Child of Love

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Part One: The Beginning

Child of Love

She was born in a world of darkness—though she was born from Purity and Love—her spirit pure as the white snow that fell on the ground during her birth. Which truly was a sign for those with eyes to see she was indeed a child created for Love.

Her hair was as brown as the Earth beneath our feet, her skin the color of ripe olives. Her lips were as cherry red as red wine, yet her spirit was as silent as the night sky and as bright as the rising sun in the dawn of a renewed day.

She was born to a mortal man and woman who's family name was "Amore" in this land—in the Western part of this dark world she lived in. The beginning of her mortal life was a loving beginning, until her mortal mother took her to the city. That is when her life began to take a turn for the worst.

One year later, she was two years old and her life was already filled with nothing more than chaos. Daily, she was left with her mortal mother's mate—who was crude, abusive, and sometimes neglectful of little Amore. Her little sister was born that year, who Amore became protective of instantly. Her name was Aleena. She was born a fair-skinned child, with bright carrot-red hair and strawberry freckles all over her cheeks that seemed to smile under her eyes. Her eyes were a bright emerald green, so bright one could swear there was an emerald flame burning within.

While in her mortal mother's mate's care, Amore was often locked away in the cellar of the abode in which they lived, and her sister would be put into their bedroom closet, where Amore would hear her cry herself to sleep from the door of the cellar. Amore would wait, paralyzed in fear for her mother to come home.

During the nighttime, her mortal mother and her mate would throw celebrations in honor of their own vain desires. Amore would be put to work, serving the guests. As she was a child, she thought at the time it was nothing more than a game that she got rewarded with a shiny gold coin for each person she would serve wine to. Her sister, Aleena was but an infant and did not know how to walk yet, therefore, Amore was often alone in what she thought was a game. She found out later in life, as she grew, it was actually "child labour," which was against the law and considered a form of abuse. She was naive and pure as a child; she knew not of such things, which is common to most children at such a young age.

Over the next six years, Amore and Aleena went through constant abuse and neglect within the home from their mother's mate. At five years of age, Amore was sent to the public central synagogue near their home for learning of the world she lived in. Though she enjoyed the learning, she did not enjoy the societal norms of her classmates. She was unfamiliar with their ways, and did not understand why they constantly mocked her and humiliated her. Some would go so far as to try to physically harm her. That stopped after her sister Aleena began school the following year. Though Amore still was mocked and humiliated, she was no longer hurt physically by anyone, due to their fear of her little sister.

Halloween was one holiday of this world Amore did not care for, secretly; though she would be forced to participate every year and dress up as only her Father in Heaven knew what—many times she did not know what the costumes her mortal mother would dress her up in for that holiday. As a child, some costumes she did not mind so much; like the "princess ball gowns" in the fantasy stories she read as a child and was fond of.

Amore's mortal mother's mate invited all his priests and priestesses for a grand celebration in the garden behind their abode; the high priest only second unto her mortal mother's mate would dress as the "Lord of Devils," she would hear her mother call him. Amore was always forced to open the door for visitors on that night, and every time, the second high priest would terrify her with his costumes—so much so, she would not be able to do anything but stand there and shake uncontrollably due to her fear of his costume.

As a child, Amore saw her environment and people in her environment with a more so "unveiled" perspective. Some wise men in this world would call that a "spiritual awareness," or "second sight" was what the scientists of this world would call it. It did not matter to her what they called it, for it was simply sight to her. To her, the whole party was nothing more than demons celebrating in their own evil delights of darkness. She always felt isolated and afraid in that abode. Yet, somehow she felt a warmth about her often that seemed to protect her in the darkness when she was locked away in the cellar for days at a time.

Though her home life was cruel and foreboding, and her social life at the synagogue was no better, she still managed to find a calming peace in reading. Unlike other children of this world, she skipped over the silly children's books and began reading college and high school level novels.

She was two years of age when she began reading. For her, reading took her to wondrous lands, different times, and even to places in this universe her little mind could not begin to fathom. She also loved to play board games, especially role playing board games. She recalled a memory of her and her little sister playing an "Ewoks" board game—all with the little characters, even the monster the Ewoks were afraid of. Yet another thing she loved to do as a child was make mud pies outside with her cousins and baby sister. They had a swimming pool for a little while, but with a puppy and six kids, that thing was destroyed and overused quickly.

She loved animals of all kinds; sometimes she would speak to them as though they could understand, and there were times when she could've sworn these animals did understand her. For as long as Amore could remember, no animal had ever harmed her throughout her life in this world—unless hurting her pride counted, which to her it did not. Hurt pride she always got over quickly, mainly due to how she would come to realize those animals were only doing that which was natural to them, protecting their territory and their young. It never took her long to learn knowledge, get wisdom, and come to understanding.

By the time she was eight years old, her mother decided it was best she go live with her dad, with his wife and adopted daughter. With all the bad things around Amore, her mother feared for her safety and health. She decided it was time for a change in Amore's life.

To be continued...

Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper
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