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Be Your Own King: January 2021's Full Moon in Leo

On Thursday, January 28th 2021, at roughly 2:17 PM EST, there will be a Full Moon at 9'06 degrees of the fierce and fiery sign of Leo, the Lion. Here's what to expect.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Be Your Own King in this Chessboard called Life

On Thursday, January 28th 2021, at roughly 2:17 PM EST, there will be a Full Moon at 9'06 degrees of the fierce and fiery sign of Leo, the Lion. Here's what to expect.

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the sun is opposite the moon, representing the peak, or climax of the lunar cycle. Throughout history, Full Moons have been known to cause unexpected events, and strange behavior. Because the two luminaries are in opposition to one another, Full Moons are known to highlight any opposing forces or polarities in your life, such as the balance between self and the other, the balance between the masculine and feminine, and the balance between work and home.

Full Moons are also good times to reflect on where you are in life, and where you are headed. While the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a time for setting (and achieving) goals, the period between the Full Moon and the next new moon is a time for letting go. Full Moons can also bring about climactic events, and awaken us to powerful truths and realizations. The effects of a Full Moon usually last about two weeks, until the new moon comes along and starts a new cycle.

The Full Moon in Leo (opposite the Sun in Aquarius) highlights the balance between the individual versus society, what intellectually makes sense in contrast to what comes from the heart OR the king verse the people.

It may help to think back to whatever intentions you set around the New Moon in Capricorn for they should be coming into fruition at this time, as well as six months back to the New Moon in Leo. Certain themes may be repeating themselves. Whatever thoughts or intentions you plant now should come into fruition by the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th.

Check your natal chart to see which houses Leo & Aquarius fall into. This will tell you more about how the Full Moon will affect you personally. You can also book a reading with me by clicking this link.

Those with personal planets or angles between 4 and 14 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will most especially be affected by this Full Moon.

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo 2021

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun, the very center of our solar system itself. While the Sun may be just an ordinary star in the grand scheme of the entire universe, it is nevertheless very important to us. As the object our planet revolves around, it is our source of light and heat, our very source of life itself. This makes Leo both a symbol of generation or creativity and leadership or royalty. Just as the Sun is "King" of our Solar System, the Lion is the King of the jungle, and Leo the King of the Zodiac. With the Moon in Leo, our emotions are powerful and from the heart, but they may be also be prideful and/or myopic, as the Sun is a planet concerned with the self.

The Sun, however, is located in Aquarius, which is the sign of it's detriment. While Leo represents the king, Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, represents the people, especially those that are depressed, oppressed or downtrodden. On one hand, the opposition between the Leo Moon and the Aquarius Sun could indicate a conflict between our own sovereignty and uniqueness (Leo) verses uniformity or groupthink (Aquarius). On the other hand, however, it could also indicate a conflict between the ruling class and the people they oppress. While it could be either, based on the aspects, I'm leaning more towards believing that its the latter.

A T-Square to Mars & Venus conjunct Pluto: Watching the World Burn Together

The Sun in Aquarius is closely conjunct (and the Moon closely opposite) Jupiter at 9'18 degrees. As the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is also associated with kings. But given that it takes place in Aquarius, it's almost as if the people are taking over and reclaiming their right to rule themselves. As the Great Benefic, Jupiter is associated with abundance, expansion, optimism, growth, freedom and righteousness. Essentially, the Sun's conjunction to Jupiter is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, happiness for all people, as well as liberation and justice. The Sun and Moon will also be separating from a conjunction and opposition respectively with Saturn, Great Malefic, meaning that limits and blockages are being overcome as we learn to evolve and grow. On it's own terms, this conjunction makes me think this Full Moon is going to be a positive one.

However, the Moon and the Sun/Jupiter will also be making a T-square to Mars (10'51 degrees) & Lilith in Taurus, the sign of Mars detriment. They will also be separating from a square to Uranus at 6'49 degrees of the fixed earth sign. This suggests a war or feelings of anger, at the very least, perhaps civil unrest. The people will rebelliously fight for justice and righteousness while those in power stubbornly fight to hold onto it. With Lilith involved, this could perhaps be a fight for women's rights but not necessarily.

This Full Moon will also coincide with an exact conjunction between Venus and Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn. While Venus rules matters of love and beauty, Pluto is the lord of the underworld or god of death, representing the underbelly of humanity and all its dark, corrupt secrets. Essentially what this conjunction tells me is that in a world otherwise overcome with this darkness, at least we still have each other. Relationships started under the influence of this Full Moon will likely be intense, even obsessive. It is also a good night for passionate sex or romance with an otherwise established partner. We may find that we transform through our relationships at this time and that even events that are heavy & dark seem to bring us closer together. On the other hand, I suppose this could also bring about the death (Pluto) of a relationship (Venus) if such a relationship was unhealthy or no longer serving our highest good.

Be Your Own Queen


With the Full Moon in the regal sign of Leo opposite the Sun & Jupiter in Aquarius and making a t-square to Mars in Taurus, there is a battle for righteousness going on right this very moment. The Sun's conjunction to Jupiter shows that the people seek freedom, while the Full Moon in Leo asks us to reclaim our own sovereignty. When those at the top do not have our best interests at heart, it's about time we be our own leaders.


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Website: https://www.astrologybykait.com/

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