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Collection of Moments

by Lee 2 years ago in science fiction
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She had an excited smile on her face, the joy lighting up her face and making her seem younger then her age really is. The vibrant hue of her dark eyes showed a sort of animation in her that his missed, it brought back memories of when she would scald him for calling her Mouse, but it always brought out that fiery spirit.

"Remember, mobilize the main unit to scatter enemy forces" she ground out in dominating command, her voice taking on a harder edge and darker tone. He shivered as an answering command rang throughout the ranks behind them. The wave of voices cascading and lifting Lyras shoulders and her head high she bit her lips.

He watched, transfixed as she did so. Her runes lit up, the dark red hue of her uniform becoming more prominent with the amber glow of her runes. He looked forward into the battlefield.

The forest and town of concrete buildings, storage sheds and asphalt roads seeming to become more distant, their importance ground out with the hush, in front of them were an opposing faction, bioweapons taking up the front ranks, spider tanks crawling onto the buildings and training grappling guns on his machinery and armored personnel.

A lot of the opposing forces wore standard nondescript uniforms, guns at the ready and bioweapons already with activated attributes. Some have blurred forward in hopes of catching them off guard. Some have phased off to the side and others took to the air.

Lyra let out this little high pitched amused 'hn' that had his lips curling up in a sort of happy smile. Her hand was up, keeping the ranks from advancing forward. Eyes trained on the bioweapons.

He stayed with his forces at her command. Her hand stayed, until with a flick. The command for advancement was given and her attack was launched on the bioweapons taken to air, dropping down on their troops. Only to burn into cinders before they reached the front ranks.

Embers and ashes danced in their wake as they rushed forward. Small tinkling laughter met his ears as he took his armored soldiers to the bios holding the front ranks.

Lyra took to the air in a leap, her whoop of laughter as the long range and second ranks set fire to her, bullets and missiles arcing through the air- trained on her small form.

He felt a small inkling of fear at the sight, but her defensive suit brought up its field and the bullets sizzled, missiles exploding in impact and fireballs rained from above as her blades flexed, the fire transferring to the cables as they sliced into the sides of bioweapons, gunman and foot soldier alike.

She ripped the cable aside, her other hand bringing out a cloud of toxins from her runes. "Masks" Jeremy grunted out, below Lyras still airborne form. He trained guns and blasts on those in front of him while keeping track of Lyra above.

She gave her aerial assault, her runes working to keep her airborne longer and her suit keeping her from taking hits, blood splattering her form and sizzling along her arms as heat from the cables evaporated them.

Jeremy kept pace of his breathing, memorizing Lyra as he dispatched those on the ground. Finally, it came time for Lyra to touch down, he ran forward, eliminating a squad in the area of her trajectory.

Jumping once Lyra was in range, his arm curling around her waist as she placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned against his form "you did beautifully" he whispered in a husky tone as they dropped.

She giggles, her hand going to her back and taking out her cable to connect to his. Her hand lingering against his back, trailing his shoulders and murmured "thank you" when they were 10 feet from the ground, she braced her feet against his thighs and kicked out. Flipping over Jeremy, cable straining slightly as Jeremy activated his suits attributes.

Blasters trained from his shoulders focused on firing at all around them, Lyra took out her guns and began firing. He landed easily enough, taking running launch before taking to air again, bullets piercing through spider tanks shells.

He manipulated the cable, swinging Lyra around and into the onslaught of converging bios, her happy giggles turning into small squeaks as she brought up her arms.

Elbows hooked with blades she sliced through hardened flesh and spun, cable taking on a denser vibration and slicing through limbs behind her on impact.

"Equador eliminated." A monotonous voice rang through the coms as Jeremy walked forward to collect Lyra, cable shortening and pulling her against his side once in range.

His arm spread across her shoulders and chuckling he leaned forward and kissed the top of her helmet, she was breathing steadily. Happy smile still in place and a wild look in her eyes as the rush ebbed away "ready for the next faction?" He asked as she nodded.

Her hand traveled up his back, dislodging the cable and it snapped back into her suit quietly, still he kept her close as they turned around to survey their troops. Counting the casualties and injured.

Ranks 5 and 6 along with small portion of their bios was a small price to pay for a battle won.

The numbers were a steal compared to the joy of watching Lyra in action and to see her face glow.

"Take us to the next location Jeremy." Lyra murmured as she leaned against his side contentedly and he gladly picked her up to carry her to the chopper used to deposit Lyra and Jeremy to the next field and awaiting troops.

science fiction

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