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Astrology for Water Signs

A good memory is a meaningful gift

By CopperchaleuPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
The Sea

We can't discuss the concept of inevitability, but if we talk about the gift of good memory in water signs, I think that it is probably a necessity.

First of all, water signs are very good at feeling the emotions and hearts of others, and secondly, they connect their hearts and emotions by the information they feel.

Furthermore, the water sign will start to imagine and judge itself because of the above process.

This thing is equivalent to "Once a water sign starts to value a person or a relationship, they instinctively feel and observe and instinctively refresh their memories over and over again."

Can they not remember the relevant points?

Or so you can understand, water signs want to remember some things and people are difficult.

Then such a good memory, for water sign friends, whether it is painful feelings or happy feelings, memory world is meaningful.


Compared to the good memory of water signs, the memory of wind signs is slightly more egoistic.

Most of the people and things that wind signs can remember are people and things that they pay attention to, including some things that happen during the process of getting acquainted with a certain person.

They will remember only if they pay attention to, do not pay attention to the general will not remember much, the word "passing" can be used to one-sided description of the wind sign memory mode.

Like the wind sign friends walking around, can not remember what the former or so-and-so looks like, what the name is, or what the other party's preferences are in the process of the previous contact.

These concepts as long as they do not pay much attention, then the general memory is vaguer.

But if you ask friends about the water sign, they can remember, and can also remember very clearly, what is the name, their preferences, what looks like, and some other events, etc.

The world in the heart of water signs is huge, as we often say, water signs are more emotional.

This is the root of growth and development and change.

Emotional obvious this is not born like this, but because they have repeatedly felt all kinds of the past, the experience has repeatedly been imagined or judged.

Then in actual life, this one thing is like a small river marked with a code, and finally into the water sign heart of the sea.


Emotions are born through experiences, feelings, and change through feelings.

Over time, emotions become rich, emotions become complex, and the inner world becomes diverse.

If you say that life is a practice, then the water sign inner practice is richer than others, with more textured feelings.

Especially love this kind of problem, water signs in contact with time are easy to sensual, but in the sensual at the same time, rational will also be activated.

That is, the meaning of "like their own, is not really like their own, like together, and then what will happen."

This emotional logic will limit the pace of water signs' emotions.

So they appear passive, passive precisely because they can not confirm the relationship and the authenticity of the other party.

In fact, from the time a water sign has such a thought or subconscious, the water sign's gift of memory is automatically activated.

They will begin to observe, begin to judge, begin to imagine, and instinctively proceed.

For example, when they are in contact with each other, what the other person often says, whether it is false or true, and what the other person's behavior is like when they are doing something with each other.

Specific points such as water signs and a person out to dinner, then he will go ahead to get some information.

The other party likes to eat what does not like to eat, like to eat what type of dish, does not like what type of dish, and so on.

Idyllic Life


Water elephants are very meticulous, in the process of chatting with you, will be keen to capture the information they think is very important and critical.

So when you go out to eat with them, they will instinctively "take care of you first", what you like to eat we will choose for you first.

Then naturally, the water elephant will also observe your behavior of the same type, observe once to get a conclusion and observe two or three times to get a conclusion.

So if you go out to dinner with the water elephant many times, you do not notice the water elephant needs you to notice the problem, then you say the water sign will not be a little disappointed?

Think about it, the water sign can not remember why they lost, because what is lost?

He can't remember what you like and what you don't like.

Ditto for other things in the process of your contact with each other and the same logic.

So no matter what the water elephant remembers, this gift of a good memory is really meaningful.

At the very least, it helps them to judge and try to get a sense of security as well as insecurity in the relationship emotion.

Among the water signs, Cancer is the most obvious, while Scorpio and Pisces are less obvious.

The reason why Cancer is obvious is that they are more sensitive to the emotional perception of the people around them, so pay attention to the next person's view of them, then in an intimate relationship, the Cancer will pay more attention to the other person's view of him and acceptance or not.

Then what Cancer observes and perceives will produce the corresponding emotions.


The Scorpion's emotions honestly have something to do with the emotional relationship or the people they get along with, but not much.

Scorpion can control their own emotions, but more will be due to their thoughts and emotions to verify the other party's true emotions and heart.

Pisces' emotions although there are also external manifestations, to be honest, Pisces emotions are most of them because of themselves, because others are unlikely.

Pisces has its habits, and as long as his habits, like the rhythm of life and the way that are not affected, Pisces will not have any emotions.

At most, it is to escape one or two, to do a period of "open eyes" only.

In any case, the water sign's good memory also lies in their control and adjustment, and balance.

Water elephants remember revenge, and also remember grace, grace and hatred coexist, sadness and happiness together, both light and dark, this is the full face of the water elephant's emotions.

But if too much revenge and excessive memory to refresh some bad experience, the water sign's inner world will certainly be affected by these memories and discoloration.

But in terms of remembering grace, you are good to the water elephant, the water elephant will not owe you and even double back to you.

Water elephants once the real emotions, good for you and payment is from the heart, sincere and delicate.

Water elephants good and bad are like a stream that has been flowing.

The river will not stop flowing, good is a constant stream, and bad or holding a grudge is also an endless stream of negative emotions and ideas.

Then for the water signs themselves, it becomes especially important to distinguish and balance.


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