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The Extra Terrestrial Law

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in extraterrestrial

The Air Force is not provisioned in the Constitution.

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When the Founding Fathers (possibly should be called the Hetlau Fathers) put together the Constitution, they provisioned for a military to defend it and the country. At the time since the possibility did not exist for them to provide disclosure as their ETA was still a work in progress, rather than reveal themselves as Hetlau by provisioning an Air Force, they only provisioned a Navy and an Army.As time progressed and EA learned to Fly, the Army developed the Air Force or Army Air Corp as it was mainly known. This lasted through WWII when the Air Force became a separate military service on 18 September 1947 with the implementation of the National Security Act of 1947.If you have read the article on the Extra Terrestrial Amendment previously, something may stand out to you as odd. The Government did not amend the constitution in order to facilitate the Air Force. Instead, they created what could possibly be known as the Extra Terrestrial Law.Most people don't even know or probably don't even care how the Air Force is implemented. Of the few that know or care even fewer of them think it should have been implemented as a Constitutional Amendment. 1947 was a very different time as it was just after the end of WWII and the country was trying to reorganize itself so it could defend itself better if another war like that started.Two interesting events took place though in 1947. Kenneth Arnold reported what became known as the first nationally recognized UFO sighting. Shortly thereafter in what is the most recognized UFO conspiracy theory people say a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The reason it is worth noting that they implemented the Air Force via a law versus a Constitutional Amendment does not stand out until you realize the possibility of Hetlau. Not only the possibility of Hetlau but the possibility ESH are at war with the EA. WWII was instrumental in that it brought air power to the front in terms of how countries fight a war. All it would take is one individual whose voice could be heard on a national stage back in 1947 posing the question how would the Air Force implemented under a Constitutional Amendment provide air supremacy and defend the U.S. from the vehicles Kenneth Arnold reported seeing or the one that supposedly crashed in Roswell. In fact, at any time after September of 1947 had a Constitutional Amendment been the method of implementing the Air Force, it would have improved chances someone would have wondered how this airborne military force would deal with vehicles transiting through our airspace. The question really becomes, was the possibility of civilians paying more attention to the Air Force if it was a constitutional amendment enough to get the HET and complicit EA to keep it subdued, by implementing it as a law. When you look at how much misdirection they were able to generate with the Extra Terrestrial Amendment, would implementing the Air Force as a Constitutional Amendment have backfired, since it would not have been misdirection and resulted in subliminal dissemination that morphed into premature disclosure?What is interesting now is watching the government and military create new divisions of forces to deal with space. With the precedent set with the Air Force, no one will be looking for a Constitutional Amendment to provision forces for that and they will probably just keep creating acts. Similar to the National Security Act of 1947.What is interesting is when you look at the Military terms using wormation:SPACE = STUDY PILOT ACE

MILITARY = LIMITARYNAVY = NAVIGATION ENERGYARMY = AMENDMENT REVERSE MISDIRECTION YESAIR FORCE = IMPAIRFORGE CELESTIAL TACH ONE VEHICLESMARINES = MARTIAN NINES (NINE = 9 = I) MARTIAN IS = IS MARTIANYou can see that:Space or Study Pilot Ace is a reference to understanding how the best pilot in the system is going to enable the military to defend the system. So a question the EA should be asking themselves is who is the best EA pilot and who is the best-opposing pilot from the ESH system here on Earth?Military is a system the determines the limit of your system. Similar to the concept of a mechanized military, you can never get to far ahead of your military or let your military get to far ahead of you or you will fail, or lose.Navy is a porpheme for Navigation Energy. The Army primarily functions on land. The Marines primarily function on sea to land. The Air Force primarily functions in the Air. Look at how they are porting the military into space and you can see how they are currently developing a command structure away from the Air Force because as the name implies it cannot go into space even though they aren't saying that.Although the Navy is primarily for use at Sea the word Navy as a porpheme Navigation Energy is the only word that logically applies as a force that can go into space. For that matter can go anywhere land, sea, air, and space.While the focus is on the Air Force as the force that will deal with visitors from outside Earth. The reality is that Navy Air is far better positioned to deal with it. The ocean covers 75% of the globe so Navy Air is better positioned as a global air force.Also, the concept of taking off and landing on a carrier is similar to what ESH pilots go through in that planets are always moving so you are constantly having to calculate your departure and arrival locations. Air Force pilots take off and land on fixed runways so the location is always a constant. Naval aviation concepts will translate better when trying to understand and comprehend ESH pilots.The Army from which the Air Force polymorphed has in its ecronym the message that had a Constitutional Amendment been the method of implementing the Air Force it would have reversed the attempted misdirection and morphed into disclosure. Air in Air Force is a porpheme for impair as in the force we think is protecting us is really impairing us from figuring out what is going on. All the while we are building these increasing technical vehicles what we are really doing is putting in place the production and supply chain capabilities to design and build (forge) Celestial Tach One Vehicles (CTV) on Earth for the ESH.Marines is a porpheme for Martian nines and nine = 9 = I (alphanumeric) then as an enagram it says Martian Is = Is Martian. So, as usual, they are leaving clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

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