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Being a Sagittarius

by Tyler Barry about a year ago in astronomy
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Stereotypes at their finest! But also, sometimes it’s okay to like those stereotypes. As long as they aren’t harmful. Here’s why.

Growing up a Sagittarius, I found myself not often seeing things about my star sign. It always seemed to be the star sign that got pushed to the back of things, not included in astrology posts, and even more. It led to me not often really going into the basis of being a Sagittarius. I would hear about others and their pride in their signs or I would hear others begin to compare their compatibility with one another and just not really know anything that it meant. Just because I never really put that foot down in trying to figure out something deeper about my star sign. Which meant I never really got to see whether or not I was even similar to other Sagittarians, if I had remotely any similarities, or if my compatibility with my friends was close to what astrology gave off good vibes for.

I began to find more interest in the subject, and it seemed to push me towards taking different tests in regards to my exact star sign and my multiple forms of compatibilities. Though it was an interesting look, I always vowed to myself that it wouldn’t be something that I would let take over the entirety of my life. I often noticed how people who would take the info that their star sign provided with them off the bat, and they would use those descriptions and possible life happenings to use to steer their own lives. It scared me how easily people could change their lives around because of a quote on an astrology website. That totally could have just been made up by someone who was writing the website and thought that it would be even slightly of a good idea.

Aside from this, I was totally into trying to figure things out about my astrology sign that I had so often neglected growing up. It was so easy to just not pay attention to it, but once my instagram and Facebook began to fill up with astrology posts on the timeline, it was hard to look away. There were so many things that people had to say in relation to astrology. Like relation to favorite characters, who would fit what quotes from a television show, or who liked what based off of the signs’ known tendencies. Here are a few examples of where I found myself relating to said posts.

First off, there was a very specific post that I had seen a while back that was comparing the signs to different disney characters. They mostly weren’t main characters, either. They all served as important side characters. Names listed were Baloo from The Jungle Book, The Emperor of China from Mulan, Rafiki from the Lion King, and even more. For Sagittarius, listed as the relatable character was none other than Thomas O’Malley the Alley Cat from The Aristocats. Being a cat person, this was a good highlight of the day. But, looking further into it, there were some distinct similarities between Thomas O’Malley and I. He was always someone who relied on his freedom and lack of following rules or direct orders. He had pride in that, and his ability to be himself because of it. He’s smart and knows his way around things that some people otherwise wouldn’t have thought of him. Which simply just goes directly into the stereotypes of Sagittarians themselves.

Some of the main listed traits of a Sagittarian (male, in this case) are adventerous, independent and appreciative of their freedom. Which are definitely both true, and a direct callback to our character mentioned just beforehand, who has the same traits of being reliant on independence, having a need for adventure, and being free. Which would lead me to have to look even further into the other traits and see if they, too, also have similar connotations to the characters listed in certain posts. Other traits listed to be known that Sagittarians have are bluntness, honesty, generosity, idealism, having a good sense of humor, being a travel-bug, optimism, and even more. It almost seems like the sign Sagittarius is morally attached to being an absolutely upbeat sign.

More memes seem to relate the care-free, funny, and loveable characters to the sign of Sagittarius. For instance, some of these characters are Karen Smith from Mean Girls, Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy, Cookie Monster from Elmo, and Mermaid Man from Spongebob Squarepants. All definitely seem to be the characters labeled as aloof, adventerous, harder to tie down, and other relatable traits. It’s actually kind of funny, considering I was very attached to the character of Peter Quill for a very, very long time. We shared many experiences and traits; as music-loving dorks that would go to space in a heartbeat and was always getting in bouts of trouble. Though the similarities are uncanny to some character comment relations, there were also things that just didn’t seem to be similar.

It's noticeable that a lot of people also relate Sagittarians to easily leave, to be flakey and unable to connect. I just never found myself being able to connect to this; as I was always one who always managed to find something to connect with in every person that I came in contact with. I always liked to stay later at places when everyone else was leaving, and I found it that people eventually had points of reliance on me. Though I didn’t particularly like that (very Sagittarius), it was the opposite of being flakey. I always want to be here for people.

There are some negative traits that are definitely relatable in terms of being a Sagittarius. For instance, recklessness and over-confident, clumsy and absent-minded. I find myself constantly breaking things, not thinking further than the instance of today, and being unable to keep myself on my feet. And despite the fact that I am inconsistent (yet consistent) with these traits I am constantly finding myself in the midst of being over confident. I am comfortable and happy in myself and it’s almost everyday that I have to make sure that at least I know it. There’s nothing really wrong with being confident, though, right?

There’s nothing wrong with finding happiness in your star sign and the way that you relate to it. In fact, it’s a wonderful part of one’s personality and humanity. There’s also nothing wrong with paying no mind to it. Because no matter how you act and what characters you relate to, you’re always just yourself at the end of the day and you have your personality because of who you are. You’re special no matter what predetermined factors your star sign set out for you in life.


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Tyler Barry

I am an avid writer and have been in the writing game since I was very young... I hope to be able to share my expertise with more people.

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