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Born in December

by Samantha Kaszas 2 months ago in astronomy

Life as a Sagittarius is simply sensational, darling.

Zodiac Signs & Astrology by Dzhulbee on Canva

I was born in December. Two weeks late. Originally due to be a Scorpio but fate had destined me for a Sagittarius. I come from a long line of Sagittarius. My Father and I share the same birthday of December 3rd, his father before him on December 2nd, and my Mother is December 13th. Not only is my mother a Sagittarius but her rising sign is also a Sagittarius. Turn up the heat! That’s a whole lotta fire signs in one house baby.

With so many Sagittarius to model myself after, there was no way I could’ve avoided turning into Sagittarius incarnate. And let me tell you. I’m totally okay with it. Sagittarius is an awesome sign.

Sagittarius incarnate.

Out of the darkest month of the year gallops Sagittarius. A fiery sign of hope, passion and zest for life. If I had one phrase for Sagittarius, it would be:

The Symbolism.

Every zodiac’s symbol is a physical representation of the characteristics of that sign. So, let me help you get to know the beautiful centaurian breed by taking a closer look…

Zodiac: Sagittarius by By KatarinaBlazhievskaya on Canva

The Archer

Sagittarians are always taking their bow and arrow and aiming towards a goal. I would say it’s just about our favorite thing to do. Sometimes, we get so excited about aiming our sights on new endeavours we end up aiming at 2 or 3… or 10 goals at once! And when we see that new target, we go for it.

Spontaneity and independence are big cornerstones of our values. Needing little encouragement or advice from others, those arrows fly and Sagittarius is off galloping after them. This can be a problem. In our eagerness to head towards a new goal we sometimes shirk the responsibilities of our last goal, or hurt people with our tendency to not consider other’s feelings before we shoot off our bows on first impulse. Watery signs like Pisces or Cancer, wishing for emotional attention might be hurt in a relationship with a Sag. Pairing with another fire sign is a big no, unless you are prepared for all out battles for dominance. The exception to the fire sign rule being another Sag, who values their own freedom just as much as you, so you give each other the independence that’s necessary to make a horse happy. ;)


Canva photo by By Michal Bednarek

If you hadn’t noticed, we are half horse. We are literally built for travel. Most Sagittarians are very open-minded and curious, we have the desire to learn about life from all different walks of life and we’ve got the legs to take us wherever we want to go!

We love the outdoors. You try keeping a wild animal inside. Not gonna happen! Sagittarius are most comfortable outside, in a new place, exploring uncharted territory. When the first human sets foot on Mars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were born between November 22nd – December 21st.

In my natural habitat...

Competitive Spirit

Challenge us? We’re in. Sagittarius love to compete. Whose faster, better, stronger, smarter? We like to think we are. I mean, maybe not as much as a Leo thinks they are though…

JK Leo, you know we love you. ;)

We are natural born athletes, just look at those thighs! Not always physical athletes, Sagittarius are also known for their artistic tendencies and philosophical outlooks. We make great mental sparring partners. Get ready for a debate. It can get dangerous with a Sag, sometimes we get so caught up in the competitive spirit we lose track of why we started and argue for the sake of argument.

BUT. It is always in good nature. We are good sports and get along with most people we meet. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a half human half horse? Talk about perks.

Ken Steacy - Harry Potter Adventures of Hogwarts Trading Card Illustration Original Art (Wizards of the Coast, 2002)

Happy In My Herd.

I am proud Sagittarius and loving it! And I have to say I feel at home among my mighty fine herd. As we part, I’ll leave you with some famous Sagittarius that I think really capture the spirit of the mighty archer…

Chadwick Boseman

Dame Judi Dench

Winston Churchill

Jane Austen

Jimi Hendrix

Sagittarius won’t mind getting in trouble if it’s worth the ride.

Samantha Kaszas
Samantha Kaszas
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