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Collection of Moments

by Lee 3 years ago in science fiction
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She curled up on the couch. Her current facility being about 10 miles beneath a lake. If she remembers correctly it was a facility she used for hydroquadric experimentation.

She shivered, taking the wristband off and placing it on the ebony coffee table. Curling up tighter as she squeezed her eyes shut, she's cold and she's been cold- her fingertips are ice cold and no matter what she does she can't warm up.

Trying to even out her breathing, the dark circles under her eyes feeling like a bruise and reminding her how little sleep she's gotten. Every time her mind slips, her unconscious immediately throws up her guilt for her to see.

Jerking up, she rubbed her sleeves across her eyes and sniffled. She's freezing, grabbing a throw blanket and wrapping herself up on her way to the thermostat.

30 degrees "its soo bloody cold!" She hissed out, turning away and stomping out of the personal quarters. Taking a heavy lined jacket and putting it on as she walked through the sterile lab, her mind flickered behind her eyes as she remembered the imagery that she was assaulted with moments before.

Closing her eyes, she stopped and leaned against a wall for support. Seeing Jeremy lying on a cold operating table, cooling blood on her hands as she tended to him. 'It was your fault, you did that to him.'

She whimpered, stumbling forward and making it into her lab. Turning on the faucet and scrubbing her hands furiously under boiling water, taking off her jacket when the wet sleeves interfered with it and continued to scrub until the sight of bloodied hands left her vision.

Turning off the tap, she grabbed towels and turned to the room. It's not been used for a while, the equipment is some of the older models- this is a lab that hasn't had any updates recently.

She frowned, turning back to the doorway. She has no need for an outdated lab, she will have her sentinels install the updates. On her way out the door she called for them "Install recent updates made. The network should have the schematics needed, liquidate the old equipment and change the floor plans. Catalogue what products and devices are here, back up the network before changing anything- keep research on backup once the labs been catalogued. Since everything's no doubt half a century old, dispose of the aged and dead chems. What can be recycled will have to be reset and reworked."

Walking past the bot, she shivered again. Closing her eyes and seeing images flash through her mind- she pulled up her hand to look at the wristband and saw that it's absent. She panicked, breathing increasing as she felt her heart rate increase dramatically with her breathing.

Running, she doesn't recall running but she does realize she was barreling into the doors of her monitor room. Thumping against the reinforced vaulted doors, screeching assaulted her ears as the metal was torn from its hinges slowly.

She looked at the bent bindings and looking away, trying to push the door open only for the damaged portion to prevent it from moving any further "I DIDNT EVEN HIT YOU THAT HARD!" she couldn't help screaming at the door.

Bringing her leg up, she kicked the door down and rendering steel beams gave under her foot. It hit the floor and slid across for a good 9 feet, leaving deep gashes that had her calling for maintenance.

Walking over the door, she looked at the cameras, everything was still. No activity, no people, no bustling workers, no nothing. It was completely and utterly silent, her laboratory seeming completely abandoned.

She trained tired eyes on each sections of her lab, until finally she perked up when she saw movement and activity. Only for her to slump, her heart giving a lurch when she realized it was only her sentinels working on the research sector.

Pressing a button she said in a dead voice "update everything. The equipment, the scans, the devices, the floor plan. Not just the research sector, update the chemical labs, the subjects section, the disposal sector, the armory, the training field. Leave nothing out."

The order confirmation went through, she looked at the cameras again, now there was activity. It was bustling with more bots taking everything down and scanning equipment to search for outdated stuff that needs to be replaced and scrapped.

She felt a tear slip, no matter how busy it looks. How full the cold halls are and how many rooms are active.... she still feels alone.

Curling her arms around her midsection, she hugged herself. Cold seeping down to her bone, shivering and twitching she turned away.

Tiredly, her eyes drooped but the image of Jeremy on the operating table would have her jerking and gasping.

"I'm sorry...."

science fiction

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