Bursting With Excitement: 'Alien: Covenant' Image Contains Huge Spoiler About Katherine Waterston's Daniels

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As 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott prepare to blast off for the upcoming Alien Covenant, spoilers surrounding the film are coming thick and fast.

Bursting With Excitement: 'Alien: Covenant' Image Contains Huge Spoiler About Katherine Waterston's Daniels

As 20th Century Fox and #RidleyScott prepare to blast off for the upcoming #AlienCovenant, spoilers surrounding the film are coming thick and fast. Returning to the #horror roots of Scott's 1979 Alien, Covenant continues where 2012's #Prometheus left off.

This time, it is a colony crew that are ripe for the chestbursting and the latest promo image for the film shows that a certain character is well on their way to that fate.

Damn Daniels

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

#Fox shared (then promptly removed) a series of images, each showing an X-Ray of a different member of the Covenant crew, each containing a different iteration of an alien organism. We have already seen the ambiguous demise of #NoomiRapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, and now it looks like Covenant's leading lady could be in trouble too.

The image shows #KatherineWaterston's Daniels in what appears to be a very compromising position. The X-Ray clearly shows Daniels harboring what appears to be a Xenomorph fetus, and we all know how that ends. Digging a little deeper into the plot of Covenant, the images could be a hint toward #MichaelFassbender's role in the film. Returning as new character Walter, but also David from Prometheus, it is suggested that the masochistic mechanoid has been conducting experiments to try and craft the iconic Xenomorph aliens.

I'm a survivor.

'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

After Scott's 1979 classic, there were another three films that all contained the iconic chestbursting scene. Although Scott's Prometheus spared its cast the same death, it looks like Covenant will be tearing open some chest (and back) cavities.

However, don't be so quick to assume that the alien nesting inside our film's heroine necessarily means the end of the road for Daniels. You may remember that Dr. Shaw survived gestating an outer space baby — long enough to become a hologram anyway. Also, #SigourneyWeaver's Ellen Ripley may have perished at the end of the third film, but, brought back for Alien: Resurrection, Ripley was successfully cloned and had a Xenomorph removed from inside her.

It is unknown whether Daniels will survive into the next chapter of the Alien franchise, but Scott is usually pretty good to his leading ladies. Take note though, we have been getting a lot of Waterston screen time, so is Scott just hyping up the story around her, only to reveal she isn't the main character? Alien did a superb job of turning Weaver's Ripley into the unlikely final girl of the film, while no one tipped that the warrant officer and a cat would be the only survivors of the Nostromo.

The birth of the species.

'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

We know that Covenant will be Scott's second entry in his prequel trilogy, so the imagery could literally just be a metaphor for the birth of the Xenomorph. We know that both the albino Neomorphs and our classic Xenos will appear in Covenant, and various sources promise that we will learn the origins of the mouth-popping creatures.

If we are going down the experimentation route, it could confirm the long-standing rumor that David is the creator of the carnivorous creatures. Scott previously teased that the muscular Engineers were NOT responsible for creating the aliens, but that Covenant would explore who did.

As we gear up for Alien Day on April 26, Scott and co. are sure to have a few more surprises up their sleeves before Covenant "bursts" onto our screens on May 19.

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