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by Lee 3 years ago in science fiction
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Never Let Go

It's been about 3 months. During that time Levi's been putting off completing his mission, it's alright that a faction leader isn't assassinated right away. His passing would have been pivotal to converting some people to Lyra and Jeremy's neutral faction....

But well, this is more important. Watching his lady moving from laboratory to laboratory, using his composition and position to sneak into the lab by bypassing its security while Lyras hopefully busy.

A couple times his nearly been caught, sentinels would stop and turn to him. Scans being done and questioning following through to him having access, luckily him being able to melt into puddles or force himself to evaporate enough to mold through walls.

He can't go through solid steel or anything like that, just porous material... which was a problem sometimes when he wanted to get into Lyras personal quarters to see how she's doing. Luckily, she wasn't always in it nowadays.

Sad blue eyes focused on his lady, she hasn't slept at all since the separation. She's been religiously updating her labs and keeping the system up and running at optimal capacity and speed, making sure to do further improvements. Despite all the hustle and bustle... it's not her work. She hasn't been focused enough to do her research or coherent enough to look over recent studies.

So she's been doing all this in place of it, desperately keeping busy and being haunted by her guilty conscious and Levi fucking hates it. He wants to finish his job just so he can report to Lyra and provide comfort. To ground her.

But he knows once the jobs finished, his finished. Because he would just be absorbed right back into the runes and he wont be able to make sure his lady is alright, he will be useless in those runes.

At least out here, he can make sure his lady's safe. And leave once his satisfied with her care to find Jeremy, poor guys not in better shape. His compounds running smoothly, his been changing up the research section for Lyra.

Considering she had to deal with an outbreak and his compound was hideously outdated in some protocols, the setbacks hindered lyras efforts to destroy the infections flesh eating virus. Luckily it didn't go airborne for a while when the outbreak happened, otherwise Lyra wouldn't have been able to do anything for the hive.

He evaporated his body, shifting as a barely perceivable mist towards Jeremy and circled around him. He's judging Jeremy, knowing that the others been going between running his facility to delegating half his men to looking for Lyra.

He tends to go out for weeks at a time to find his lady, this unwanted manhunt is stressing her out. "I don't agree with what you're doing." He would finally say once Jeremy is alone, the taller guy was curled against a desk, head beneath his folded arms after he looked at reports on Lyras potential whereabouts.

The reaction was immediate, Jeremy jerked up. Gun in hand and knife in other as he went into stance, looking around before training flashing green eyes on Levi. "Its nice to see you still got it." Levi materialized, giving a lazy half wave to Jeremy.

Jeremy tensed when Levi materialized, studying the other before remembering who he was. "You're...." Levi's nodding "I'm a bound soldier." He would confirm, Jeremy's leaning back on the table and trying very hard not to slump in place.

"She sent you?" He asked, hope very painful for Levi to hear. Jeremy's giving him a guarded look, putting the gun away but shifting the knife in his grasp. "I'm afraid not, I've got a different reason for being called out."

Fucking hell he can't watch this. Looking away and bringing his hand up to run through his bangs, obscuring his vision of the Crest fallen Jeremy. "I know where she is."

In a blink, Levi was lifted by the collar of his jacket to be brought up to eye level with Jeremy. His holding his hands up in surrender, laughing nervously "easy there buckaroo." Being lowered to allow his feet to touch the ground.

His jacket hasn't been released so his bringing his hand up to remove Jeremy's hand from his person "I've been watching the two of you. I don't approve of the stress you've given my lady."

"Look you insole-" Jeremy snarled out, Levi's holding up a hand "ah ah ah. I understand your desire to find her, I do. You should find her, she needs you." Jeremy winced, jerking away. A blow to his chest making it feel like the airs been knocked out of him "yes. I said it Rogers. She needs you, she's being eaten alive by her guilt and honestly? I'm tired of how many times she's listened to those goddamn messages!"

Jeremy's looking away, breathing being a hard feat through the weight in his chest. Ringing in his ears "she obviously doesn't want to be found." He would ground out in a husky voice, tone dripping with unshed emotion.

"Course she doesn't, she's running from her pain.... trying to at least." His shrugging easily, walking past Jeremy to pull up maps on the screens "it ain't working." He would finally say, Jeremy's wearily watching Levi.

Getting a general location, he would turn back to Rogers "let's go slam some sense into Cell shall we?"


Levi had to by pass security again, providing clearance and authorization to allow Jeremy in once he gets to the main foothold, the commands branching off to the main frame. He rushed to the monitor room to intercept the commands before Lyra saw it.

Once it's been authorized with the master keys he would look for his lady, walking to the quarters. He walked through empty rooms, dark hallways offering no sight or sound of activity.

Melting through a door to peek inside, he gave a grim smile to see Lyra fitfully sleeping. 'I'm happy that the infiltration happened to take place while she's asleep....'


Jeremy looked down the halls, trying to find his way to the center of this odd hive like structure. It was distorted and floor plans seemed... odd. He was lost, only having some recollection of what her elaborate designs would be like- there was no help from The Thing.

His no doubt on his own now, guess all the good The Thing can do is get him in. Now it's his job to find Lyra.

Finding the monitor room at last, he would quietly make his way inside after checking for any signatures. He got no signatures, there's been nothing here- it's been cold.

Looking at the cameras, he would try to find traces of his counterpart. Worry making him restless, what if Levi led him to the wrong place? Was this a trap?

Seeing no one, he would turn to the personal quarters- hands searching for the seamless melding of the panel to open up the hidden doorway. After about 15 mins of fumbling along the room he found it and stepped inside.

A shiver ran up his spine, its colder here. Walking inside, breath showing up faintly as he looked around. "The heat not working?"

He walked away from the guests' quarters to go to Lyras wing and had to look through the rooms before he found hers.

His heart leapt in his throat at the sight of her. He blinked repeatedly as his eyes misted over, looking around the room as he saw a misty mass dart back into the walls.

Quietly, he scoffed. Course The Thing would be watching- looking back at Lyra as he kicked off his boots and walked towards the bed.

He was deeply unnerved at the frost along the blankets and climbing up the bedpost, there was a faint sheen of ice over the nightstands and tables.

He quietly shook Lyra, she was freezing to the touch. Fitfully tossing and turning, upon contact she jerked up and nearly hit his raised arm in the process. "I'm sorry!" She gasped out, hazy eyes blurrily focusing on the blurry image of Jeremy.

Her lips trembled. 'I'm seeing him again.' Cruel... cruel mind. She felt tears prickle her eyes as she looked away from Jeremy, it's just another hallucination.

She felt warmth graze her cheek, she shivered. Curling ice cold fists around the blankets, she's cold... it's cold...

"Lyra" Jeremy would breathe out, cupping her cheek and she basked in the warmth that spread from the contact "I'm cold..." she would whisper, still waiting for this apparition to leave her be.

She was forced to look at Jeremy "Lyra...." a shaky breath "I'm sorry lyra. I've been looking everywhere for you, why didn't you let me find you? Why'd you run?"

She shook her head. Just a hallucination, her guilt is probably waiting to spring something cruel on her. She's not deserving of this warmth, feeling cold for too long though she flung herself at Jeremy, curling around his frame and shivering almost violently as the heat seeped into her and chased away the cold.

Burying her face against his warm chest, she felt her nose prickle as it most likely defrosted, tears prickling in her eyes as she curled further. "I don't deserve to be around you after what I did." She said against her personal space heater "I'm dangerous for you Jeremy...."

Feeling arms wrap around her form "I don't even deserve the idea of you being in my presence, even a hallucination is an offense to you... I'm sorry." Jeremy froze, closing his eyes as he took shaky breaths. Pain lanced through his chest as he held her tighter, hand going up to her hair and tangling against the top of her head.

"It's me.... it's me..." he would whisper, tightening his arms when she would try to struggle, holding her still until she slumped against him with a sob.

Letting her go to pull her back enough to stare at her face, he would bring his hand up to cup her cheeks "it's me Lyra. I'm here, I've been looking for you...." her eyes are wide and disbelieving as she studied his face. Looking him over critically as if trying to memorize him, to find any faults.

"How did you find me...." she shouldn't have slept, she should have been monitoring his movements....

"That's not important. I need you Lyra. I've been looking for you" his thumb grazing along her bottom lip, tracing its shape "I found you... please don't run from me again.... please don't leave me."

Shuddering, she would nod mutely as tears slid down her face. She was pulled into a hug, warmth finally chasing away the cold as she closed her eyes. Exhaustion warring in her mind for answers and fears.

She wants to run, she's dangerous...

"Don't let go." Jeremy laid down with her, pulling the blanket over her. Gentle green eyes going to the nightstand to turn off the lamp, he saw the ice receding.

"I'll never let you go Lyra." He shut off the lights, there's a lot they need to talk about. Issues to be settled and the question of how he found her- that can wait.

Everything else can wait.

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