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By Mehak Abdul RehmanPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

After checking to see if anyone was looking, Eunice Striker took a mirror out of her desk drawer, licked a tissue, and then used it to wipe the grease off the sides of her nose. She drummed her fingers on a small porcelain cat she kept on her desk as she sat back, relieved.

Eunice: "Have you got a minute?" It was Beryl, the supervisor's secretary.

“Sure.” Eunice sat back and relaxed, noting that there were only ten minutes left until lunch. What's at the forefront of your thoughts, hun?" Eunice always made time for Beryl, who was a sweetheart.

Beryl sat down and rolled her olive-green linen skirt over her hips. She looked around to make sure that no one in the office, which was small, could hear her. It's Vashti, see?

Eunice felt stunned. Vashti appeared to be a calm, kind sort. " Why, what's wrong?

Beryl shed a tear. See, everything seems good, it's simply … it's… "

"Hey now, let it out, hun."

Beryl spoke softly, "Well, it's just... it's just... Vashti's building something in our backyard, something... huge."

That was it! Eunice was pleased. Like what?"

"Like a spaceship, actually!"

"Is everything okay, ladies?" Their boss was Edgar Krantz.

Beryl replied, blushing, "Yes, everything is fine."

“OK, just I see you ladies through my office window, talking when you should be typing, that is, unless you have something you want to share?” Krantz's round red face turned even more red.

Beryl constrained a grin. " No, everything is great."

Eunice tried to forget about it, but the ridiculous idea of building one's own spaceship kept bugging her. She was relieved to find Beryl alone when she went to Edgar Krantz's office during lunch the following day.

Beryl stood up before she could say a word. He declares that he will launch this afternoon!

Eunice calmly observed, "Look, people can't just build spacecraft in their backyards, let alone launch them into space!"

Beryl wept and said, "That's what I used to think," but "now I don't know, I really don't know, look at this." She presented Vashti with a picture. With today's date, it was signed and dated. Farewell, I will continuously adore you, however space investigation starts things out, Vashti xx'.

"Look," Eunice said, "I don't have the foggiest idea what Vashti's playing at however it's bologna, a pack of babble!"

"Oh, do you really believe that?" Beryl cleaned her eyes.

Vashti is playing some kind of practical joke on you. You wait to find out. Otherwise, he needs serious medical assistance! She saw Edgar Krantz's bulky figure stumbling down the corridor toward them as she looked out the window of the office. See, I need to go. Look you up some other time."

– Eunice considered the issue as she drove home that evening. She'd just met Vashti a modest bunch of times however presently she mulled over everything, she recollected that he'd been a pilot for Air India and he was some sort of designer as well. During one visit, she had observed engine fragments scattered throughout their drive. Simply fixing the twirl folds," he'd said, giggling, his teeth shockingly white against his attractive earthy colored face. Additionally, he had constructed a substantial workshop behind their house. Additionally, they owned, what, an acre of land? Adequately large to construct something to that effect, perhaps. But no, it was absurd, and he couldn't, of course!

She came to a stop at a junction and smiled to herself as she looked in her rear-view mirror at the confused expression on the driver behind her. She drove a gold Cadillac that still had left-hand drive, which was unusual in England but something she had grown accustomed to. Remembering to visit the store, she was shocked to find a group accumulated outside. She drove over after parking.

"Hey, what's going on?"

A man with long beaky nose, swept-back yellow-grey hair, and brown teeth with black gaps in several places grinned. There will, according to reports, be a spaceship launch. Someone is ascending in a homemade spacecraft!


"There she blows!" yelled someone while frantically gesturing across the town. All of them turned to see a silver steel cylinder rise to a roaring height on a pillar of smoke and flame. Everybody was out in the road now. The cars had stopped, and their occupants had decamped. Dad, look! It's a spaceship! The loud scream of a child proclaimed.

Eunice stood there in astonishment as it climbed higher and released fire until, after what seemed like an eternity, it was just the tiniest of tiny dots in the sky. She then got the idea. It had traveled to Vashti and Beryl's home from a different area of the city. That made no sense. She turned to a handsome brown face with a grin and felt a tap on her shoulder. Vashti!”

"He smiled. Issues with fuel conveyance."

"But... who then?"

Vashti chuckled. Goodness, there were a couple of us dealing with spaceships. It was almost like a race. Appears as though Mikhail arrived first."

"Then, will you continue your journey?"

Vashti grinned. No, I'd prefer be with Beryl than sitting on the moon without help from anyone else, ready to be protected."

“Oh.” Eunice could feel her friend's relief.

"Presently, in the event that you'll pardon me, I would be wise to return home to my significant other." "Let me know if you find anyone who wants a spaceship, one careful owner!” he winked.

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