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Astrological Planets That Indicate Money and Wealth Potential

by Disha about a year ago in astronomy
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Indeed, money and wealth are important in life. Vedic astrology presents the concepts of wealth in a refined manner. People who become rich in life possess certain qualities that help them to accomplish their life goals. But, one can’t overlook the factor of luck that is significant in every aspect of life. With luck, you also need a little hard work. So, it is inevitable that luck and hard work go hand in hand. The Karmic theories of Vedic astrology beautifully expressed these ideas. According to the Vedas, all our success and happiness depend on the good deeds of our previous life.

Many of you must be knowing that Vedic Astrology is based on the alignments and activities of the Navagrahas (nine planets), including the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The latter two are the shadow planets or imaginary planets, which are also known as the two nodes of the Moon. All these planets influence different aspects of life. However, two main planets govern wealth and money in astrology: Jupiter and Venus - the planets for wealth and prosperity. Both Jupiter and Venus can bestow you money, fame, power, career, financial success, and happiness.

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So, let’s get to know more details about planetary roles in giving us money and wealth in life.

According to mythology, both Jupiter and Venus are students of the same Guru (teacher). Both Jupiter and Venus should be well placed in the birth chart for an individual to enjoy the riches in life. If Jupiter can give you a big house, Venus can reward you with a luxurious and beautiful house. Both are benefactors for providing a nice home at a nice place.

The houses in one’s birth chart that indicate money are 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th. The aspects of Jupiter magnifies the results of money and wealth manifold. The ways in how one acquires wealth depend on the position of the planet. If Jupiter and Venus occupy the 5th house together, money can come through sports, entertainment, and speculation. If this planetary combination is seated in the 8th house, money will come from inheritance.

Houses and their significance

2nd House - This house represents income and financial matters and how you will earn money.

8th House - This house brings money and wealth through inheritance or from other people.

9th House - This house tells about luck and fortune. The monetary gains come through speculation, intelligence, trading, stocks, creativity, and talent.

11th House - This house indicates huge gains, large sums of money that come all at once.

Role of Jupiter

Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet associated with growth, expansion, abundance, prosperity, good luck, miracles, and healing. Jupiter’s position is significantly strong in the 2nd or 8th house. Indication of monetary gains can come through sudden ways like winning the lottery, creating your own way to make big bucks, or partnering with a wealthy acquaintance.

Role of Venus

Beauty, luxury, and brilliance represent the planet Venus. It gives you luxury, comfort, vehicles, and beauty. Venus’s position and condition, either weak or strong, are significant indicators of acquiring money and wealth. If Venus favourably aspects the money house ruler, that is, the 2nd or 8th house, and a lesser degree of inclination to the 5th and 11 houses, it’s a good sign that you will attract good money.

Concluding, Jupiter and Venus are the prime indicators of money and wealth in a horoscope. However, it’s not only just one planet but many planets that define the degree of wealth and riches that we acquire in our lives. This depends on the planetary placements, combinations, movements in our Kundli or birth chart, and various other factors like the Nakshatra (constellation). Talk to an astrologer in Ranchi to get a personalised Kundli reading to know more about the planets influencing wealth and money in your life.


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