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Bill Clinton and UFOs (Volutes)

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in extraterrestrial

Did he ever find out if the truth was out there?

A Volute and Bill Clinton
The story about Bill Clinton and UFOs (Volutes) dates back to the late 1990s. Appearing at a press conference, Clinton read a letter from a child named Ryan, asking what he knew about UFOs and Roswell. Clinton responded, “No, as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.” But then he added, to the delight of his audience, “and Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn’t tell me about it, either, and I want to know.”If you believe that, at this point in time (late 1990s), Bill Clinton does not already completely know what is going on with UFOs, then there is no point reading this article any further. Basically, the possibility exists the EA suffer from HNFS. This is what allows EA to fall prey to a narrative that is being controlled by forces from outside Earth.If you understand what subliminal dissemination is and how it contrasts from misdirection, and think that the possibility exists it could be in play, this story is a perfect example of it. Notice how Bill Clinton brought the letter that was written to him to the press conference. This was something he planned and wanted to bring about on his own, not like some spontaneous question from the crowd. Not that spontaneous questions from the crowd aren't planned, as well.So since the possibility exists that most people want to believe he is telling the truth (HNFS), they are going to follow the narrative where he takes it. People who understand what subliminal dissemination is already know where the narrative is headed. Once you know the possibility exists for Hetlau, and you know Hetlau is real, you either know more than Bill Clinton or know the possibility of what he is saying is not accurate. With subliminal dissemination and knowledge of the possibility of Hetlau, what you know is that this story is going to touch on the storyline surrounding UFO legacy, ET History, Roswell, Area 51 etc., but not actually tell you anything you don't already know. It's sort of like a cook in the kitchen rehashing leftovers. Unfortunately, the cook may keep changing the name of the meal on the menu, but the meal they are serving is the same unpleasant leftovers they have been serving for the past almost 75 years.Now fast forward almost 20 years to present day reality and the ET and UFO phenomenon continues to trend upward with society becoming even more involved. Most recently, an FA-18 Pilot disclosed having intercepted a UFO and claims he feels aliens may be a threat. This story is on all the major news channels and even the Pentagon disclosed they had been doing a top-secretstudy on it.Notice, though, how you don't see Bill Clinton coming forward and updating his position on about how aware he is of ET and UFOs. Then again, would it even matter? Unless his position is the possibility of Hetlau, it's rehashed leftovers. Remember how Jimmy Carter had his UFO incident and was going to get information released when he was president? Then, despite his earlier pledge, once elected, Carter distanced himself from disclosure, citing "defense implications" as being behind his decision. Could the possibility exist those "defense implications" are they (ESH) are at war with us (EA), we are losing, and because we are losing, our apparent leader is going to remain zip-lipped until disclosure? Notice how no one floats that hypothesis dare the HET and complicit EA label them as suffering from a delusional disorder or a schizophrenic break from reality?Remember how Obama went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and claimed he had no knowledge of Aliens, UFOs and their involvement at Area 51? Does it ever dawn on you the possibility exists all these stories are being misrepresented in order to accomplish a larger objective: subliminal dissemination? Is it possible they want the public to wonder what is going on, yet not get quite enough information to know what is going on? Thus preparing us for disclosure. Remember, it will be difficult to disclose to us what is going on with a subject matter as complex as ETI unless we already have a basic foundation and understanding of what it entails. If they had to start disclosure from scratch, it could take a few decades to accomplish it. Notice how they have spent nearly 75 years training us with subliminal dissemination? It's not a simple subject matter.Where you can really see what is going on is to look at both President Bushes. They are both pilots. In fact, they are the only presidents in the history of the US who are military pilots. dwighT Eisenhower (note the ET bracketing), the 34th president, actually got a private pilot's license, but never flew active military missions as a pilot. Even if you skip over Bush 41 and try to tell yourself his WWII bomber pilot experience didn't prepare him properly for intercepting UFOs, there is no way you can overlook Bush 43.Bush 43 flew as an F-102 Interceptor pilot with the Texas Air National Guard. Note "Interceptor" pilot with the 147th Fighter Interceptor Group.Notice how, even in today's world, all the military fighter pilots whose job it is to "Intercept" objects in the sky won't expound on the reality that our state of the art fighter jets such as the FA-18, F-22 and F-35 are not capable of "Intercepting" a UFO.

Think about it. How is a Navy FA-18, or Air Force F-22, or the latest Lockheed F-35 going to counter a vehicle that can perform RATIO Maneuvering and achieve instantaneous acceleration above Tach One?The answer is they can't. The pilot would have a better chance of winning if he simply landed his plane and tried to deal with the ESH pilot on the ground.RATIO - Right Angle Turns and Instantaneous Omnidirectional acceleration Most present-day EA fighter pilots still don't even know that the possibility exists Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft aren't even Flying.

The fighter pilots know the first rule of warfare is to get air supremacy over your opponent so that you can fight the war on your terms, not your opponent's. Ever wonder why no one theorizes ET would be at war with us and all the UFO sightings going on all over the place are just confirming they already have air supremacy over our planet? Imagine the dent that would put on military spending when the EA wake up and realize they're at war with themselves instead of the actual enemy. Tell me that's not going to be a rude awakening.You may want to overlook Bill Clinton and his inability to be aware of the UFO phenomenon, but there is no way you can overlook Bush 43 and the entire Air Defense division of both the Air Force and Navy. This isn't just a convenient oversight, the possibility exists we simply are under the sad reality of an ETA construction in progress of which we are just EA suffering from EMSR and HNFS. It's as if the possibility exists our military is really being used as a construction battalion, not a military. Ever wonder why we're still in the longest war in our country's history against IRAQ who had their Air Force retired in Gulf War l and Afghanistan where the most powerful weapon they have is a Toyota pickup truck with a 50 caliber mounted on it?It's no coincidence an Extra Terrestrial Amendment to the Constitution won't fix this problem. Rather, the case may be that, until the public can comfortably stomach the possibility HET are doing things like sinking the Titanic to get the EA to develop better technology on the planet, and we talk about it openly, we had better prepare for a lot more leftovers. I wonder what Trump's position on UFOs is? If I have learned anything, he's either going to serve up some rehashed nonsense or create a dish that appears to be new but still leaves the same bitter aftertaste.At least you know one thing for sure. No one in the press gallery is going to ask him if his name TRUMP is a porpheme for "TRUth duMP," as in we're scheduled to get disclosure while he's in office.

Richard Van Steenberg

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