement, and they all extenuate into the realm of dreams; and we don't even understand where the dream ends, and reality begins.

Have you ever been catastrophically drunk? I mean, to the point where you lose all sense of depth? Everything seems as if it is being projected on a flat screen, and you're at the bottom of it, looking up at television or movie images; shadow shows of light and movement.

Recently, I was in the hospital again, this time, being treated for severe depression. I had an awful night, one night, staring into a very dark place, thinking about loneliness; about time, and death. Out in the television room, the other patients were laughing mindlessly at some boring television comedy. I remember thinking how insane they all were; how, when they least expect it, they could be killed, could meet death, and ALL of this, everything they held sacred and dear, everything they recognized as "real," would disappear; an illusion, after all. What was the point of any of it? I wondered.

Everything began to take on that same strange, flat, movie-projection aspect; as if it were all just an illusion foisted on MY consciousness by some alien OTHER, some Overmind. I was staring into Nietzsche's abyss; verily, it was staring into me.

Is all of reality simply an illusion foisted on us/I by an alien force, an Oversoul, an "Archon" or Archons, plural? What, after all, is real?

And who is doing the programming? And why, in a perfectly, seemingly normal hospital room, did the cable television have an entire channel seemingly devoted to extraterrestrial contact?

Who is doing the programming here?

And more importantly:


(...And, for God's sake, what does "Randolph Winters" know, exactly?)

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