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'Bad Batch 2' Listed To Come Spring 2022 By 'Star Wars Insider'

Only A Couple Months Away

By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The upcoming season 2 of The Bad Batch certainly has Star Wars social media afire. The conversations are serious. It seems no one can agree on how they feel concerning the announcement that Bad Batch 2 is coming out this Spring 2022, how it will fit in with other shows, and the ongoing storylines unfolding at a high rate of speed.

Recently, a picture from Star Wars Insider magazine was posted on Reddit’s r/StarWarsLeaks.

One particular person put up his concerns in response, and then basically answered himself. The comments then continue back and forth.

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So, what is happening? I did a little more digging, and here is what I found out. The Bad Batch Season 2 will see the return of Dee Bradley Baker (Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo) and Michelle Ang (Omega). Other major cast voices include Noshir Dalal, Liam O'Brien, Rhea Perlman, Sam Riegel, Bob Bergen, Gwendoline Yeo, and Ben Diskin.

There is faith among fans that May 4th, 2022 will be the premiere date of Bad Batch 2. The first season began on the same day last year. However, nothing is written in stone yet. There is no official date out, so another series could be launching on May 4th. Incidentally, Star Wars Day will land on a Wednesday this year.

The Bad Batch Season 1 left off with some cliffhangers. Crosshair reversed his decision to reunite with his brothers. Nala Se, the former Kamino scientist, was left hanging out on Imperial property against her will, leading us to believe cloning research will continue in the newly established Galactic Empire. Therefore, we can see that Clone Force 99 and Omega's affairs with the Empire will continue.

Even with the Clone Wars over, the clone troopers may still have a big part to play in season 2. After all, Clone Force 99s' superior abilities and traits are rooted in their genetically engineered bodies. While season one’s sixteen episodes take place in its own spot in the Star Wars saga, The Bad Batch may have a significant tie with The Mandalorian. After all, several series are taking shape and revolving around The Mandalorian. Bad Batch 2 may have some neat surprises for us all.

Season 2 Plot Possibilities

Lucasfilm does not usually allow a whole lot of details to slip out, so any expectations and possibilities can only be gleaned from the first season. We witnessed the Imperial fleet destroy Tipoca City along with the cloning facilities on Kamino. According to the lead writer Jennifer Corbett when she spoke with StarWars.com, Crosshair is still working for the Empire.

Despite Crosshair's allegiance and his constant reminder to his brothers that "good soldiers follow orders," the question remains as to what his use will be within the Empire now that they are phasing out the clone troopers, and upgrading to TK troopers, who eventually will be replaced by stormtroopers. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch will most definitely have to make huge decisions after their departure from Kamino inside the Havoc Marauder.

The Bad Batch is being preyed on by Imperial forces, and they have yet to give the Emperor's megalomaniac regime a good battle. Therefore, the work for the ex-Jedi informant Cid is probably done with. Clone Force 99 could possibly play a role in the creation of the Rebellion. It seemed there is some form of resistance movement involving the Martez sisters, who have a connection to a character who looked like Princess Leia's adopted father and Rebel Alliance leader, Bail Organa. Still, the formation of the Rebel Alliance is still a decade away, so we should not put a lot of weight on this happening in The Bad Batch.

Omega fans can expect to learn much more about her backstory. She is an unmodified clone of Jango Fett. Though her appearance is that of a child, she is actually older than the Clone Force 99 (remember that Kaminoans accelerate the clones' growth). Also, expect to see the storyline of these clones expand across the galaxy.

The Bad Batch is becoming a pinnacle of Star Wars history, and season 2 will surely not disappoint.

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Written By Colin Munro Wood

Source(s): Reddit, TechRadar, MSN

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