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by Lee 2 years ago in science fiction
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Please Stay

Humming as she was working in Bucks office, contently overlooking the work floor below as she grinned when they were doing transports for her products. It's been a while since she worked on creating new things while she was here- the feeling was almost nostalgic for her.

"Brings back old memories doesn't it mouse?" Buck muttered from behind her, making her yelp as she reeled back in surprise. Squeaking in indignation when she whirled the chair around to glare at Buck for sneaking up on her. "Sorry, I thought you were aware of the fact that I was here." He said with a smirk on his face.

He seemed awfully cocky about the fact that he scared her.

She didn't like that at all, growling she tilted her head to the side. Peeking at the stuff he has with him and she quickly forgot her anger as she whispered "is that?" he nodded, setting down the tray on the dashboard. "You've got enough out there to ensure a couple days shipment. You can work on the rest of the correspondence and manufacturing of the rest after you've taken a little break."

She nodded, taking chopsticks and bowing her head slightly in thanks to Buck. Grabbing a piece of sushi she eagerly ate it- peeking at the curry that he made. "I know you ain't usually a good cook. But when it comes to stuff like this, I love it." She whispered after she's eaten the piece.

"I know it's something you enjoy." He said in a hushed tone, seeming to be embarrassed over that fact- she found it oddly... cute somehow. "Just because I enjoy something doesn't mean that you should go to such great lengths-" "you do the same Mouse." Course he had to interrupt her, puffing out her cheeks she took another piece and plopped that into her mouth while he poured her a cup of green tea.

"That Sencha tea you like." Giggling, she knows "smells like you got the grade A stuff too" she said, quietly eating the sushi first as he set the pot of tea down, pushing her cup towards her and chuckling "after the last time you dumped scolding hot tea on me? I don't think I want to get you something that 'terribly weak and distasteful' again."

She froze, her lips trembling slightly. She doesn't know why she's so... "I'm sorry I'm so terrible towards you" she said in a quiet enough tone not to be heard by him, her eyes hardened when she registered that she said such words at all.

He sat down across from her, taking a spoon and looking down at his own plate of curry and he shook his head at her- course he would be using the com.

He didn't say anything, not acknowledge the fact that she spoke or disputed the fact that she is. It was just silence between them as they ate, silence that felt heavy and screamed at her with disproval. "...." Biting her lips she took a deep breath "Don't Sam." Came his hushed voice as he grabbed her empty plate and his own- placing them on the tray.

Looking back up at him, she studied him. His green eyes, the scars that he has and his sandy brown hair. He was so serious right now....

"you need another haircut" she said in an amused tone, seeing that his usual undercut seems to have grown out and his hair is now getting in his face- she remembers once upon a time she found that look very appealing. Especially the way it would curl and bounce, its wavy length just begging for someone to run their fingers through it.

She gulped when he did so, his fingers combing through his hair and brushing it back- trying to get his bangs out of his face. She giggled when it merely fell back into place and she looked away when he looked at her with a scowl "what? You can't fault me for finding that amusing." She said, getting up and grabbing her cup. She brought it over to the dashboard to work on those correspondence again.

Perks of working on a joint establishment means that she can go behind the scenes like this, Bucks Company is mainly transport and weapons. There are instances like this one, that he creates products among his weapons and distributes them. Once the transmission went out about working on creating products again, along with a list of acceptable admissions the correspondence would start flooding in.

No one ever questioned the fact that when Buck creates products, that they are within the same quality range as The Eyes products. It's just a fact to the field, given how much 'researchers' he has that does research constantly and how much weapons he already makes anyways- it's just 'expected' that he would be able to dish out the more advanced and sought after items.

Humming she continued to go over the correspondence, the theme of the products that she went with were endurable bioweapons. She explained in the list that there will be a number of bioweapons created- a limit of 25 considering this particular bioweapons endurance, something like this can be kept in a company holdings for a lot of change of leaderships.

Their own juggernauts really. Not something that has much oomph, but their endurance and stamina is something that would be able to be used in skirmishes, this kind of thing is useful when it comes to waiting out the battle and settling the score once the dust has settled.

Along with these bioweapons, she has input into Bucks system some weapons and inorganic bioweapons. Tonics such as the one she knows he keeps on handy for squads are being updated- his getting new products in too.

Her fingers flying over the keyboards as she continued to input into his system to update things and worked on fine tuning the quality of the products his teams have created, fixing any flaws she found and further improving them as she was thinking over her repertoire for things she wouldn't mind Buck having his hands on.

She always made sure he never got the highly advanced stuff that she has in her Lab, something like that shouldn't be public yet for years. Decade's maybe, but she's going over things that are able to go public now. "Don't you hate having to restrict the technology you are releasing?" Buck asked, seeing the strain on her face as she accidently types up a high tech blueprint and aggressively erase it before his system can register and encode what it was.

Biting her lips, her hand went to her cup and she took a sip as she was skimming what she had down. "I do hate it, because I know you would seriously enjoy having these things. But what this is, is a mass market program. Meaning it's at risk of having it hacked while your system is being updated- the security is not as tight as it would be during an upgrade. It's only afterwards when the upgrades have been made that the security will be patched up."

Buck leaning over her chair as she looked up at him "it's only that way because you don't want to work on fixing up my network the way yours is set up." he growled, scowling down at her- still not happy bout that fact.

She grinned up at him cheekily "if I did that, how am I supposed to know who's keeping tabs on your company and where the information is going? We both know that once I'm done upgrading that I'll be going over the network and picking out what doesn't belong. Any information that left during this time will be under scrutiny by me. Any companies that were meddling will be downsized by me and its holdings liquidized."

Shaking his head, he leaned over and grabbed her cup and set it on the dashboard "I know that you keeping security lax while this is happening is something that you see as a good thing with you strengthening it more afterwards and getting rid of any parties that are at odds right now.... But"

Mourning the loss of her tea she was going to lean over with a small protest, but he twirled the chair around so that she was facing his chest- she blinked at the rapid motion and looked up at his face again "you're creating more work for yourself mouse, please just... do something so that you aren't. I don't like seeing you strain yourself like this- I don't like these times of the year. It's nice having you here and all, and it's nice that its good business- but seeing you stretch yourself thin this way is painful to watch."

He brought his hand up gently, as if trying to coax a wild animal or something and caressed her cheek, his thumb tracing over the dark circles she has under her eyes. "You haven't slept in 5 days mouse." He sounds pained, cupping her cheek he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against hers "I'm not asking you to make things easier for my gain mouse. I'm asking you to do so for you, even if it's just an isolated program that you use while working on this stuff- even if it's temporarily connecting your network..."

She sighed and placed her hand on his chest, pushing him away in favor of twirling the chair back to the dashboard, staring dead eyed at the screen "I'll think about it." She whispered, wincing when he slammed his hand down next to her cup- making it topple over and smash as it hit the ground. "Bullshit Sam! You say that every time!" he growled out, glaring angrily down at her- a pain in the depths of his eyes making it hard for her to look at him.

Biting her lips she whispered "and I mean it, I'll think about it." Her hand going to the keyboard to go back to encoding and writing out the blueprints and schemes, but she turned her head in order to look at Buck when he slaps her hands away. "No. no more work for now Sam, like I said you have time to rest- and I intend for you to rest."

She squeaked when he went and picked her up, turned towards the door and walking- she was squirming trying to get back to the chair, her hands outstretched for the keyboard "Buck! Put me down! I HAVE WORK TO DO!" she yelled out tiredly, but she didn't have much fight in her to begin with.

Which was kind of obvious with the way she just sagged tiredly in his arms and stared mournfully at the screen, the door opening and closing as he brought her out of the office. She continued to stare at the written text that she won't be able to finish until he deems it necessary. "I don't care that you have work to do. It can wait, what's more important is making sure that you ain't dying of exhaustion."

"You know it's not possible for me to do so." She hissed out, crossing her arms as she glared up at him. He didn't once look down as he was walking the halls, completely normal about the fact that he was carrying a tired, half asleep Samantha with him.

"Might not be possible, but I do not enjoy you getting as close to it as you possibly can."


The text still hovering within her head as she leaned her head on his shoulders. Not bothering to fight the fact that his carrying her- she doesn't think she will be able to stand on her own anyways.

"When are you going to trust things between us again?" Buck asked in a hushed tone, making it to the wing that has her personal quarters- the atmosphere of this place seeming to crawl up his spine and leave wretched, sinful and twisted whispers behind his ear. A chill traveling to the back of his neck and making his arms tense up 'why is her residences always like this?'

Humming tiredly, she was pretty close to falling asleep when he spoke, but now that he did she found that she wasn't all that tired. Opening her eyes to look up, her hand going up and tracing scars on his neck, jaw/jawline and cheek as she thought over what to say "When are you going to stop insisting that I give you my original project?" the pin particles.

Her fingers stopped their tracing when she felt his arms constrict around her, squeezing her painfully as he clenched his teeth shut. She can see the muscles on his jaw jumping and twitching. "Until you stop insisting. I don't think things will go back to the way it used to be." She whispered in a hushed tone.

Buck opened the door to her quarters and walked past the Livingroom. Going to the darkened room that is her bedroom. "Samantha, if you would just listen to me- I'm not asking for that project for whatever purpose you think I am" setting her down on the bed he stared down at her tired and worn out face.

She raised an eyebrow up at Buck "you're asking me to give you a project that enables the user to have full control over an individual, both mind, body and soul. To be able to have the ability to create your very own personal soldier. To be able to obtain whatever attributes that this individual would have, to have all their weapons at your disposal. And you want me to believe that you don't want such a project for your militaristic and combat purposes?"

She sounds doubtful of course, not only that but the emotion was on clear display on her face- it's one that he didn't like. One that he didn't want portrayed so openly towards him, so honestly... so truthfully.

It doesn't look forced at all, it doesn't look projected.

"If only you would trust me Sam." Was his only whisper as he straightened and turned towards the door, thinking that he better leave her alone before they have one of their usual fights again.

He froze when he felt a tugging on his sleeve, preventing him from going too far. Looking back down, he saw that Sam had a hold of his jacket. Staring down at the ground, the emotion that she is portraying right now is one he cannot see due to her downcast gaze.

"I do trust you." He was going to jerk his sleeve away from her grasp.

"Please stay."

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